Expected Eidulfitr Date 2024 Date in Pakistan

The Expected Eidulfitr Date 2024 One of the most significant occasions in Islam is the festival of Eid ul Fitr, which commemorates the completion of the fasting month of Ramadan. This event is wildly and enthusiastically celebrated by Muslims throughout, especially in Pakistan. However, because it depends on the appearance of the new moon, Eid ul Fitr’s date fluctuates every year in Pakistan and other countries. In this post, we’ll talk about when Eid ul Fitr will likely fall in Pakistan in 2024.

Expected Eidulfitr Date 2024 Date in Pakistan

Expected Eid ul Fitr Date

Expected Eidulfitr Date 2024  Calendar

Eid al-Fitr is anticipated to fall this year on either Friday, April 21, 2024, r Saturday, April 22, 2024. The first and second days of Shawwal 1444 are when Eid al-Fitr is observed according to the Islamic calendar. Please be aware that times are approximate and are dependent on moon sighting.

The appearance of the new moon establishes the day of Eid ul Fitr. The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee in Pakistan is in charge of announcing the date of Eid ul Fitr. The committee collects information about the new moon sighting from all throughout the nation. Eid ul Fitr is observed the next day if the moon is visible on the 29th of Ramadan. The 30th of Ramadan is marked as the final day of fasting, and Eid ul Fitr is commemorated the next day if the moon is not visible. For the year 2024,

How Muslims around the world celebrate Expected Eidulfiter

Worldwide, Eid al-Fitr celebrations are generally the same. Praise to the Almighty may be heard resounding throughout masjids, homes, marketplaces, and pretty much everywhere after the crescent moon has been seen. Muslims start the celebration early in the morning by loudly praising God as they walk to the closest masjid. To celebrate Eid Al Fitr, every nation has its unique customs and traditions.

Up to a week before Eid, preparations are typically done well. males and women dress in brand-new attire, with the women donning their new kaftans and the males donning white Jellaba as a sign of purity. As a sign of appreciation, people pay visits to friends’ and family members’ homes and exchange sweets and presents.

What is Eidulfitr?

Muslims all across the world celebrate Eid ul Fitr, also known as the “Festival of Breaking the Fast,” to commemorate the conclusion of the sacred month of Ramadan. Muslims observe fasts during this month, going without food, drink, and other necessities from sunrise until nightfall. Eid ul Fitr is a time for celebration, enjoyment, and thanksgiving to Allah for His mercies and favors.

Preparations for Expected Eidulfitr in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Eid ul Fitr is a time of excitement and celebration, and people begin getting ready for it weeks in advance. People purchase new clothing, shoes, and accessories for themselves as well as their family in markets and stores that are decked with bright lights. People cook traditional sweet foods such sheer khurma and seviyan at their houses and send presents and wishes to their loved ones.

Celebrations on Eidulfitr in Pakistan

People rise early on the day of Eid ul Fitr, take a bath, put on fresh clothing, and do special prayers known as Eid prayers in mosques or outside. Following the prayers, people embrace one another and say “Eid Mubarak,” which is Arabic for “Blessed Eid.” After that, they go back to their houses to rejoice with their loved ones. They eat traditional food, go to one other’s houses, and give children gifts.


What is Eid ul Fitr?

Muslims all across the world commemorate the major religious holiday known as Eid ul Fitr. The holy fasting month of Ramadan has come to a conclusion.

How is the date of Eid ul Fitr determined?

The appearance of the new moon establishes the day of Eid ul Fitr.

What are the possible dates for Eid ul-Fitr 2024?

Eid ul-Fitr will be held in 2024 from Friday evening, April 21, through Sunday, April 22, at sunset. (Saturday).

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