PHEC IRSF 2024 International Research Fellowship

PHEC IRSF 2024 opportunity is offered by PHEC to local students to improve their research quality and engage with international experts in their fields of study. All applications must be submitted to Punjab Higher Education Commission Lahore by registered mail on or before December 30, 2024, at 5:00 pm. Applications submitted by hand won’t be accepted.

The PHEC IRFS 2024 International Research Support Fellowship, a six-month program, is designed to give a first-hand experience of research to highly motivated students presently pursuing a full-time PhD program at provincially chartered universities in Punjab.

PHEC IRSF 2024 International Research Fellowship


Terms and Conditions for the award of the PHEC IRSF 2024

Acceptance of the award of the PHEC IRSF 2024 is an acknowledgment of these obligations.

  1. Admission must be granted in the relevant field.
  2. To return to their home universities and finish their PhD studies, the selected candidates will need to sign a bond with PHEC. CNIC copies and official seals are required.
  3. The PHEC IRSF 2024 shall be available to the selected candidates within six months of the date of the award letter’s issuance or earlier and/or any other date specified by PHEC. Otherwise, the award will automatically be canceled without notification
  4. The progress of fellows would be monitored by the Punjab Higher Education Commission
  5. The fellow shall pay any cost that exceeds the limit.
  6. Government employees would be subject to additional requirements for study leave and NOC.
  7. PHEC reserves all rights to cancel or postpone the scholarship at any time without assigning any reason.

PHEC IRSF 2024 Eligible Disciplines

The PHEC Notification announced that the following Ph.D. candidates are eligible for the PHEC IRSF 2024.

  • Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • Humanities
  • Management Sciences
  • Social Sciences


The Higher Education Commission has tried to find a balance between different areas of need when selecting PhD students for short-term research support. Due to the low number of applications for these subjects, there is a lower percentage of scholarships being awarded to Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities. Social researchers are encouraged to apply for this scholarship to help them research deeper into social values and the impact they have on society.
The statistics below rank Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Sciences second. The PHEC IRSF 2024 scholarships given to business and engineering students are not as high. This is because there are fewer PhD students in Pakistan or they do not apply.

 PHEC IRSF Scholarship 2024-23 Details

Country Pakistan
Organization Punjab Higher Education Commission
Deadline 30-12-2022
Category Merit-based
Educational Level Ph.D. Level

PHEC International Research Support Fund Grant Provision

The PHEC’s contribution to the program will cover travel expenses, the bench fee, and a stipend for living according to the guidelines in the following sections:

  • Travel: Maximum Rs. 130,000 per return ticket.
  • Living Allowance: The Living Allowance for different countries is paid in the following manner.
  • Bench Fee: up to Rs. 250,000/- only.

PHEC International Research Support Fund Eligibility Criteria

The person who is eligible for the PHEC IRSF 2024 position must:

  • Punjab Domicile
  • Alter Limitation: 45 Years
  • The candidates who qualify must be enrolled in the Ph.D. program at any private or public sector university in Punjab and must have completed their coursework
  • Ph.D. Students may apply for admission after 1.5 years of enrollment and a total of 3.5 years in the Ph.D. program.
  • Successfully passed the comprehensive exam (according to university standards)
  • Ph.D. research proposal or synopsis accepted from the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) or an equivalent body statutory of the university
  • Valid acceptance letter from a foreign university/supervisor among QS top ranking 200 (General)

How do I submit an application form for PHEC IRSF 2024?

The students who qualify can apply for PHEC IRSF 2024 application form. The entire set of documents should comprise:

  • Completely filled out the application form online at
  • Acceptance Letter(s) from the university of the particular Foreign university
  • Recommendation letters from the Local Ph.D. Director on letterhead of the university
  • NOC and Study Leave from department/organization (if employed)
  • CV(s) of an overseas supervisor(s) (not greater than two pages per CV)
  • BASR approval documenting an approved PhD research topic & summary
  • Ph.D. thesis synopsis (complete)
  • A copy of the passport
  • Copy of the address
  • Academic documents, including Ph.D. comprehensive examination result
  • Foreign University Acceptance Letter for IRSF by Foreign Supervisor. (This form has to be completed and executed by the Foreign Supervisor.)

Three copies of the above application set should be sent to PHEC. Each set must be properly bound (ring/spiral/other). The annexures that are attached to the applications must be labeled correctly (tagged). Applications that are not in proper binding and annexure as per the above list won’t be accepted.

For any information about the program please contact:

Director (HRD)

Punjab Higher Education Commission

Address: Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore,

Ph: 042-99231903

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Is there a deadline or last date for applications to be submitted?

  • No deadline is set for applications. As long as applicants meet the basic requirements for the scholarship, they can continue to apply throughout the year.

What is the time HEC takes to process and select applications?

  • The processing of applications and the declaration of results takes approximately a month and a quarter. The time frame for selected applicants to submit required documents, such as the surety bond and bench fee invoice, is usually between 20-25 days. The final award letters will be issued after this.

What selection criteria will you use?

  • HEC established a Selection Committee to select scholars under the scheme. This Committee is made up of HEC officials, former Vice-Chancellors of well-respected universities, and distinguished Researchers/ Professors from Pakistan. Each quarter, the Committee meets to discuss cases.

Is the HEC going to coordinate visa endorsement for selected scholars?

  • HEC will not provide an award letter that outlines the financial support received and any other terms and conditions. This letter can be used by scholars to support their visa applications.

Will HEC pay the visa fee?

  • HEC does not offer any amount such as visa application fees, health insurance fees, etc.

What will happen to the funds?

  • Before visa endorsement, funds cannot be released to the scholar.
  • The scholar receives a Cross Cheque six months in advance.
  • Upon receipt of an invoice from the university, the tuition fees for the bench/ will be paid directly to the foreign university. The scholar will pay any amount beyond the fellowship package.
  • The Travel Agency will pay for the air travel costs.

What is the time HEC takes to release funds?

  • Advance stipend and ticket 2 – 3 weeks Bench fee 4 – 5 Weeks

What are the requirements for HEC to submit progress reports?

  • HEC will require scholars to submit a progress report on the work they have done on Performa. The report can be requested at the end of the project, after three months, or every two months. The scholar must submit a detailed report detailing the six-month work of the foreign supervisor and copies of any research papers at the conclusion of the project.

Is it possible to get the scholarship twice for a PhD student?

  • The scholarship cannot be reapplied to a PhD student twice.

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