NEDUET Entry Test Result 2024 for Master MS degree Course

Students must be able to pass their NED University pre-admission entry test. The recent NED entry test for 2022-23, the test was held in September. similar to last year’s NED entry test in 2022 the entrance test was conducted in August. Students can search for the NEDUET Entry Test Result 2024 from our site and view the results of the engineering courses, which include Information systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering results, Electronic Engineering results, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering results, Materials Engineering results, Mechanical Engineering results, Metallurgical Engineering result.

Our website also provides updates on the official date for the NED University of Engineering and results for technology in 2024 in relation to the previously scheduled exam or entry test.


NEDUET Entry Test Result 2024

To be able to enter the following departments, passing the NED entrance exam is a requirement. The official NED portal has been established. NED’s most recent admissions testing results and merit lists can be downloaded and read here. Alongside the mentioned departments and programs Engineering offers a broad spectrum of specialties. We’ve put together a list of areas that follow.

How do you check the NED Test results for entry?

NED University of Engineering conducts an entry test for students who are seeking admission into the university. The entrance test is compulsory for students of all ages. Students who are enrolled in the various faculties of engineering at NED University can check NEDUET results using their roll number. Check the results of Automotive Engineering results, Chemical Engineering results, Civil Engineering results, Construction Engineering results, Computer, and Petroleum Engineering results, Polymer and Petrochemical Engineering results, Software Engineering results, Telecommunication Engineering results, Textile Engineering results, and Urban Engineering results. Additionally, you can view the university results online via our website for every department.

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Eligibility Requirement for NEDUET

Candidates who have taken those who took the SAT I and SAT II tests and have attained a minimum of 800- 1500 marks, respectively, can apply for admission into the NEDUET test. Additionally, those who are applying for the NEDUET test must be able to score 60 percent marks in their total overall.

NEDUET Entry Test Result 2024 for Master MS degree Course

NEDUET Entry Test Result 2024 for Master MS degree Course

NED University Merit List 2024

To check how well you performed in the NED pre-assessment test Click here to see how you did on the NED pre-assessment exam. You can also determine whether you’re eligible to take the test by assessing the status of your application. Enter the CNIC numbers and your roll code into the box to view the NEDUET score for 2024. The NEDUET officers have successfully completed their entrance exams. In the open merit system or self-funding contingents, students apply two times every year to be admitted to the NEDUET’s programs.

There is a variety of BS engineering programs that are offered by the mentioned institution. If you’re considering attending NEDUET by 2024, then you can discover who’s already been accepted by going to the website of the institution.

Calculation of NEDUET Merit

NED has announced the initial merit list for the admission tests. There are a variety of merit lists here. Using the roll-no sequence that you’ve chosen, sort them. The merit lists issued by NED contain the following note in each roll number, describing the status of the test at the moment. Candidates who fail the test will not be invited to interviews, and vice versa.

Contact Details of NEDUET

We have mentioned the contact details of NEDUET for the student’s convenience. You can contact me directly in terms of any query.


NED University of Engineering & Technology University Road, Karachi – 75270, Pakistan


92-21 99261261-8


92-21 99261255


[email protected]


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