ISSB Test Schedule 2024 Test Date

This article provides detailed information about the ISSB Test Schedule for 2024 and the latest updates regarding online registration. The Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) is responsible for evaluating candidates aspiring to become Commissioned Officers in the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force. To facilitate the training process for the ISSB Test, numerous academies have been established. The opportunity to serve in the Pakistan Army is a cherished dream for many young individuals in the country. This article focuses on the important dates and requirements for the ISSB Test conducted by the Inter-Services Selection Board in 2024. Additionally, it highlights the availability of various institutes and academies in Pakistan that offer specialized preparation for the ISSB test.

The ISSB Test, which stands for Inter Services Selection Board Test, is a crucial evaluation process for individuals aspiring to serve in the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force. It aims to select candidates who possess the necessary physical fitness, mental abilities, and personality traits required for a successful career in the defense forces. In this article, we will discuss the ISSB Test schedule for the year 2024, along with valuable tips on how to prepare and succeed in this rigorous assessment.


The ISSB Test holds immense significance in the selection process for officer cadet training. It encompasses a comprehensive evaluation comprising various tests designed to assess an individual’s suitability for a career in the armed forces. By understanding the ISSB Test schedule for 2024, aspiring candidates can better prepare themselves for each stage of the assessment.

What is the ISSB Test?

The ISSB Test is a series of assessments conducted over several days to identify individuals with the potential to become future leaders in the armed forces. It evaluates candidates’ physical fitness, intelligence, psychological stability, communication skills, and leadership qualities. The test aims to select individuals who exhibit the right attributes necessary to serve and lead in challenging military environments.

Importance of the ISSB Test

The ISSB Test plays a vital role in the selection process for officer commissioning. It allows the armed forces to identify individuals who possess the necessary qualities required to excel in their roles. The test evaluates various aspects of a candidate’s personality, including their mental agility, decision-making skills, emotional stability, and ability to work well in a team. By ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are selected, the ISSB Test helps maintain the high standards and professionalism of the armed forces.

ISSB Test Schedule 2024 Test Date

ISSB Test Schedule 2024

ISSB Test Schedule for 2024

The ISSB Test for the year 2024 follows a structured schedule, comprising several stages that candidates need to go through:

1. Initial Tests

The initial tests are the first step in the ISSB evaluation process. They usually take place over one or two days and involve written tests to assess candidates’ academic knowledge, basic intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

2. Psychological Tests

Psychological tests evaluate a candidate’s personality, emotional intelligence, and aptitude for military life. These tests may include a projective test, word association test, and thematic apperception test (TAT) to assess the individual’s responses and thought processes.

3. Group Testing

Group testing is a crucial part of the ISSB assessment. It involves candidates participating in group tasks to evaluate their teamwork, communication skills, decision-making abilities, and ability to handle pressure. Group discussions, outdoor tasks, and problem-solving exercises are commonly used to assess these attributes.

4. Interview

The interview stage allows the ISSB board to interact with candidates on an individual basis. It provides an opportunity to assess their communication skills, confidence, and clarity of thought. The interview panel may ask questions about the candidate’s background, motivation to join the armed forces, and their understanding of national and global issues.

ISSB Test Schedule January to May 2024

Post Courses Duration
Army 150 PM L/C JUN-OCT 2024
LCC-21 AUG 2024
TCC-34  JUL- AUG 2024
Air Force PAF COURSES  NOV- DEC 2024
PAF LCC-21  NOV 2024

Preparing for the ISSB Test

To increase the chances of success in the ISSB Test, candidates should focus on enhancing specific skills and qualities. Here are some areas to work on during preparation:

1. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is of utmost importance in the armed forces. Candidates should engage in regular exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and work on improving endurance, strength, and agility.

2. General Knowledge

Developing a broad knowledge base is essential for success in the ISSB Test. Candidates should stay updated on current affairs, international relations, history, and the armed forces’ structure and operations.

3. Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital in military roles. Candidates should practice expressing their thoughts clearly, both verbally and in writing. Developing good listening skills and the ability to articulate ideas concisely will greatly benefit candidates during the interview and group testing stages.

4. Leadership Qualities

Candidates should strive to cultivate leadership qualities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and the ability to motivate and inspire others. Participating in group activities, taking initiatives, and demonstrating responsibility in various situations can help develop these skills.

ISSB Test 2024 Online Registration last date

The last date for online registration for the ISSB Test 2024 is fast approaching. Candidates who aspire to join the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force as Commissioned Officers should take immediate action to ensure they don’t miss out on this opportunity. The deadline for ISSB Test 2024 Online Registration is rapidly approaching, and it is essential for interested individuals to complete their registration before the specified date. The online registration process is designed to be user-friendly and convenient, allowing candidates to provide the necessary information and submit required documents easily. Seize this chance to register promptly and take a significant step towards realizing your dream of serving the nation in the prestigious armed forces.

ISSB call letter

The ISSB call letter holds significant importance for candidates who have completed their online registration for the ISSB Test. It serves as an official invitation to candidates who have been selected for further evaluation at the Inter-Services Selection Board. The ISSB call letter provides vital information, including the test date, reporting instructions, and the assessment center’s location. It is essential for candidates to thoroughly read and follow the instructions mentioned in the call letter to ensure a smooth and successful participation in the ISSB Test. This letter signifies a crucial stage in the selection process, bringing candidates closer to their aspirations of becoming Commissioned Officers in the esteemed Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force.

ISSB Test Centers

According to the schedule, the ISSB Test in Pakistan will be held in Kohat (KPK), Gujranwala(Punjab), Malir/Sindh and Quetta (Balochistan).

Tips for Success in the ISSB Test

To increase the likelihood of success in the ISSB Test, candidates should consider the following tips:

  • Be well-rested and maintain a positive mindset throughout the assessment.
  • Engage in regular physical exercise to enhance endurance and agility.
  • Practice solving aptitude and intelligence tests to improve problem-solving abilities.
  • Participate in group activities and cultivate effective teamwork and communication skills.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of current affairs, national security issues, and military history.
  • Prepare for the interview by researching the armed forces’ values, structure, and goals.


The ISSB Test is a rigorous evaluation process that aims to select candidates with the right attributes for a career in the armed forces. By understanding the ISSB Test schedule for 2024 and preparing adequately, aspiring individuals can increase their chances of success. The physical fitness, mental agility, communication skills, and leadership qualities required for the test are valuable assets not only in military careers but also in various other professional domains.


Q1. What is the ISSB Test?

The ISSB Test is an evaluation process conducted by the armed forces to select candidates for officer commissioning in the Pakistan Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Q2. How long does the ISSB Test take?

The ISSB Test usually takes place over several days, involving various stages such as initial tests, psychological tests, group testing, and an interview.

Q3. How can I prepare for the ISSB Test?

Candidates can prepare for the ISSB Test by focusing on physical fitness, enhancing general knowledge, improving communication skills, and cultivating leadership qualities.

Q4. What qualities does the ISSB Test assess?

The ISSB Test assesses physical fitness, mental abilities, communication skills, and leadership qualities required for a career in the armed forces.

Q5. What is the importance of the ISSB Test?

The ISSB Test ensures that only deserving candidates with the necessary attributes are selected for officer commissioning, maintaining the high standards of the armed forces.

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