KMU Aggregate Calculator 2024 Check Online

The KMU Aggregate Calculator 2024 is now accessible for the purpose of determining the aggregate scores for MBBS/BDS and BS programs. Prospective candidates seeking admission to Khyber Medical University for MBBS/BDS programs can conveniently utilize the Khyber Medical University KMU Aggregate Calculator. In order to be eligible for admission to Public and Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan, candidates are required to not only participate in the NMDCAT (National Medical & Dental Colleges Admissions Test), but also achieve a passing score, as stipulated by the PMC Admissions Policy.

Khyber Medical University offers a diverse range of undergraduate degree programs, including disciplines such as Nursing, Paramedics, and Physical Therapy. To secure admission into these undergraduate programs, Khyber Medical University mandates the completion of its own Admission Test. This test is a compulsory prerequisite for admission into both KMU constituent and affiliated institutes.

KMU Aggregate Calculator 2024 Check Online

If you wish to verify your aggregate for KMU Medical or KMU CAT, there are several online calculators that are at your disposal. Presented below are a few options:

KMU Medical Aggregate Calculator: This particular calculator can be found on the official website of Khyber Medical University (KMU) and can be accessed via the following link: In order to compute your aggregate, you will be required to input your NMDCAT marks, NMDCAT total marks, FSc obtained marks (out of 1100), and FSc total marks (600/1100).

KMU CAT Aggregate Calculator: Another calculator that is accessible on the official KMU website is the KMU CAT Aggregate Calculator, which can be found at To determine your aggregate, you will need to input your KMU-CAT marks out of 100, obtained FSc marks (out of 1100), obtained Matric/Equivalent marks, and Matric total marks.

KMU Aggregate Calculator for MBBS/BDS Admissions: This calculator is accessible via the website located at To calculate your aggregate, you will need to input your Matric, FSc, and MDCAT marks.

KMU BS Aggregate Calculator: Similarly, this calculator is also available on and can be accessed at To calculate your aggregate, you will need to input your Matric, FSc/HSSC, and admission test marks.

Aggregate Calculator for KMU CAT: Lastly, this  can be found on calculator-for-kmu-cat/. To calculate your aggregate, you will need to input your KMU CAT marks, FSc marks, and Matric marks.

Admission Policy For Public & private Colleges

The Admission Policy for public and private colleges is a crucial framework that significantly influences the educational landscape. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to candidate selection, taking into account various factors beyond academic achievements. The policy aims to promote exclusivity and diversity, recognizing not only academic excellence but also extracurricular accomplishments, community involvement, and potential for growth.

Its objective is to create a fair and equitable platform, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Furthermore, the policy advocates for transparency, providing clear admission guidelines and criteria, thereby instilling confidence in the system. Through this meticulously designed policy, both public and private colleges pledge to cultivate a vibrant, well-rounded student body that enhances the academic environment and contributes positively to society as a whole.

KMU Aggregate Calculator 2024 Check Online

KMU Aggregate Calculator 2024

How to Calculate Aggregate Marks in MBBS?

To determine the cumulative marks for the MBBS program, one may utilize the KMU  Calculator, which can be accessed through several websites. The following steps outline the procedure for utilizing the calculator:

1. Input the marks obtained in the NMDCAT examination.
2. Input the total marks for the NMDCAT examination (210 out of 200).
3. Input the marks obtained in the FSc examination (out of 1100).
4. Input the total marks for the FSc examination (600 out of 1100).
5. Input the marks obtained in the Matriculation or equivalent examination.
6. Input the total marks for the Matriculation examination.
7. Subsequently, click on the “Calculate Aggregate” button.

KMU Aggregate MBBS Formula

Component Weightage
Matric or Equivalent 10%
FSc/HSSC or Equivalent 40%


National MDCAT Merit Calculator

The National MDCAT Merit Calculator serves as a symbol of efficiency and transparency within the field of medical education. This innovative tool utilizes technology to streamline the evaluation process for candidates seeking admission into esteemed medical colleges. By considering not only exam scores, but also other relevant criteria such as interview performance and academic background, it provides a comprehensive assessment of each applicant’s potential.

It is mandatory to take this test in order to be admitted into MBBS or BDS programs. Now, students have the ability to calculate their MDCAT aggregate using the assistance of the MDCAT aggregate calculator for the year 2024. Additionally, students can acquire knowledge on how to calculate the aggregate for MBBS in 2024 by utilizing the MBBS aggregate formula for that year. The MDCAT merit calculator, provided below, offers a simple means for students to determine their aggregate score.

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