BEEF Scholarship 2024 Application Form

BEEF Baluchistan Education Endowment Fund Scholarship Application Form 2024 for Matric onward Classes is accessible at this link. BEEF Scholarships are available to students from Baluchistan that are enrolled in Matric or Intermediate level, Bachelor degree, BBA, and LLB with a grade of A at 60% or more during the years 2019-2021 and 2024 may submit the BEEF Scholarship Application Form. Before submitting an application, make sure to study the full eligibility conditions, the application procedure as well as an Overview of BEEF Scholarships, as well as the related points that are associated with the Beef Scholarship. The short version is that Baluchistan Government is going to offer multiple scholarships to all intelligent and intelligent students.

PEEF Scholarships are offered for students in Balochistan to study Matric. Intermediate. For B, Sc, B.A . B.S. B. Comp BBA LLB if you’ve passed your exam with a score of 60% or better in 2024 or 2024 the date on which you last application of forms. BEEF Scholarship 2024 Application Form Download the PDF from this webpage.

BEEF Scholarship for 10th Class to Master Level 2024 Apply Online

How do you apply online for the BEEF Scholarship, Download the BEEF Scholarship Form PDF, Merit Criteria and Beef Scholarship Results and contact information are provided in the official announcement of the organization and is also available on the website of All students are eligible to apply for a award, whether BEEF or PEEF. The deadline for applications will be announced in the near future and after that the application is not accepted by the administration.

BEEF Scholarship Form 2024 Download Pdf

In simplest way, Baluchistan Government is going to give many scholarships to intelligent and talented students. Many students have the potential to be gifted, but fail to reach their goals due the price. The past has seen BEEF has awarded a range of scholarships to most disadvantaged female and male students based on merit. Govt of Baluchistan is providing Baluchistan Education Endowment Fund BEEF to students in need. Both boys and girls.

BEEF Scholarship 2024 Application Form

BEEF Scholarship 2024

BEEF Scholarship List 2024

Every year around 15K students receive this scholarship to spend their education expenses i.e. Tuitions Fee, Books, Uniform, etc. There is a Baluchistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) is a fantastic program administered by the Government of Baluchistan. Since its inception, BEEF is awarding a amount of scholarships to the least privileged both female and male students, on a merit basis.

BEEF Scholarship Requirements 2024

The principal goal is to help promote Education! Statistics and eligibility criteria in relation to BEEF Scholarships According to the BEEF’s Programmed Manager, this year more than 8000 students will be granted BEEF Scholarships for 2024. Female and male applicants can apply for attractive stipends to further their studies.

  • Only those who reside in Baluchistan are qualified to submit an application for BEEF Scholarships
  • Matric, Intermediate, B.A . B.S, B. Com, BBA and LLB Students are eligible to submit an application for BEEF Scholarships
  • Candidates who possess minimum 60% marks in the last degree can be considered for BEEF Scholarships
  • The income of the father of the applicant cannot exceed 15000-/PKR
  • of BEEF Scholarships of BEEF Scholarships

Beef Scholarship Online Apply

If you meet the above guidelines, you must follow the steps to apply for the Baluchistan Education Endowment Fund Scholarship 2024. Don’t waste time waiting around and let’s review the process!

  • Visit the official site of BEEF
  • Get this BEEF Scholarship application form
  • Complete the form and attach any required documents (Attested)
  • Once you have completed the File You must send it to the address mentioned in the advertisement.

BEEF Scholarship Amount 2024

Partially Funded Regular Scholarship amount Program 2015-16, which began in July of 2015. It is open to students of Matric Intermediate and the DAE. It also covers basic graduating, the BS/Professional One-time research grants that is available to Ph.D. students, enrolled at Balochistan-based educational institutions. It is crucial to mention in this article that BEEF gave the most possibilities to students in every district in Balochistan.

BEEF Scholarship 2024 Application Form

BEEF (Balochistan Educational Endowment Fund) Deadline for the Scholarship Form 2024 The deadline is now open, anyone who is interested and qualified to receive the award can fill out and download an request form. Students are required to confirm the documents and application form prior to sending it to the official from BEEF. The application form for scholarships is available for download at and also from this page.

BEF Scholarships for 2024 for students of all ages

Balochistan Education Endowment Fund BEEF announces more than 8000 scholarships for Matric DAE Inter, BS, MBBS, MA MSc, MA and MS student. A wide selection of scholarships are available through BEEF that includes scholarships in those who qualify for the Provincial Open Merit Scholarship (POMS)/District Open Merit Scholarships (DOMS) and the IOM Scholarships (IOMS).

The eligibility criteria for Beef Scholarship

  • Minimum marks of 60% in the exam that you took and 3.0 from an 4.0 GPA
  • Minimum marks of at least 45% (or 2.5 GPA out of 4.0 needed to be considered for the Special Quota Scholarship to extremely vulnerable people
  • Students must be enrolled in an institution at a full-time basis like a normal student
  • Improvement in marks or divisions students who did not pass the subject, or students who scored grace marks can’t be eligible to be considered for the BEEF award.
  • Any person who has been a recipient of any other award is not ineligible for application

To make it simpler for students, BEEF has prepared a one-page application for all classes. Students should however be aware of the rules on the back of the page before filling out the form in a proper way. The form that is not complete will not be considered. If the application is completed using fake documents, not only the scholarship be terminated, but also However, legal action could also be initiated.

How To Apply For the BEEF 8000 Scholarship

The award to be awarded in Categories A, as well as Category B (DOMS and IOMS) must be approved by the head of the institution by mail. Application forms and instructions are addressed to the head of the institution or to the focal person. Application forms for scholarships can be found via BEEF’s website. BEEF website.

The following documents must be included on the application form for scholarship applications:

  • Copy of the DMC/Semester/Class/DMC result certified by the director of the institution or Focal person.
  • A copy of the CNIC/B-form along with smart cards belonging to the students
  • Copy of CNIC that is the name of the parent or guardian
  • Copy of Local Domicile
  • The Disability Certificate if it is relevant
  • Electronic copies of payslips is available for employees’ children at the BS-16
  • The documentation required for certain kinds of categories (Death certification from the orphan’s father, an acknowledgement of faith for minorities and so on. …)

 BEEF Contact Numbers:

Phone: +92 (81) 9202096

Email: [email protected]

Address: 69/A BEEF Office, Chaman Housing Scheme, Quetta, Balochistan


How To Download Online BEEF Scholarship Form?

Students from Balochi are able to fill out their application for scholarships using their letters of recommendation and certificates. Download the application form on the PEEF website and then send the form that is filled in to the postgraduate institution or university (the applications forms for scholarships can be found from the finance department of the institution or at the Director’s Office. Students must complete the documents and forms for application to be considered as scholarship before forwarding them to the officials of BEEF.

How much is the beef scholarship per student?

Inclusion of all groups e.g. Sciences & Arts and falling under DOMS. However, BEEF will keep offering the scholarship stipend at 1000 per month or annual stipend of 12000 for every student.

What documents are required for beef scholarship?    

A certified Copy of Marks Sheet of previous results in the case of. 4 Photographs of the Student. Attested copy of the Pay-Slip or Income Certificate from Father/Mother/Guardian on a stamp paper worth 50 Rs at a minimum. A minimum of 5%, as BEEF does not require more than 75% attendance.

How to apply for PEEF scholarship?    

      To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, a student must possess:

  1. Punjab domicile.
  2. Achieved at minimum 60% in the last exam for the final degree.
  3. Examined successfully like a normal student: …
  4. Family income for the month of the household of the student who is selected is not greater than Rs.

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