University of Mianwali Admission 2024 Application Form

The University of Mianwali will be accepting new students in 2024 for both the autumn and spring semesters. Advertisements for Mianwali University have been running in the media on a daily basis. Those interested in applying can submit their application online for admission to the University of Mianwali. The university offers a wide range of courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. Individuals interested in pursuing a BA, BSc, BS, LLB, MBA,, B.Ed, MS/M. Phil, or Ph.D. program at UMW in 2024 can submit their application. For more information, please visit the official website of the University of Mianwali at It is important to note that the University of Mianwali is accredited by HEC and offers various courses. As a publicly funded institution affiliated with the Punjab Higher Education Department, we aim to provide quality education to our students.

Applicants must meet the university’s admission requirements. The complete schedule of merit lists will be regularly published, and self-financing students must submit their information using the provided form. The university’s course offerings will be listed for reference. We encourage interested individuals to review the courses and then proceed with their application for University of Mianwali Admission 2024.

University of Mianwali Admission 2024 last date to apply

Admission to the University of Mianwali begins in September. UMW will accept admission application forms. UWM will not accept any further application forms after the deadline. Follow Mianwali University’s deadline and send your paperwork in before it’s due. Numerous undergraduate programmes are available for enrollment at the University of Mianwali. The following links allow you to download the application form and other pertinent documents:

University of Mianwali prospectus 2024

The prospectus for admission to the University of Mianwali is a basic document of information with no legal significance. It will not be binding for the University in any way. An effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information. However, mistakes and mistakes are not considered to be a problem. The regulations, rules, policies, fees, and the nature of courses contained in this document can be changed at any time without notification or obligation. All admissions to the University of Mianwali are subject to the satisfaction of the requirements of the students. Likewise, admissions that do not follow the institution’s regulations will be canceled, regardless of time spent and the progress made in studies or academics. Prospectus: Download Online

University of Mianwali Admission 2024 Application Form

University of Mianwali Admission 2024 Application Form


General Instructions for Applicants

  • The applicants should ensure that all the necessary details have been correctly provided to be eligible for the program.
  • The applicant will not be able to alter their application after it has been the application is submitted.
  • If you wish to apply for several academic programs, the student must submit a second application using a different application.
  • When the deadline has passed, the list of programs will be posted on the notice board and the Website of the University.
  • The applicants must present their original terminal degree or DMC application form and copies of each academic credential, CNIC (Applicant, Father, or Guardian) on a stamp paper of at least Rs. 100 or more.
  • The relevant department at the time the admission.
  • The authenticated and valid certificate for Hafiz-e- Quran must be in the admission application. If not, there will be no credit. Furthermore, the applicant must be able to pass the Hafiz-e-Quran test administered by the authority responsible Committee of the University.
  • The admission of disabled people will be handled by a Committee that is formed to decide the degree of disability for the applicant. The department will forward the disabilities of disabled students to the relevant Committee. The student is declared eligible following verification by the concerned Committee and having an official disability certificate issued by the relevant authority.
  • The employees of the University of Mianwali seeking admission to any graduate or undergraduate program must provide a NOC before the deadline for submitting forms.
  • The admission of candidates who seek additional marks based on the criteria of Hifz is processed according to the following procedure:
  • Candidates seeking additional marks or fee concessions based on the criteria of Hifz will be eligible for these concessions when they have submitted the Hifz Certification issued by the Committee on Hifz at the University of Mianwali before the last date for admissions.
  • The possibility of earning additional points and fee concessions only applies to Undergraduate and graduate programs.

Eligibility Criteria for University of Mianwali Admission 2024

  • Admissions are made according to merit, following the criteria established by the Admission Committee from time to time and following the conditions. 75% of seats are allocated according to merit, and 25% of seats are reserved for students (BA/BSc/BCom and others) of the University of Mianwali on merit for MA/MSc/MCom/MBA, etc. Regular courses.
  • Preference for admission to the Graduate and Undergraduate classes will be determined by the year of graduation, beginning this year.
  • Admission criteria for preferential admission to other classes not listed above will be made public when it is determined by the Admission Committee and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. However, admittance to those classes will be subject to these rules.
  • Only those students who have completed FA/FSc, BA/BSc (Pass or Honors), or an equivalent exam are eligible to be admitted to the next classes.
  • The merit test should be conducted by the terminal degree.
  • Any student who was expelled, rusticated, or whose admission to any Department was barred for any reason at any time throughout their academic career is not accepted into any course without the approval of the Vice-Chancellor based on the recommendation of the Chairperson/charge responsible and Director of Student Affairs.
  • The office of the Director of Students Affairs will circulate a complete list of the students in every department against whom any form of disciplining action was taken.
  • The admissions of all these students will be determined according to regulations
  • Any student over the age of 26 (26) years at the date of the acceptance of applications for admission will not be permitted to graduate courses.
  • Students seeking admission after passing the intermediate or equivalent exam in any discipline of the University are Twenty-four (24) years.
  • Age limitation does not apply to the following students: A) spouse of an employee of the University seeking admission against the reserved seating. B) Employees of the University. C) Army Personnel.

University of Mianwali Fee Structure 2024

Mianwali University’s fees are affordable. Candidates can pay the fees of WMU without difficulty. The candidates who have been shortlisted need to pay the fees following the course they want to pursue. It is the Bank of Punjab that is nominated to collect UMW fees. Make sure to use only UMW-approved fee challans. Candidates can pay the fees at any bank branch in The Bank of Punjab. Fee Structure: View Here

University of Mianwali Admission 2024 Application Form

Prospective students can acquire admission forms from two places: the admissions office at the University of Mianwali and the HBL branches located at Zaka Center Mianwali Tehsil’s Headquarters (Isa Khel & Piplan). The admission kit is priced at a reasonable 500 rupees. Applicants are required to fill out the application form at either the university’s admission office or the HBL Zaka Centre Mianwali branch within the designated timeframe.

Download Online

How To Apply For University of Mianwali Admission 2024?

  • First Download Application Form
  • Now, Download Challan Form
  • Complete the Admission Form fully and include attested photocopies of the necessary documents.
  • Attach the Rs 100 Affidavit (Sample on Website) to the Admission Form.
  • Submit Fee Challan to the Bank of Punjab and attach the “Admission Form Copy” along with the Admission Form
  • Submit the Admission Application Form, Fee Challan, and Affidavit along with attested copies of the documents or mail them to the Admission Cell of the University of Mianwali up to 12 January 2024 (04:00 pm).
  • Fill out the admission form with care. Ensure all the required information has been completed correctly on the form since applicants will not be allowed to modify the application after it has been submitted.
  • The candidate must complete the new form if you want to apply for a different program.
  • After the last day for submission of applications, program-specific merit lists are published in the university office.
  • At the time of admission in 2024, candidates must provide their original documents for education and application form, as well as copies of their educational testimonials and CNIC (Applicant and Guardian) within the department of their choice.
  • A stamp-paper affidavit with a minimum of 100 rupees will be needed.
  • Specimens can be found on the application forms.

University of Mianwali Admission 2024 Last Date

The University of Mianwali has announced admissions for the fall session. Also, the final date for admission is January 2024. In the event of a delay, no admission application will be accepted.

Entry Test For the Admission to UMU

The university will conduct an entry written test for HIifz e Quran students on January 2024. It is mandatory to pass the entry test to get enrolled in UMW. The test method is in the following manner: Hifz tests are held three days before the deadline for filling out admission forms. The test schedule, as well as the dates, timings, and location for the test, are stated in the advertisement and the prospectus.

University of Mianwali Merit List 2024

The Chairperson’s office Hifz Committee shall prepare and transmit an inventory of all participants in the test and state their scores as either pass or fail to the admissions office Committee. Merit Lists will be posted on the notice boards of the concerned departments and the Website of the University. Merit Lists: Check Online

Merit Criteria for University of Mianwali Entry Test Admission

The University will decide the merit based on percentage. Suppose the percentage does not accompany the candidate’s official transcript. In that case, it’s the responsibility of the applicant to provide proof of the percentage (duly confirmed) by the institution they attended previously before the date. Suppose there is an unofficial tie among two or more applicants with equal merit. In that case, the merit of each candidate will be determined based on their age, and the older candidates will be given priority over those who are younger. The University of Mianwali determines the merits based on percentage. If the percentage has yet to be given on the candidate’s degree/mark sheet/transcript, then the student’s responsibility is to bring the percentage certificate. This percentage certificate needs to be verified by the previous institution before the last date for applying for admission in 2024 at the University of Mianwali.

Scholarship  for University of Mianwali

As University of Mianwali Admission 2024 is open, the students can apply through scholarship aid. Mianwali University helps poor and deserving students to continue their education. The cost of higher education is high, which is why UMW offers various scholarships. The award’s main purpose is to assist gifted and genius students financially. HEC and other departments offer the opportunity to award scholarships for BS students. Both boys and girls receive scholarship money at Mianwali University.

Download Fee Challan for University of Mianwali Admission 2024

In order to streamline the admission process for the University of Mianwali in 2024, candidates must obtain the Fee Challan. This document is of utmost importance as it facilitates the payment of admission fees and other associated charges. The Fee Challan contains comprehensive details regarding the applicable fees and the designated bank account for payment. Aspiring students can easily access the Fee Challan through the official website of the University of Mianwali. It is imperative for applicants to thoroughly review and adhere to the instructions provided on the challan to ensure accurate and timely payment. The successful completion of this process is a prerequisite for the smooth and efficient submission of admission forms, thereby contributing to a seamless admission procedure for the academic year 2024.

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