AIOU Help Desk Portal Login [Features & Benefits]

The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a renowned institution that provides distance learning to students all over Pakistan. The AIOU Help Desk Portal is an online platform that allows students to access important information and resources related to their enrollment and studies. The AIOU help desk portal login is a one-stop shop for all your AIOU-related queries. You can use the portal to log in to your AIOU account, submit support tickets, and access FAQs. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of the AIOU Help Desk Portal, how to log in, how to use it, and its solutions. Aiou CMS Portal, Aiou Whatsapp number, Aiou helpline .

AIOU Help Desk Portal Login [Features & Benefits]

AIOU Help Desk Portal Login [Features & Benefits]

AIOU Help Desk Portal Login for Autumn

The AIOU Help Desk Portal login is specifically designed for the autumn semester, allowing students to access a wide array of services and resources. By logging in to the portal, students can find information related to course enrollment, assignments, examinations, and much more. This user-friendly interface ensures that students have a seamless experience while navigating through the portal.

AIOU Enrollment

One of the key features of the AIOU Help Desk Portal is its enrollment functionality. Students can easily enroll in their desired courses through this platform, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and physical visits to the university. The portal provides step-by-step guidance on the enrollment process, ensuring that students can complete this task effortlessly.


The Course Management System (CMS) is an integral part of the AIOU Help Desk Portal. By logging in to the CMS, students can access their course materials, lecture videos, and other resources at any time. This feature enables students to study at their own pace and convenience, enhancing their learning experience.


The CMS Portal is an integral part of the AIOU Help Desk Portal, providing students with a comprehensive learning platform. Through this portal, students can access interactive quizzes, discussion forums, and collaborative learning tools. This fosters a sense of community among students and facilitates effective learning.

AIOU Help Desk Portal Features and Benefits

The AIOU Help Desk Portal provides a variety of features and benefits to students. Firstly, it allows students to check their enrollment status and view their admission details. It also provides students with access to their course materials, assignments, and exam schedules. Additionally, students can view their grades and track their academic progress.

Features of the AIOU help desk portal:

  • View your AIOU profile and academic information
  • Submit support tickets for assistance with AIOU-related issues
  • Access FAQs on a variety of topics, such as admissions, enrollment, and exams
  • Track the status of your support tickets
  • Receive updates on AIOU news and events

Benefits of using the AIOU help desk portal:

  • Get help with your AIOU-related queries quickly and easily
  • Avoid having to call the AIOU helpline or visit the AIOU office
  • Access AIOU-related information and resources 24/7

How to Login AIOU Help Desk Portal

To log in to the AIOU Help Desk Portal, students need to have their enrollment number and password. Once they have these details, they can visit the official AIOU website and click on the ‘Student Services’ tab. From there, they can select the ‘Help Desk’ option and enter their enrollment number and password to access the portal.

  • Visit AIOU’s official website.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ option.
  • Enter your credentials (username and password).
  • You’re in! Access your courses and resources.

How to Use AIOU Help Desk Portal

Once students have logged in to the AIOU Help Desk Portal, they can access a range of resources related to their studies. This includes course materials, assignment submissions, exam schedules, and grade reports. They can also use the various communication channels to get help with any issues they may be facing.

  • Once you are logged in to the AIOU help desk portal, you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the “Submit a Ticket” button.
  • In the support ticket form, select the category and subcategory of your query.
  • Provide a brief description of your query in the “Subject” field.
  • Provide more details about your query in the “Description” field.
  • Click on the “Submit” button

AIOU Help Desk Portal Solutions

The AIOU Help Desk Portal is designed to provide students with an easy and convenient way to access important information and resources related to their studies. However, there may be times when students face issues with the portal or have questions that cannot be answered through the available channels.

In such cases, students are advised to contact the AIOU helpline for assistance. The helpline provides support for a range of issues, including technical problems with the portal, enrollment queries, and general academic support.

The AIOU help desk portal provides solutions to a variety of AIOU-related issues, including:

  • Admissions
  • Enrollment
  • Exams
  • Fees
  • Results
  • Certificates
  • Other AIOU-related issues

AIOU WhatsApp Number

In addition to the Help Desk Portal, AIOU has also introduced a WhatsApp support number. Students can reach out to this number for instant support and guidance regarding any academic or administrative queries. This innovative initiative ensures that students can receive timely assistance without any hassle.

Whatsapp NO: 03244981715 

AIOU Helpline

The AIOU Helpline is a dedicated support service that caters specifically to admission-related queries. Students can contact the helpline for guidance on admission procedures, eligibility criteria, and other relevant information. This helpline operates round-the-clock, ensuring that students can seek assistance at any time. If you haven’t received your refund check within the designated timeframe, please call (051)-111 112-468) or submit a complaint via email to [email protected].


The AIOU Help Desk Portal is a valuable resource for students enrolled in distance learning programs at the Allama Iqbal Open University. It provides a range of features and benefits that make it easier for students to access important information and resources related to their studies. By following the steps outlined in this article, students can log in to the portal and start using it to enhance their learning experience. By utilizing this platform effectively, students can enhance their learning experience and make the most out of their academic journey at AIOU.

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