Quaid e Azam University Merit List 2024 Online

Quaid E Azam University Merit List 2024 undergraduate and postgraduate programs are announced officially. Students applying for admission into Quaid-e-Azam University are waiting for their results and would like to see the QUA University merit list 2024. The official link to the website can be found the link below. Students are able to check their grades and list of merits following the release of the 1st, 2nd as well and 3rd lists of merits. The Merit list was announced in August, 2024. The students who are selected for admission will be able to are required to check the date of entry. Quaid-e-Azam University announces the admission dates for various programs of undergraduate, graduate as well and postgraduate degrees. This includes BS programs. Candidates must check the merit list by providing their name and their valid CNIC number.

Quaid e Azam University Merit List 2024 Online

Quaid e Azam University Merit List 2024

Histories of Quaid-e-Azam University

The Pakistani government established Islamabad University on July 22, 1967. It was renamed Quaid-e-Azam University in honor of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, in 1976. This is the 100th anniversary. The university’s name is still spelled differently. It uses “i” instead of “e” to signify Ezafe. This links the words in Jinnah’s Quaid-e Azam title.
Quaid-e-Azam University accepts applications for candidates who wish to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Quaid Azam University admission will start in September, and Merit List uploads in August.

Quaid e Azam University Merit List 2024 Undergraduate

Officials www.qau.edu.pk at the university stated that the merit list would be published on 15 August 2024. This date is still not confirmed. st , 2 nd 3 rd Timely publication of merit list. Call letters will not be sent to selected candidates. The fee must be paid within the given time by selected candidates.

QAU BS Open Merit List 2024

Quaid e Azam University Merit List 2024

QAU Balochistan Merit list 2024

BS Computer Science 95.6536
BS Chemistry 95.4429
BS Electronics 85.6536
BS Geophysics 82.9636
BS Information Technology 91.9545
BS Mathematics 90.6273
BS Physics 92.0636
BS statistics 75.5818
BS Biochemistry 94.3091
BS Biotechnology 95.2364
BS Bioinformatics 93.3545
BS Botany 90.5455
BS Environmental  Sciences 90.4364
BS Microbiology 94.4545
BS Zoology 93.1364
BS International  Relations 94.9818
BS Political  Science 92.6818
LLB 96.7909
BS Archaeology 75.5364
BS Business Administration 91.2727
BS Economics 90.6455
BS History 83.4455
BS Pakistan Studies 85.4636
BS Psychology 93
Pharm-D 97.7545
BS Sociology 87.4091
BS Anthropology 77.8364
BS Defence & Strategic Stud 89.6273
BS English 94.3909
BS Public Administration 90.2

QAU Punjab Merit List 2024

BS Computer Science 93
BS Chemistry 95
BS Electronics 67
BS Geophysics 78
BS Information Technology 91
BS Mathematics 90
BS Physics 92
BS statistics 51
BS Biochemistry 93
BS Biotechnology 95
BS Bioinformatics 93
BS Botany 89
BS Environmental  Sciences 89
BS Microbiology 93
BS Zoology 91
BS International  Relations 95
BS Political  Science 93
LLB 94
BS Archaeology 56
BS Business Administration 89
BS Economics 84
BS History 65
BS Pakistan Studies 66
BS Psychology 93
Pharm-D 98
BS Sociology 77
BS Anthropology 48
BS Defence & Strategic Stud 89
BS English 94
BS Public Administration 86

QAU KP Merit list 2024

BS Computer Science 91.7
BS Chemistry 93.2
BS Electronics 57.7455
BS Geophysics 80.2455
BS Information Technology 88.5909
BS Mathematics 87.4636
BS Physics 90.2273
BS statistics 73.4364
BS Biochemistry 92.5364
BS Biotechnology 93.081
BS Bioinformatics 90.4273
BS Botany 89.1818
BS Environmental  Sciences 87.2636
BS Microbiology 91.5727
BS Zoology 91.7909
BS International  Relations 93.0364
BS Political  Science 92.6818
LLB 92.8273
BS Archaeology 59.5909
BS Business Administration 90.2636
BS Economics 88.6545
BS History 77.4545
BS Pakistan Studies 84.4545
BS Psychology 91.4545
Pharm-D 95.0091
BS Sociology 84.4727
BS Anthropology 74.2182
BS Defence & Strategic Stud 88.5364
BS English 93.0455
BS Public Administration 86.0273

QAU Sindh Merit list 2024

DEPARTMENT Sindh Rural Sindh Urban
BS Computer Science 86.9529 86.7059
BS Chemistry 85.4941 81.3824
BS Electronics 81.1091 66.3824
BS Geophysics 65.1353 65.0545
BS Information Technology 86.617 68.0818
BS Mathematics 81.3235 57.1118
BS Physics 84.4529 67.6471
BS statistics 64.2118 73.5471
BS Biochemistry 79.3059 64..9412
BS Biotechnology 82.8235 77.0471
BS Bioinformatics 92.8545 66.9176
BS Botany 79.5941 82.0353
BS Environmental  Sciences 74.5545 72.5
BS Microbiology 66.9176 56.1182
BS Zoology 85.2412 69
BS international  Relations 86.6176 81.0818
BS Political  Science 91.6455 85.1235
LLB 87.9711 88.1545
BS Archaeology 61.4412 62.9588
BS Business Administration 86.7118 81.3824
BS Economics 84.3294 54.5
BS History 81.4824 60.3118
BS Pakistan Studies 84.8353 64.4294
BS Psychology 79.4412 66.3706
Pharm-D 88.1829 89.5727
BS Sociology 80.8706 73.9222
BS Anthropology 67.9059 73..0118
BS Defence & Strategic Stud 83.5636 73.3235
BS English 85.7091 74.5706
BS Public Administration 82.1647 68.3182

FEE/DUES DETAILS of Quaid-e-Azam

1 REGULAR Rs. 74,960/- (Approximately)
2 SELF FINANCE Rs. 115,520/- (Approximately)
3 HOSTEL Rs. 26,850/- (Approximately)

Quaid E Azam University 1st, 2nd and 3rd merit lists

Quaid E Azam University 1st merit List:

Students who applied for undergraduate admissions have now been closed. You can view the Quaid E Azam University 1st merit list, which will be announced shortly. Students selected for the first merit list must pay their fees by the deadline to apply for admission. The university will not admit a student who has missed the deadline to pay their fee.

Quaid E Azam University 2nd merit list:

Students on the waiting lists can access the Quaid E Azam University Second Merit List. This list contains the names of selected students from the university’s undergraduate programs. Students whose names are on the second merit list must submit their fees within two to three days. Students who are not on the second merit list may wait to be added to the third merit list.
Quaid E Azam University 3rd merit List:

Quaid E Azam University will announce the 3rd Merit list after the announcements of the merit lists for the selected students. The final merit list is used in the selection process. The university management will not announce any merit lists after that. Check your name on the Quaid E Azam University Merit List 1st-2nd, 3rd to find out if you were accepted into this university.
The instructions for Quaid E Azam University Merit List 2020 are well-described. We will update this page when merit is announced. Students can check their names because you cannot join this institute if your name is not on the merit list.

How do I check my QAU merit list?

To check your QAU merit list, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) website at https://qau.edu.pk/.
  • Click on the “Admissions” tab on the top menu.
  • Select “Merit List” from the dropdown menu.
  • Look for your department and program in the list of merit lists posted on the notice board
  • Click on the link to the merit list for your program and department.
  • Check the list to see if your name is included.

Quaid E Azam University Merit List 2024 1st-2nd, 3rd, BS/BBA, MBA/MS, Ph.D

After the announcement by the institute’s management, candidates who applied for admissions in 2024 will receive the first, second, and third/final selection results for the relevant departments. The department-wise list of related departments can be viewed by visiting QAU Islamabad. Candidates who cannot attend the institute can view the full verified candidate lists here immediately after the announcement. We will be able to provide the best online source.
Students who applied would soon be able to check their names on the department-specific selected lists. Only those applicants who successfully obtained admission will be allowed to the first list of selected candidates. Students who are not selected on the 1st list of candidates do not have to despair. There is a second and third chance for them at the next ones. After the official announcement, we will display the 2nd and 3rd Quaid e Azzam university merit lists.
Sometimes the 3rd list doesn’t have to be the final because not all students can submit their admission fees on time. There is also a need for 4th and 5th to fill the remaining seats. Candidates must keep current with the incoming selected candidate results. Contact Balsamiq Kuyhaa at the admission department promptly as the institute won’t inform them or grant admission to students below their results. The eligible candidates must pay the institute fees to confirm their admission to the relative seats.

Criteria for eligibility

Students who have passed their exams with at least 45% are eligible for admission to this prestigious university. All admissions will be made on a merit basis, and there will not be an entry exam. The university will require that you pass the interview to be admitted. Late arrivals and incomplete applications will not be accepted. Continue reading for more details.

QAU Merit list 2024 Schedule

QAU will announce its first merit list in 2024 regarding BS programs on August 15, 2024.

DISPLAY OF A 3RD MERIT LIST (if necessary) 29-08-2023

QAU Merit Criteria for BS and MS Programs

Open Merit 7.5%
Punjab and Federal Area of Islamabad 50%
Sindh including Karachi (Rural 60% & Urban 40% of 19%) 19%
Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa (KPK) 11.5%
Baluchistan Area 6%
Gilgit Baltistan / Tribal Areas 4%
AJK 2%
Total 100%

Quaid E Azam University Contact Number and Address

Phone Number +92-51 9064 0000
Email [email protected]
Address Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan.
Official Website www.qau.edu.pk


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