MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 Check Online

MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 will be held on 13 November. MDCAT is a requirement for admission into Medical and dental schools in Pakistan. Universities will conduct tests throughout the country. The same question paper is available for all applicants across Province. Tests are conducted on paper. It is to be expected that Pakistan medical commission announced the date for the end of this MDCAT exam on 13 November and the 20 November exam will be conducted by the test. Students can review the eligibility requirements, schedule, and MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 here.

MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 Check Online

MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024

The information provided is officially verified

  • As Per as PMC Syllabus
  • The paper will come from MCQs Bank
  • No change In Paper Pattern
  • Additional Marks will be given to Hafiz E Quran
  • Provisional University will Conduct the test.
  • The test will Be Paper Pen based
  • In Punjab, UHS MDCAT will take place.
  • The test will take place in Sindh, Dow Medical University will conduct an experiment
  • KPK KMU will conduct the test.
  • The passing mark for MBBS is 55%.
  • The passing mark for BDS is 45%.

Policy for Rescheduling during MDCAT Entry Test

  • Only in the case of emergencies that are major, like medical emergencies,
    Natural disasters, accidents, and issues with the MDCAT Entry Test Date are in conflict with
    Any other test will be accepted as valid for rescheduling and absences.
  • Rescheduling will solely be based in the event of the availability of the subsequent date and is not an automatic right to do so in case of a student is absent from their exam date.

Latest News & Press Conference PMC

There are 6000 government sector MBBS/BDS positions in Pakistan. About 200,000 students participate every year. National MDCAT Book is recommended guide to help prepare.

National MDCAT Pattern 2024

  1. 68 Questions from MCQs in Biology
  2. 56 MCQs for Chemistry
  3. 56 MCQs from Physics
  4. 20 MCQs derived from English
  5. 10 MCQs based on Logical Reasoning

MDCAT Entry Test Time Duration

The duration to complete taking the National MDCAT test is 3.5 hours (210 minutes). You must complete more than 210 multiple-choice questions within the time of 210 minutes.

Logical Reasoning MCQs In MDCAT

What is the logical reasoning test? Tests for logical reasoning are kinds of IQ tests (sort of puzzles; Pahaili) used to test your problem-solving abilities. They come in many types, but they all have the primary goal of assessing your logical ability and the ability to make sense of an information set. It doesn’t necessitate prior understanding. It is more of a test of general intelligence, much like an IQ test. Logical reasoning is an important element of all National and all International entrance tests and interviewing with the test, which evaluates the personalities of applicants.

Passing Criteria Of the MDCAT Entry Test

  • The academic board of the national university has received suggestions from dental schools in Pakistan concerning lowering MDCAT pass percentages for dental admissions as a result of two recent conferences.
  • The Board has instructed National Medical to collect the MDCAT scores of provincial provinces and Jinnah Sindh Medical University.
  • Following an evaluation that was requested by provinces, MDCAT Pass Marks for the BDS Program was reduced to 55 percent. The council had its 12th meeting on the 27th of June 2024.

MDCAT Entry Test Pass Percentages are as follows:

  • A 65% chance (130 from 200) of admission to Medical Colleges
  • 55 percent (110 from 200) to be admitted to Dental Colleges

MDCAT will be available on the internet, which means students can arrange their MDCAT at their own convenience. It is also possible to move it to a later date if the student falls ill on the day prior to the scheduled date. The test is given to students at public and private medical schools.

MDCAT Entry Test Calculation of Merit:

The merit-based calculation used to determine admission to medical schools has been updated.

In the event of upcoming admissions for the coming year, the merit will be determined by the marks earned by students in electives for science only. In accordance with the government’s policy. The subjects are Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. This policy applies to all students who are taking their FSC and also to students who are applying based on their previous FSC or A-Level scores. In order to ensure there is no discrimination in the calculation of merit, it is not forgotten that applicants must have a total score of 65% or higher on the HSSC Certificate.

MDCAT Entry Test Date in Pakistan

Each year, PMC is the organization that conducts medical entry tests. PMC has announced the MDCAT 2024 dates in Pakistan in Pakistan. which will take place on November 13th, 2024. The process of MDCAT begins by completing registration. application process. Here is the complete list of registration dates:

How To Get MDCAT 2024 Date Sheet?

  • Students seeking information on the way to obtain the MDCAT exam sheet.
  • You can download the MDCAT date sheets on the website It is published by PMC.
  • Students have the ability to get a full look at the sheet and simultaneously they are also permitted to keep the sheet to use in the future.

How to Prepare for National MDCAT 2024?

Students are required to register for the exam approximately 2 to 3 months in advance of the exam date for the PMC MDCAT. Students are provided with beneficial content through the possibility of preparing for the MDCAT exam. Students can access MDCAT’s previous examination papers provided officially. In addition, students can be provided with MCAT-specific coaching facilities. Students can find the most effective coaching facility to gain the best preparation choices.

Who will conduct MDCAT 2024?

  • PMC organizes NMDCAT roughly 3-4 months following the FSc is finished. Between the 30th of August and the 30th of September MDCAT, 2024 takes place on the internet.

How many times can we repeat MDCAT?

  • At least three times a year, you are able to use the MDCAT.

Is there any age limit for MDCAT?

  • The minimal academic requirement for applying for MDCAT must be a 70% mark on the Intermediate (FSC pre-medical) exam (770/1000). The minimum age requirement for MDCAT is 16 years of age.

Is MDCAT Easy in Pakistan?

  • The test consists of multiple-choice test questions that are based on the syllabus of MDCAT. … To pass the test is not an easy task. However, passing the test is achievable by studying the whole syllabus and by following a few tips and techniques.

For which fields MDCAT is necessary?

  • According to the rules that are enacted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Medical/Dental colleges admission tests (MDCAT) are required for applicants for MBBS and BDS courses at all private and private schools.

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