AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 DTS Verification System

Welcome to the Online DTS Delivery System for the Degree Tracking 2024 of the AIOU. To monitor your degree, go to The DTS system monitors the status of your degree, which aids in your completion. Students often get their degrees quickly and conveniently online. However, sometimes people find it difficult to accept. The AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 (AIOU-DTS) system was developed by Allama Iqbal Open University to let students effortlessly follow their degree progress online.

For the benefit of students, AIOU has launched an online AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 DTS Verification System. Students will need to submit degree costs ordinarily or quickly for that reason. If your desired address is not where you may acquire your AIOU degree, check on its status. Students from abroad and inside their own country can validate or get an AIOU degree. Online degree tracking for AIOU is a popular search term among students. They can use this site’s AIOU degree track online service. For information on tracking your AIOU degree, go to on the AIOU website.

AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 By Application ID

Students can check the status of returned and in-progress application forms using AIOU DTS. Additionally, it offers online refunded application status. Candidates can also submit an online request for an AIOU degree verification here. AIOU displays the delivery time at the time of the degree application process online. AIOU has released the AIOU Auto PRC Tracking System. Students were very appreciative of the Allama Iqbal University Degree Tracking System’s generous gesture.

AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 DTS Verification System

AIOU has streamlined the online degree application procedure. Applications for an AIOU degree can be submitted online. Additionally, individuals can pay their degree expenses online. Online access is offered for the AIOU degree tracking application. If you have completed the aforementioned steps, you should monitor the progress of your AIOU degree. All certificates and degrees are delivered by Allama Iqbal Open University to the relevant student address.

AIOU Degree Verification Online via

In a time when everyone has access to the internet, AIOU has embraced technology improvements to simplify administrative procedures, such as “AIOU Degree Verification Online” through their dedicated website, Both students and companies will benefit from the ease and effectiveness of this novel technique, which makes it possible to quickly and accurately verify academic qualifications. AIOU assures the correctness and validity of its documents by utilising the power of digital verification. AIOU meets the quick-paced requirements of the contemporary professional environment while ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of its graduates’ degrees by utilising the power of digital verification.

AIOU Degree Tracking 2024 DTS Verification SystemAIOU Degree Tracking 2024

AIOU Degree Verification Form

Visit the official website and enter the Degree Tracking ID/Roll no. to check the progress of the AIOU degree tracking online. DTS is an exclusive platform for AIOU degree-related matters. In addition, AIOU provides online degree forms. You will need to complete that form in order to verify your AIOU degree. Students can earn degrees from the FA/FSC/ICS/B.ED, BA/BSc/ADP, MA/MSC, MS/M. Phil, and Ph.D. programmes via the AIOU.

AIOU Degree Verification Status

The Allama Iqbal Open University provides students with quick service. Online degree verification status is displayed by AIOU. By form number and name, check the progress of your AIOU degree verification on this website. You may check the progress of your application for AIOU degree verification online if you’ve already filed one. You may follow the AIOU’s full procedure online. The AIOU Degree Tracking System allows you to examine the full procedure online and track its progress.

AIOU Degree DTS Verification Fee

Fees for degree verification are accepted by AIOU from designated banks. The costs for urgent and routine verification are different. You can choose between regular and emergency service. Depositing the money is required in order to receive an AIOU degree. Download the required AIOU challan form for the AIOU charge from the provided link. Verify the progress of your application and the degree verification by AIOU. Students can keep track of their academic progress online with the AIOU Degree Tracking System. The AIOU administration created this system to make it simple for students to access and monitor the progress of their degrees.

Aiou Degree Tracking System

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AIOU Degree Tracking Check Online
DTS Delivery Time Check Online

How to Track AIOU Degree using DTS Portal?

Follow the instructions and keep an eye on your degree using the online DTS system.

  • Visit the AIOU DTS tracking system webpage.
  • The tracking ID for your degree or the roll number, and then click “In Process Applications” to access the box labelled “View
  • Application Status for PC/degree.”
  • To submit the form, click “View PC/Degree Application Status“.
  • Now you may view all the information about your degree status.
  • You will see your PRC/Transcript No, Post/Courier No, Dispatch Date, and Degree No.

How to Check Degree Dispatch Status?

If you get the message “Dear Student, Please Check Your Degree at the Post Office,” you should. Your PC/Degree has been dispatched to the address you provided; if it has not yet arrived, please get in touch with the relevant Post Office, Courier Office, or TCS Centre.

  1. To quickly find out where your degree is being shipped, simply follow the steps.
  2. To view the Pakistan Office’s official website, click to
  3. The upper right corner has the “Tracking Id” search area.
  4. You must input your Post/Courier No. RGL number. The AIOU-DTS organisation provides this number.
  5. Choose “Track” from the menu now.
  6. You may check its current location and expected delivery date here.

Clearing of AIOU degree objections

The institution will occasionally object to a student’s degree, which you must override. After outlining the grounds for the objection, you must do the measures that the institution requires.

  • Take the following steps if you have problems handling objections:
  • Then choose Objection Forms.
  • Select either a name or form number search.
  • Then enter the name or ID number of the form in the search field.
  • By pressing the submit button, you can determine what raised the complaint.

AIOU Degree Delivery Time and Date

When the degree will be delivered depends on the pricing. In two weeks, your degree will arrive at your home if you file an urgent application. On the other hand, if you pay a regular fee, the developer will visit you once. There may be some delays due to TCS or the postal service.

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Contact Numbers

  • Address: Admission department Block No.4 A.I.O.U H/8 Islamabad
  • Phone: 051-9057404
  • Email: [email protected]

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