GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes 2024

GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology is pleased to announce multiple opportunities for GIK Graduate Scholarships, enabling students to pursue postgraduate studies at the institution. These scholarships are available for both MS and Ph.D. programs, providing fully-funded support and a generous monthly stipend of up to PKR 75,000. As part of the program, students also receive free accommodation in the institute’s hostels. The GIK Graduate Scholarships and assistantships are offered across all disciplines based on merit. The selection process involves evaluating the student’s performance in the entry test and interviews conducted at the Institute. The selected students receive a comprehensive package, including a full tuition fee waiver, free hostel accommodation, and a monthly stipend. Upon admission, students are only required to pay the non-refundable admission cost and a refundable security deposit.

The GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes 2024 support exceptional students in pursuing higher education at GIK Institute. This renowned institution is committed to academic excellence and innovation. By providing financial assistance, GIK Institute aims to remove financial barriers and enable talented individuals to focus on their academic and professional growth.

 What are GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes?

GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes provide financial support to postgraduate students at GIK Institute. These schemes aim to ease the financial burden and allow students to excel in their chosen fields. Successful applicants receive benefits such as tuition fee waivers, monthly stipends, and research opportunities.

 Benefits of GIK Graduate Scholarships

GIK Graduate Scholarships offer several benefits that enable students to concentrate on their studies without financial constraints. Key benefits include:

  • Full or partial tuition fee waivers
  • Monthly stipends for living expenses
  • Access to advanced research facilities and resources
  • Mentorship from experienced faculty members
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and innovation
  • Integration into a vibrant academic community

 Types of Scholarships Offered

GIK Graduate Scholarships are divided into two categories: full scholarships and partial scholarships.

Full Scholarships

Full scholarships cover the entire tuition fee and provide a monthly stipend for living expenses. These scholarships are highly competitive and awarded to candidates with outstanding academic performance and potential.

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships offer a significant reduction in tuition fees. While students are responsible for a portion of the fee, these scholarships still provide substantial financial support. The eligibility criteria may vary based on academic achievements and financial need.

 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes, candidates must meet certain criteria related to academics, financial constraints, and other requirements.

Academic Requirements

Candidates should have an excellent academic record, usually with a minimum GPA requirement. Additional prerequisites or subject-specific criteria may apply for specific programs.

Financial Constraints

Priority is given to candidates with financial constraints. Applicants must provide relevant financial information to demonstrate their need for assistance.

GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes 2024

GIK Graduate Scholarships

Application Process of GIK Graduate Scholarships

Applying for GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes requires thorough preparation and attention to detail. Follow these steps for a successful application:

Documents Requirements for GIK Graduate Special Stipend 2024

The following documents are required for students who want to apply for GIK Graduate Stipend 2024/23:

  1. One photo
  2. Attendance Proof
  3. Income proof
  4. B-Form
  5. Final Exam Results
  6. CNIC for Fathers
  7. Any other documents

Filling Out the Application Form

Complete the application form accurately and provide all the required information. Double-check for errors or omissions.

Last Date to Apply for GIK Graduate Scholarships

The last date to apply is: 21, July, 2024

 Selection Process

The selection process for GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes is rigorous and competitive. It involves evaluating applications, conducting interviews, and making final decisions.

Evaluation of Applications

Applications are evaluated based on criteria such as academic achievements, research experience, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and financial need. The selection committee carefully reviews each application.

Interview Process

Shortlisted candidates may be interviewed to assess their suitability for the program and evaluate their motivation and potential.

Final Decision

After the evaluation and interview stages, the selection committee makes the final decision regarding scholarship and assistantship awards. Successful candidates are notified through email or other communication channels.

GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes

A wide range of graduate assistantships and scholarships are available across all fields, awarded on the basis of merit, determined by your performance in the admission test and interview conducted by the Institute. These scholarships/assistantships encompass a complete waiver of tuition fees, complimentary accommodation in the institute’s hostels, and a monthly stipend. Students who are selected for these programs are only required to pay the non-refundable admission cost and a refundable security deposit upon enrollment. The eligibility criteria for accessing different schemes are outlined as follows:

  • The scholarship duration is limited to one year and does not guarantee continued support for the entirety of the student’s academic program.
  • Students are required to submit a new application each year, which will undergo evaluation along with other applications.
  • To apply, each applicant must complete the designated application form and provide any additional documents to substantiate their academic and financial standing.
  • Applicants will be invited to attend an evaluation interview conducted by the panel.
  • An online calendar displaying significant milestones, including application submission deadlines, interview dates, and result announcements, will be made available.
  • Due to limited funding, priority is given to applicants during the selection process.

 Benefits of Assistantship Schemes

Assistantship schemes at GIK Institute complement students’ academic journeys and enhance their skill set. Benefits include:

  • Practical experience in teaching, research, or administrative roles
  • Networking opportunities with faculty members and professionals
  • Exposure to real-world challenges and problem-solving
  • Development of transferable skills
  • Enhanced job prospects and career opportunities

How to Apply for GIK Graduate Scholarships?

To apply for financial aid, please carefully follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Fill out the form below and save it as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.
  2. Read the instructions thoroughly to ensure accurate completion.
  3. Sign in and submit the form using your Gmail account.
  4. Note that a Gmail account is not required for form submission.
  5. You may use your own Gmail account to verify your email. Forms submitted by others will be rejected.
  6. Follow the instructions precisely to fill in the application form fields correctly.
  7. Once you have completed the form, upload the necessary files and click on the SUBMIT button.
  8. Ensure that the completed form is sent before the specified deadline.
  9. For the interview, bring a printed copy of the form. Follow this document assembly order: a. Make sure your NAME and Registration number are clearly visible and highlighted. b. You will receive an email with the completed form. Print it out and sign the declaration. c. Attach all supplemental documents at the end.

Application Calendar: Please take note of the deadlines to complete the application process.


1. Can international students apply for GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes?

Yes, GIK Institute welcomes applications from international students. However, eligibility criteria and requirements may vary. Please refer to the official guidelines for detailed information.

2. Are GIK Graduate Scholarships available for all postgraduate programs?

GIK Graduate Scholarships are available for a wide range of postgraduate programs at GIK Institute. Please check the official website or contact the admissions office for program-specific scholarship availability.

3. Can I apply for both a scholarship and an assistantship at GIK Institute?

Yes, you can apply for both a scholarship and an assistantship at GIK Institute. The selection process and criteria may vary for each category. Please review the guidelines and submit separate applications, if required.

4. Are assistantship positions available for the entire duration of the program?

Assistantship positions at GIK Institute may vary in duration and availability. Some positions are available throughout the program, while others have specific time frames or are project-based. Refer to the specific assistantship position details for more information.

5. How competitive are the GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes?

GIK Graduate Scholarships and Assistantship Schemes are highly competitive due to the limited number of positions and high caliber of applicants. Submit a strong application that showcases your achievements, potential, and alignment with the program’s goals.

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