Riphah International University Scholarship 2023

Riphah International University is located in Islamabad and is a private university chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan in 2002. The purpose of establishing the university was to prepare professionals with Islamic ethical and moral values ​​to make it easy for the people living in the society. A non-profit trust sponsors it, i.e., Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT), established in 1995. Major General (retd) Muhammad Zulfikar Ali Khan, TI (M), TBT (Lt), was asked to make it.

Currently, the university has various projects, including seven faculties, various academic departments, and one overseas project. Riphah University campuses are located in various cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Faisalabad.

Riphah International University Scholarship 2023

Riphah International University Scholarship 2023

Scholarships at Riphah International

Hostel expenses are not part of the scholarships and are evaluated only when exceptional circumstances exist for those with merit. The students of Pakistan’s provinces, including AJK and Gilgit Baltistan, are eligible. The criteria for obtaining eligibility are in the following manner: Riphah International University is one of the most prestigious education institutions in Pakistan that provides a range of academic courses that span from diplomas, masters, certificates, masters, bachelor’s degrees, and Ph.D., as well as numerous others.

Riphah International University Scholarship 2023

These options to study provided through Riphah International University allow students to gain access to higher education at different levels. For Pakistan, Riphah International University is ranked 18th worldwide. Riphah International University is ranked number 18 by various Universities and Colleges ranking organizations like UniRank rankings, Webometrics University Ranking, Q.S. World University Rankings,

Scholarships At Riphah International University In Pakistan

Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, the Aggregate Ranking of Top Universities, Center for World University Rankings, Leiden Ranking. Other ranking institutes that are associated with Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 include Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities,

Riphah International University – HEC

The World’s Top-ranked Reuters Universities, 100 Innovation-oriented Universities Round University Ranking, SCImago Institutions Rankings U-Multirank University Ranking by Academic Performance, and U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings in addition. Some of the rankings. We’ve listed some of the most reputable Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 providers for you to learn more about provided to students attending Riphah International University.

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Financial aid and scholarships are provided to students who enroll under the following schemes at the campus of Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad at Riphah International University Scholarship 2023: Assistantships in this scheme are provided to students accepted into one or the standard B.S. programs that are offered in Management Sciences, Media Sciences as well as Computer Sciences Basic Sciences and Social Sciences Engineering, as well as M.S. courses that focus on Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and the Basic Sciences as well as Social Sciences.

Riphah International University Scholarship 2023

The student who has secured at least 65% and above marks in intermediate/graduation will be awarded 25% to 100% assistance on tuition fees, as the case may be. However, in B.S. Engineering (Electrical or Biomedical), students need to achieve a minimum of 80% or higher marks in the intermediate exam to receive this award.

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University Ehsaas Scholarship Riphah

Assistance ships under this program are provided to students whose parents (sponsor) have died upon admission to one of the programs offered by Riphah International University. To maintain the assistance program for the next time, applicants need to keep a GPA of 3.20 for every exam at the university. Assistance ships within this program are available to students accepted into one of the regular undergraduate courses in Management Sciences,

Riphah International University Scholarships For Dpt

Media Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Bio-Medical Engineering. The student has secured at least 60% marks in intermediate/graduation, as the case may be, and their parents are regular government employees. To continue receiving assistance for the following period, the student must keep the SGPA of 3.20 for each test within the school.

Riphah International University Scholarships Apply Online
Riphah International University Scholarships Apply Online
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 Riphah International University Apply Online

Riphah International University Fee Structure

Students of 1st. Term or students granted reserved seats aren’t qualified for financial aid in the “Mawakhat” scheme. Once the FA Committee has given any decision, it isn’t reviewed or amended within the same term. The university has the right to modify its policies and guidelines as deemed necessary by the authorities at any moment. Financial aid applicants must complete an application.


Financial and Scholarship Assistance is given to students in these schemes at the Islamabad Campus of Riphah International University:

Ta’meer Scholarship

  • Students have secured one of the five top positions in any of the boards of intermediate and secondary education in Pakistan. They are admitted to merit seats in the first. Semester of the undergraduate degree program at Riphah International University. This is not the case for MBBS and BDS.
  • 100% scholarship on tuition fees will be granted to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place holders. 50% of the scholarship will be awarded to 5th and 4th place holders. The Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 will be given beginning with the first. Academic term/semester only.

Salam Scholarship

  • Students who have secured one of the five spots on the open merit lists of the concerned undergrad programs are eligible. This excludes MBBS and BDS.
  • Five scholarships are available in this scheme. The scholarship is awarded only for the 1st academic term or semester.

Talent Scholarship

  • Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 is available to bachelor’s, MS, and M. Phil degree programs in Computing Sciences(FC), Systems Engineering(RISE), Public Policy(RIPP) as well as Social Sciences(DSS), Basic Sciences(DBS), and Management Sciences(FMS), Engineering(FEAS) and Media Sciences(RIMS) in the campuses of Islamabad and Rawalpindi at Riphah International University.
    Students of affiliated/constituent institutions/campuses are not eligible under this scholarship scheme.
  • Students migrating to Riphah to complete their deficiency/incomplete degree are not entitled to this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is not applicable to repeat terms/courses/semesters.

The criterion of Talent Scholarship for First Semester

Marks in Previous Degree Scholarship  

(%age of Tuition Fee)

%age of marks obtained (Annual/Percentage based system) Or CGPA obtained

(Semester/CGPA-based system)

80% and above 3.90 to 4.00 100%
75% to 79.99% 3.75 to 3.89 50%
70% to 74.99% 3.50 to 3.74 25%

Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 for Criteria

  1. Criteria for the continuation of Talent Scholarships to the following semesters
  2. You must keep a CGPA in the range of 3.85 to 4.00 to be eligible for that same amount of scholarship given in the first semester.
  3. Talent scholarships will decrease by 25% if you achieve CGPA in the 3.75 and 3.84.
  4. Talent scholarship will be canceled during the term/semester in which CGPA is less than 3.75.

Mumtaz Scholarship

  1. Students who score any of the students with the highest 20% of class test scores in the university examination during the relevant academic year are qualified.
  2. Students have achieved an SGPA of 3.50 or higher in the cases of the semester system.
  3. This scholarship is available starting in the 2nd semester, and it is open to all students who are qualified to be eligible for Musabiqat Scholarship.

Musabiqat Scholarship

  1. Students who are eligible for the Musabiqat Scholarship and secure one of the top three spots in the examinations of Riphah International University BS/MS degree programs during
  2. the academic term they are enrolled in are qualified.
  3. Students have achieved an SGPA of 3.71 or more.
  4. Three scholarships are available under this scheme from the 2nd term onwards.

Usra Assistantship (Kinship Concession)

  • Usra assistantships are granted to the actual brother(s)/sister(s) from students who are studying concurrently in any course at Riphah International University Scholarship 2023.
  • It is given to brother(s)/sister(s) who were admitted later.
  • 10 10% assistance, 10% assistance ship Semester fee is offered to the 2nd brother/sister, 20 percent of the Semester fee for the third brother/sister, and so on.

Salaar Assistantship

  • The Salaar Assistantship is given to personnel and employees of the regular rank of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The applicant must provide evidence of their employment or position.
  • 25 percent assistance on Semester fees is available in degree programs in Management Sciences.
  • To continue to receive assistance for the next term, the student must keep an SGPA of 3.20 for each exam at the university.

Mawakhat Assistantship (Need help based on cum)

  1. Assistantships are offered on a need the basis of merit to students who have completed at least one exam from the university from Riphah International University.
  2. The student must prove their hardship to the relevant authority.
  3. This assistantship can be awarded upon Semester cost.
  4. To continue the assistance program for subsequent terms, students must keep an SGPA of 3.20 for each exam at the university.
  5. The student who is awarded Mawakhat Assistantship must complete a minimum of one hour of social service as per the guidelines of the job that the responsible authority assigns within the vicinity of Riphah International University or its patron IIMCT.

Wali Assistantship (Orphanage scholarship)

  • Assistance ships in this scheme are offered for students whose parent (sponsor) has passed away following admission to any of the programs that are part of Riphah International University Scholarship 2023.
  • 50% assistantship and 50% assistant-ship Semester fees are awarded to students each term/semester.
  • To be eligible for assistance for subsequent terms, students must maintain a CGPA of 3.20 on each university test.

Scholarships in the form of Toppers in Undergrad programs

10% of the class can be qualified for a 100% fee exemption for the duration of their academic career when they achieve an overall score of at least 85% and above in FA/F.Sc.

Ammaal Assistance ship

This scheme offers assistance ships for students who have been accepted into regular undergraduate programs in Sciences of Management Sciences or Computer Sciences.
The student has secured at least 60% marks in intermediate/graduation as the case may be and their parents are regular government employees.
25 aid ship for Semester fee is offered under this scheme.
To continue to receive assistance in the future, the student must keep an SGPA of 3.20 for each exam at the university.

General Rules for Scholarships / Financial Assistance

  1. Students of institutions affiliated with the Riphah International University Scholarship 2023 are not eligible.
  2. To be considered for award of scholarship/assistance ship, there should be no outstanding dues against the student applying for scholarship/assistance ship.
  3. Each Riphah Student is eligible for the award of scholarship/assistance ship in one scheme.
    Scholarship/Assistance ship does not apply to courses/semester/terms repeated by the student.
  4. Students of 1st. Term and students admitted on reserved or special seats aren’t qualified for assistance ships under the “Mawakhat” scheme.
  5. Once the FA Committee has given any decision, it cannot be re-examined or revised in the particular term or semester. The university has the power to amend its rules and guidelines when required by authorities from time to any point.

Application for Financial Assistance

  • Students seeking financial aid are required to fill out the prescribed application form. Formularies are available in Student Service or Finance Department
  • Financial aid applications will be considered if submitted within the first two weeks following the course enrollment for the respective term, together with the 50% of dues.
  • Applications require the signature of the parent or guardian of the student and are accompanied by solid proof of financial limitations and academic performance. The student concerned is informed of the decision made on their application at the earliest opportunity. If the aid ship is approved, the balance will be paid within 15 days.

Scholarships are Need and Talent Based

  • Candidates must Have a minimum A Grade/2.5 CGPA in the last exams.
  • Meet academic requirements for programs you are applying for. Details are available on the Riphah International University Website.
  • Candidates will have to pass an entrance test administered through Riphah International University.


  • The applications must be sent to Al Mujtaba Education Trust on the prescribed form. A formulary is available for download from here.
  • The entry requirements, as well as the length of the program, are available on the Riphah International University website.
  • For the Fall (September) Semester 2021, applications must be submitted before 28 February 2021.
  • The list of campuses and programs which offer scholarships are:

Islamabad & Lahore Campus – Certificate and Diploma Courses

Program Title Semesters Intake
Dimloma in Health Quality and Patient Safety 2 Semester
Certificate in Health Profession Education 1 Semester

Lahore & Campus – Graduate Courses

Program Title Semesters Intake
BS in Software Engineering 8 Semester
BS in Computer Science 8 Semester
Bachelor of Business Administration 8 Semester
Doctor of Physical Therapy 10 Semester
BS Medical Laboratory Technology 8 Semester

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