MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024 Download 3 September

Download the PDF version of the MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 3 from this website. Match the colors of your book (Yellow, White, Pink, Green, and Blue) and carbon copy. The Nums MDCAT Entry Test Answer Key is available for download by students on this page. At any time today, the official solution key will be posted on Otsresults. pk. Therefore, keep checking our website and scroll down to get the MDCAT Test Result for today. Today, the entire Solved Paper will be posted.

You can get all of the answered MCQs from the paper here: Nums MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024. On this website, you may find the Mdcat 3rd September 2024 Solved Mcqs from the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS). 210,000 students took the MDCAT 2024 in the year 2024. Compared to last year, there are 70% more pupils. This website will host the medical admission exam for the 2024 NUMS key. The MDCAT exam is required for applicants to medical schools connected with Nums.

MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024 Held on 3 September

Title: NUMS Entry Test Answer Key
Date September 3 2024
Nums Test Timing 2024 10:00 AM PST
NUMS Answer Key Download
Candidates 80,000
NUMS Entry Test Result 2024 24 Check Online


NUMS 2024 Paper with Answer Key

The tutors carefully developed the NUMS answer key, which is now available. Admission to NUMS Constituent, Affiliated, and all Military (Armed Forces) Administered Medical and Dental Colleges requires passing the MDCAT 2024 NUMS test. This Sunday, the NUMS admittance test is expected to be taken by close to 80,000 pupils. The National University of Medical Sciences will administer the MDCAT 2024 at 90 exam locations around the country. This test must be passed in order to be admitted to the Army Medical College and the NUMS-affiliated medical colleges. There are 200 multiple-choice questions in total; there are no failing marks.

MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024 3rd September

#SR NUMS MDCAT Answer Keys 2024 MBBS & BDS Links
1. Yellow Answer Key Download Download
2. White Answer Key Download Download
3. Pink Answer Key Download Download
4. Green Answer Key Download Download
5. Blue Answer Key Download Download

Nums MDCAT Answer Key 2024

Students getting ready for the Nums MDCAT Answer Key 2024 are looking forward to the exam for medical and dental colleges. This document, which includes all the right answers from this year’s exam, enables candidates to assess their performance and determine if they will be admitted. Students should keep an eye out on official websites for information regarding its release date and timing because it will usually be issued quickly after each examination session.

MDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024 Download 3 SeptemberMDCAT NUMS Answer Key 2024

Nums Entry Test Passing Marks

The minimal scores required for admission to medical and dentistry institutions are represented by the Nums Entry Test Passing Marks, which are established annually by NUMS. It is crucial for students to prepare well in order to increase their chances of admission and strive to surpass these thresholds in order to increase their odds of getting in. Students scoring below these marks do not qualify for admission, while those scoring above them have a better chance of receiving admission.

NUMS Paper with Answer Key 2024

By publishing its paper with the 2024 answer key, (National University of Medical Sciences) has created news for medical students around the nation who are studying for examinations this year. Additionally, Nums is renowned for providing outstanding education that guarantees its students are adequately equipped for future professions in medicine. Students can use this event as a benchmark against which to measure their performance and find areas for improvement. Medical students all throughout the country are eagerly awaiting the introduction of Nums’ solution key!

NUMS MDCAT Solved Paper 3 September

Are You Learning the Solutions for the September 3, 2024, NUMS MDCAT Exam? Wait no longer! To every Multiple Choice Question (MCQ), we provide thorough answers. Utilize this tool to assess your performance and identify your weak points in order to be better prepared for the test and the academic stage that comes after it.

NUMS MDCAT Answer key 2024 PDF Free Download

Students can use the Nums MDCAT Answer Key 2024 PDF to evaluate their performance on the exam for admission to medical and dental colleges. This document, which includes all the right answers from previous tests, enables students to compare their skills to what is necessary and determine their chances of admission. MDCAT Solution manual NUMS 2024. Students should properly use it to prepare for future tests after downloading it for free from the official website.

PMC NUMS MDCAT Answer keys 2024

The MDCAT 2024 examination answer keys are made accessible through a partnership between NUMS and the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Today, you may calculate your score and double-check your answers using the online keys. Be informed that in order to succeed, medical students must obtain a passing score on the MDCAT exam. The answers to the September 3, 2024 MDCAT exam are now accessible and will help you keep ahead in your pursuit of a medical education even if the results of the exam are anticipated to be released in the near future.

How to Check Nums MDCAT Test Answer Keys?

After taking the test, students must check the Nums MDCAT Test Answer Keys. Verifying their responses and making sure they did well on the test are crucial.

Students can use the methods listed below to verify the Nums MDCAT Test Answer Keys:

  • Visit the National University of Medical Sciences’ official website.
  • Select the ‘Admissions’ tab by searching for it.
  • Go to the drop-down menu and choose ‘MDCAT’.
  • Choose ‘Answer Keys’ from the menu.
  • Choose the appropriate exam date, then download the solution manual.
  • Compare your responses to the answers listed in the answer key.
  • Estimate your score by calculating the total number of right responses.

NUMS Aggregate Calculator/Merit Policy

Check out this online aggregate calculator for NUMS 2024. Private medical schools are all affiliated with NUMS. Army Medical College is the sole public medical school. In the comments box, you have posted a query. We will respond to you soon.

Army Medical Colleges %
National MDCAT: 50%
Nums Entry Test 25%
FSc. Pre-Medical/HSSC/Eq. (Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Math’s) 25%



Finally, reviewing the Nums MDCAT Test Answer Keys is a quick procedure that can aid students in assessing how well they did on the test. Students may make sure they have calculated their scores correctly and have a better knowledge of their strengths and shortcomings by following the methods outlined above.


What is the passing percentage of MDCAT 2024?

65% are passing marks.

What is the aggregate of NUMS merit?
– 50% MDCAT
– 50% Intermediate (HSSC)

How many marks of Mdcat are required for NUMS?

The NUMS Entry Test (NET) will now be known as MDCAT for NUMS 2024. All MBBS/BDS applicants with Pakistani nationality would need to receive 55% and 45% of the necessary qualifying marks in MBBS and BDS, respectively, to pass the test and be qualified to vie for 2,075 seats.

What is the date of NUMS entry test 2024?

will take place on September 3, 2024, on a Sunday.

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