District Committee Jaffarabad announces awarding scholarships to worthy students in the particular support program of the SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023. The Government of Balochistan has released PKR 1,250,000 to the district Jaffarabad to provide SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023, medical expenses for the needy and needy, and financial aid for widows. The money will be disbursed for these reasons by the local committee.
Applications should be made to the deputy commissioner’s office before January 5, 2023. Students who are in the university or college and cannot pay for their expenses, including costs for tuition and fees for hostels, are eligible to apply for the award. The children of government employees (federal and provincial) do not qualify for the scholarship.
Students who are poor and orphaned are given priority. Orphans must provide an official death certificate from NADRA when they apply. The application is submitted according to the proforma prescribed. The application has to be certified by the head of the institute and also the District Education Officer.
Candidates must include an image of their National Identity Card, local certificate, education certificates, and two passport-sized photos on the application form. The application form is available at the office of the deputy commissioner.

Important Date SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023

  • Scholarships For: Balochistan
  • Scholarship Name: SSP
  • Announced Date : December 2023
  • Last Date to Apply at 05 January 2023

Criteria for Students SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023


Students attending the university or college who cannot pay for their expenses in education, including admission fees, admission fees, and tuition fees, can enroll in the program mentioned above.

Requirements & Procedure

  • The application can be submitted following the format supplied. The district education officer and the institute’s director have to sign the application.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s national identification card, a certificate from the local authority, transcripts from the university, and two passport-sized photographs should be attached to the application.
  • Children of Provincial, Federal, and Local Government workers are not qualified to apply under the programs mentioned above.
  • The NADRA-issued death certificate has to be included with the application form for orphaned pupils.
  • The application form can be downloaded at the office of the deputy commissioner.

Special Support Program SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023 Application Form

Special Support Program SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023


Priority will be given to children who are orphaned and in need.

Criteria for Medical Treatment

Who is Eligible?

Patients not in a position to receive their treatment and whose treatment is not feasible within the Jafarabad district will be able to apply for this program.

Requirements & Procedures

  • An original copy of the identity card, a duplicate of all medical diagnosis documents two passport-sized photographs must be included on the application form.
  • The applicant is required to be present before a panel formed under the supervision of the District Health Officer Jafarabad and then get their medical certificates certified.


The preference is given to sufferers being treated for any infective disease, such as liver cancer or Hepatitis.

Application Deadline for SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023

  • The deadline to apply is the 5th of January, 2023.

Categories for Balochistan Special Support Program 2023

The residents of the below types are eligible for The Balochistan Special Support Programme (SSP) 2023.

  • Scholarships for the College and University Students
  • Treatments for financially unstable people
  • Living expenses for deserving women without a permanent income.

Check out this Official SSP 2023 notification below for more information about SSP 2023. Special Support Program.

How to Apply for the Balochistan SSP 2023

  • The candidates who qualify must apply for Special Support through the branch in the local area of the office in question.
  • The last date is 5 January 2023

Terms & Conditions:

  • Students studying in educational institutes located inland are qualified to apply.
  • To pay admission fees to cover tuition fees, admission fees, hostel costs, and any other academic fees or receipts must be included with the application form.
  • The children who are Govt employees (Federal or Provincial or Local Government employees of corporations, antimonious bodies, companies, and authorities are not eligible for education aid (The application form of government employees is not accepted)
  • Cash awards are a token of motivation to those who achieved an A grade in their academic or professional fields.

Requier Documents SSP Balochistan Scholarship 2023

Following Attested documents to be attached:

 01 Copy of the candidate’s CNIC or his father’s CNIC in the case below. 18 years old B.form.

  • 01 Copy of the local copy of domicile.
  • 01 copy of School/college/university identity card.
  • The receipt of the fee/hostel charge/any other form of dues from the institute must be attached.
  • Bonafide certificate from School/colleges university where the applicant is currently studying.
  • The undertaking to prove that the applicant’s parent is not employed by government services (federal, provincial, local government corporations, autonomous bodies, authorities, and corporations). The applicant belongs to a low-income family and has a local residence certificate from Balochistan. The candidate has not been a recipient of the grant in the past. It is mentioned above in the assurance that the information is true and accurate. In case of any misstatement/mis-deceleration by the applicants/institute will be liable to refund the amount of the government of Balochistan at any stage.
  • The application form is available from the technical branch or downloaded from the government of Balochistan’s official website.
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