MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 Check Merit Formula

Here you may find the MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 Merit Formula. You can compute your merit after the whole results are made public.Today, September 18, 2024, will see the release of the MDCAT final results. Through this portal, all candidates may verify their MDCAT Merit Calculator 2024 results. The MDCAT Entry Test and 50% of the FSC Marks are combined in the aggregate computation. Using this calculator, you may determine the Merit and MDCAT aggregate. With the revised merit formula, aggregate may now be calculated. The MDCAT Merit calculators and the MDCAT Aggregate Calculator compute your aggregate based on your admission test results, an Intermediate (or similar), a matriculate (or equivalent), and both. This article will explain how to compute the MDCAT Accumulate Calculator 2024 in detail.

How to Calculate NUMS Aggregate Merit 2024 2024

You’ve come to the correct site if you want to figure out your 2024 NUMS Aggregate Merit. Because you may easily receive your NUMS merit here. The PMC MDCAT marks won’t be used in the NUMS Merit / NUMS Aggregate THIS YEAR. As a result, we changed the Merit Formula.

NUMS Aggregate Calculator 2024

Students can use the NUMS Aggregate Calculator to help them calculate their aggregate score in order to get admitted to NUMS. NUMS, or the National University of Medical Sciences. The results of the NUMS FSc or equivalent exam, the NUMS entrance exam, the Hifz-e-Quran test, and an interview were used to create this calculator. Students can use the calculator to determine their chances of getting into the targeted course. It is important to remember that the aggregate calculator is only a rough estimate, and NUMS compiles the merit list.

MDCAT Final Calculator 2024

You may get the MDCAT Final Calculator 2024 on this website after the results are made public.For aspirant medical students in Pakistan, the MDCAT Calculator for 2024 is a useful resource. Candidates are able to calculate their overall score, which is important for getting into medical schools. The calculator takes into account a number of variables, such as MDCAT exam results, F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) grades, and other important variables.

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024 Check Merit FormulaMDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2024

MDCAT Merit Calculator 2024

The 2024 MDCAT Merit List Calculator is essential to the admissions process. This application is used by Pakistani medical institutes to create merit lists for potential students. This tool uses a particular method to rank candidates by combining their MDCAT scores, F.Sc. grades, and other factors.

MDCAT Result

NUMS Aggregate formula 2024

You can use the merit calculator to check your grades and merit using the most recent 2024 merit approach.

Formula A: 50 multiplied by the number of intermediate marks earned.

Formula B: 40 multiplied by the marks received on the MDCAT.

grades at matriculation or total matriculation Formula C = Marks x 10

A, B, and C are added up to form your aggregate.

Calculate NUMS Aggregate Merit 2024 for MBBS

To fulfil their goals of attending medical school, MBBS applicants must determine their NUMS Aggregate Merit in 2024. This thorough computation takes into consideration grades from the FSC/A-Levels, results from the NUMS entrance exam, and performance during the interview. Every element is crucial in determining the final aggregate since it ensures a fair assessment of candidates’ academic ability, aptitude, and communication abilities. This aggregate acts as a benchmark, directing prospective students to their preferred medical institutions in the competitive environment of medical admissions. The NUMS Aggregate Merit 2024, which is taking shape as it forges a road to excellence in medical education, is an example of the commitment and enthusiasm of future healthcare professionals.

Marks Division In MDCAT

Understanding the MDCAT marks division is also important since it will help you organise your preparation. Thanks to this, you’ll quickly be able to estimate the amount of effort you should put into the sum of each topic. You should, for instance, put more time and effort into the topics that would help you achieve better scores. The marks are distributed as follows.

Subject Number of MCQs
Biology 68
Chemistry 56
Physics 56
English 20
Logical reasoning 10

Previously, each MCQ was worth five marks, and you lost six points for answering a question incorrectly. Each question now earns one mark, removing the need for the horrors of negative grading. You are not compelled to put up with this torture; you are free to respond freely to the exam questions. Your nerves and logical reasoning are now put to the test by the new policy’s logical thinking component. So, in order to follow this plan, you must work hard.

NUMS MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2024

You can use the formula below to determine your NUMS MDCAT merit.

NUMS MDCAT Marks 50%
FSC Marks 40%
SSC 10%

NUMS Medical Result 2024

Registration deadline 24 July 2024
NUMS MDCAT Test Date Sunday 03 September 2024
NUMS MDCAT Result Date September 2024


NUMS Entry Test Result 2024 Date

The date of the NUMS Medical Entry Test is September 3, 2024. Results of the 2024 NUMS Entry Test should be made public in September of that year. The outcome of the NUMS admission exam is anticipated on this day. Select the admission exam page on the NUMS website. You must enter your Roll Number or CNIC to check your results. You may view the names of the top students and the Nums formula for the aggregate in 2024 on the websites of the National University of Medical Sciences or CNIC, respectively.


It could be a little difficult to calculate the MDCAT aggregate for the first time. To determine your total score and merit for admission to engineering and medical institutions nationwide in 2024, you can enter your HSSC/FSc results. The most recent NUMS Merit Formula, which may be used to calculate the NUMS aggregate, was covered in the article above.

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