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PEC Registration Portal Welcome to Pakistan Engineering Council. You can visit the official website and create an online account for new registration. And if you are already registered with PEC but have an online, Those not using the online portal can use their CNIC or phone or email to log in to PEC. The Professional Engineers Registration Program (PEC) will now accept new members, and graduates from public and private institutions pursuing higher education in engineering will be eligible to apply for PEC registration.

Only those engineers who the Engineering Council of Pakistan qualifies can join. Sometimes professional engineers register online for PEC events. Pakistan Engineering Council has the credentials of many engineers in the country. Students graduating from an HEC-approved engineering program are eligible to apply for an affiliation card.

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PEC is an authority solely located in Pakistan and regulates engineering education. It is affiliated with engineering schools and oversees technical and professional education. Candidates with engineering education and five years of experience in the field are eligible to be eligible for PEC registration. To achieve this, applicants must pay the registration fee in one go.

PEC Registration Fee

The PEC’s new Registration and renewal procedures are distinct. Pakistan Engineering Council takes engineers’ affiliation fees during Registration. Professional and registered engineers can obtain a PEC license at a minimal cost. The initial PEC registration cost amounts to 1,000 rupees. Engineers must pay Rs 200/- each year. Renewal fees are 500/- Rupees upon the sixth month after the license expiration.

PEC Registration for Fresh Engineers

PEC has also assisted the Government by conducting technical investigations and recommending corrective measures for the issues referred to. In the past, the Pakistan Engineering Council has become an influential voice and is a voice for the profession of engineering all across the country. It serves as a bridge between industry, Government, and education. PEC has a slim secretary’s office at its headquarters in Islamabad. Quarters are situated in Islamabad, and Branch Offices throughout the provincial capitals, Azad, the Jammu and Kashmir Region, Gilgit, and Baltistan Region. Registration 2024

Graduates of engineering who HEC accepts may request an associate card. Every government contractor and firm concentrating on public works must be registered with PEC registration. Engineers who have who are already registered at PEC can renew their licenses today. If you don’t have any active PEC license in the category you want to be in, the score that you wish to of the firm will be. Learn all the details about how to access PEC Registration Portal 2024.

PEC Registration Portal

PEC Registration Portal 2024 Login

PEC Registration Portal 2024 Login

PEC Verification through CNIC

  • PEC exclusively governs education in engineering in Pakistan. Make sure that high-quality technical education is provided as it ties to universities of higher education within the engineering field. To be a PEC is to have an engineering degree and five years of work experience. To be able to qualify, one only has to pay the registration fee only once.
  • The cost of renewing a PEC registration under the C6 category will be 15000 Indian rupees. Anyone who applies for C6 renewal must also have to pay 15000 bank challans every year.

Required Documents

Take scans and uploads of your signed signature CNIC and fee receipt and photographs taken with blue backgrounds so we can view the images. The registration certificate in the PEC will include identical photos.

Do I have to sign up for my construction business with PEC?

  1. This is the program.
  2. All directors, partners as well as shareholders’ CNIC copies.
  3. The first voucher for payment of the charges.
  4. A recent or previous year’s bank statements and the Audited Financial Statement are certified by a Chartered Accountant.
  5. Certificate of NTN copy.
  6. The CEO has approved the organizational chart of the business, and a list of construction equipment and machines the company owns if they have any.
  7. Copy of partnership deeds and Form C if the company is a partnership or a notarized certificate of sole proprietorship if the company is a sole proprietorship.
  8. Incorporation Paperwork
  9. CEO/director/partner guarantees on the PKR 100 stamp from each of the parties

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The new PEC registration Portal and the renewal process for PEC are distinct. Engineers from Pakistan have to pay a membership fee each year for PEC. Pakistan Engineering Council. A PEC license is offered to licensed engineers at a small price. The initial cost to register an engineer with a PEC amounts to 1000 RS. Every year, each engineer is required to pay 2100 Indian rupees. In the sixth month following the license’s expiration date, the fee for renewal amounts to 500 Indian rupees.

PEC Registration Portal 2024

Registration is among the most crucial department of the Pakistan Engineering Council – PEC. Candidates must visit the PEC registration Portal process on their website to become an official member.

PEC Contractor Login

It is the Admissions Board/Panel of Judges will examine your credentials. A dispensation from the need for an interview may be granted if the panel determines that the applicant has shown commendable/acceptable professional work based on the examination of the supplied document. The proper contact will be made with you. If an interview is required The Enrollment Committee or a panel of experts will set one up and then contact you to make an appointment.

PEC Online Registration 2024

Candidates with engineering degrees and five years of work experience are eligible and qualified to apply for the PEC registration Portal.

There are two primary channels: the PEC registration Portal and the giving of PEC-specific codes. To be able to do that Registration, the participants need to pay once for Registration.

Pakistan Engineering Council Application Forms

If you are thinking about the possibility of a new construction/engineering company or PEC Company Registration.

Online Registration

The budget or financial value of the company is the most critical factor.m Registered and professional engineers can get a PEC certification at a meager cost.

For instance, a federal contractor could execute projects worth up to 400 million dollars and receive permission to register for exam C6. Students who are in PEC 5th-8th grade can find this page the PEC 5th-8th class 2024 online PEC registration Portal, the last date to register and exam schedule, the date sheet, the method to fill out the form, and the required information.

PEC Number Online Registration Card

Engineers are required to renew their registration within one year. If the engineer is employed within the same industry, they’ll have to apply again for registration. A candidate with five years of work experience can apply for a professional number or Registration card that is in effect for the duration of his life. This article will provide the process and costs for using online to get the PEC number.

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PEC Account Information

MCB Bank Account Info
Account No:   0685 5830 4100 5497
Branch Code:   0069
IBAN No:   PK08 MUCB 0685 5830 4100 5497
Branch Address:   MCB Global Transaction Banking Branch, 1st Floor, Shaheen Complex, M.R. Kayani Road, Karachi

HBL Bank Account Info

Account No:   0042 7901 5786 03
Branch Code:   0602
IBAN No:   0000 4279 0157 8603
Branch Address:   CDA Civic Center Branch, Melody Market, G-6 Markaz, Islamabad


Q: How can I access the PEC Registration Portal 2024?

A: To access the PEC Registration Portal 2024, go to the PEC website ( and click on the “PEC Registration Portal 2024” link.

Q: Do I need to create an account to use the PEC Registration Portal 2024?

A: No, you do not need to create an account to use the PEC Registration Portal 2024. You can log in using your existing PEC registration number and password.

Q: What documents do I need to upload on the PEC Registration Portal 2024?

A: The documents required for registration renewal vary depending on the type of engineer you are. However, generally, you will need to upload a copy of your national identity card, a recent photograph, and your degree/certificate.

Q: What should I do if I forget my PEC registration number or password?

A: If you forget your PEC registration number or password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot Registration Number/Password” link on the login page of the PEC Registration Portal 2024.

Q: How can I pay my registration fee through the PEC Registration Portal 2024?

A: The PEC Registration Portal 2024 provides various payment options, including online banking, credit/debit card, and e-payment. You can choose any of the available payment options to pay your registration fee.

Q: What is the deadline to renew my registration through the PEC Registration Portal 2024?

A: The deadline to renew your registration through the PEC Registration Portal 2024 is usually announced by PEC. It is recommended to renew your registration before the deadline to avoid any inconvenience.

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PEC Registration Portal 2024 Login

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