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Global Korean Scholarship 2024 is the new name for the Korean Government Scholarship. Global Korea Scholarship GKS 2024 is a Korean Government Scholarship Program for international students who want to pursue their undergraduate degrees. The fully-funded Korean State Government Scholarship Program ( KGSP) 2024-2024 is accepting online applications from researchers and international students. It is the Republic of Korea’s fully-funded Scholarships for the class of 2024 that are accepting applications for admission sponsored by The Korean Government. There are two Tracks that you can apply to in the Global Korea Scholarship 2024, Embassy Track and University Track. There are 200 scholarships available. In addition, the current call is open to undergraduates. The call for graduates will be open in February 2024.

Global Korea Scholarship Apply Online

Global Korea Scholarship 2024

Global Korea Scholarship 2024 is accepting applications for bachelor’s degree programs as well as associate degrees. Students from all around the world can be considered for admission to this. The Korean government offers 200 scholarship opportunities to students from over 150 countries.

GKS Scholarship 2024

There are two possibilities for you to be eligible to apply to KGSP 2024. Embassy Track and University Track. The University Track and Embassy Track. GKS Embassy Track, and GKS Embassy track, the Korean government will select 200 students from abroad to earn bachelor’s degrees. For the GKS University track, GKS University track, and GKS University track students are selected by Korea. The Korean government will select students from overseas. If you choose the Embassy track or Track for Embassy, it’s anticipated for the Korean government will select an additional 81 students. Each embassy or university has its own deadline. More details on how to submit an application for the Global Korea Scholarship 2024 can be found in the next section.

Application Tracks

There are two tracks to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship 2024-2024 which are as follows:

  • Embassy Track
  • University Track

Embassy Track

Candidates applying via the Embassy track should check with the Korean Embassy within their home country before submitting an application through the Embassy. Candidates can select up to three universities.

  • The embassy will review the applications and forward them to NIEED.
  • The application process has three phases application
  • Following the conclusion of the round, NIEED will announce the winners of its scholarship on the 16th of December, 2024.

University Track

  • Students who apply through the universities may only apply to only one university.
  • After the submission of an application University will recommend applicants to NIEED.

Global Korea Scholarship 2024 Application Form

At universities, candidates need to apply at the institution directly. The university will choose you as a 2024 GKS candidate and forward your application forward to NIIED in the case that it is taken by NIIED.

  • Country: South Korea
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Varies from Country to Country

Global Korea Scholarship 2024 For Undergraduate Students:

  1. For the criteria for embassy track, applicants need updated information from the Korean Embassy in their home country because they have different dates for applications.
  2. To meet the university track requirements candidates must obtain information from the institutions that are eligible for GKS on GKS’s official website.

Global Korea Scholarship 2024 Benefits

  • The Global Korea Scholarship 2024 will cover tuition costs.
  • A return ticket to the airport is free.
  • The Settlement Allowance is paid in the amount of 100,000 KRW
  • A monthly allowance will be paid with 90,000 KRW
  • The Global Korea Scholarship 2024 will pay for the cost of 1 year of Korean language training.
  • The University Admissions fees are waived
  • National Health Insurance will be available.
  • Korean Proficiency Grants will be offered at 100,000 KRW per month.
  • Degree Completion Grants will only be granted once, at 100,000 KRW

How to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship 2024 for International Students?

With Embassy Track, the candidates have to apply through Embassy Track. The Embassy of South Korea in their country of residence. The Embassy will select the applicant and request the applicant to submit an application for admission to an institution and to propose you as a GKS candidate. They will then forward your nominations to NIIED However, the final selection will be made by NIIED.

Through University Track The candidates need to submit their applications directly to the university directly. The university chooses you to be the 2024 GKS candidate and forwards your request to the NIIED in the event that the final decision is made by NIIED.

Period of Global Korea Scholarship 2024

  • Bachelor’s degree program: 3~4 years
  • One year of Korean language instruction + 46 Years of an education degree
    Associate Degree Programme: 3~4 years
  • 1-year of Korean language instruction + 2/3 years of a degree program
    Important Notes Regarding the Scholarship Period
  • The applicants who submit TOPIK levels five or six will be excluded from the Korean language course the following term (September 2024)

Available Universities and Fields of Study

  • The entire range of subjects provided through GKS-participating universities
  • The academic programs offered in the evenings (night school) or short-term courses, distance, and online learning programs are not eligible for this scholarship program.
  • Candidates can only apply to the departments and universities which are included in the “University Information” file attached to the GKS Notice on Study in Korea website
    ( > Scholarships > GKS Notice)

Eligibility Criteria of Global Korea Scholarship 2024


  • All applicants as well as their parents should not have Korean citizenship.
  • Korean citizens as well as dual citizens (one who holds Korean citizenship but also citizenship of another nation) are not ineligible to apply.

Level of Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree program is designed for those who have graduated (or will be able to graduate) from high school or an associate degree program.
  • Associate degree programs are intended for students who have graduated (or are likely to be able to graduate) from high school.
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s degree are not eligible to apply. Anyone with an associate’s degree is able to apply to the bachelor’s program.
  • Candidates who are scheduled to graduate have to first provide proof of anticipated graduation when they apply. If the applicants are selected in the final selection round then they will need to present a diploma of graduation (or an official degree certificate) on or before February 28, 2024.


  • The scoring percentage should be at least 80% using a 100-point score. It should also be in the upper 20% of one’s class.
  • CGPA must be at or higher than 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, or 3.23/5.0


You must be younger than 25 years old (born on or before March 1, 1998)

Documents to Submit for Global Korea Scholarship 2024

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Study Plan
  • One letter of recommendation
  • GKS Applicant Agreement
  • Personal Medical Assessment
  • Evidence that you are a citizen (applicant or parents) and proof of relationship with family members
  • High School Graduate Certificate (or Certificate of Graduation)
  • Academic transcripts for the High School course
  • Certificate of graduation (or the certificate that indicates expected completion) from the Associate Degree program
  • Academic transcripts of associate degrees
  • Proof of Overseas Korean Document
  • Proof of Korean Citizenship Renunciation Document
  • Proof of Korean War Veteran’s Descendant

Additional Points:

  • Candidates who have a TOPIK level 3 or higher will receive extra points (10 percent of the total number of points)
  • Family members of direct Descendents of Korean War veterans who participated in the Korean War as a foreign military will receive additional points (5 percent of the total points allocated)This is an unofficial site that is managed by one GKS Alumnus. For the official website, please check Study in Korea’s Official Website:

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