Q:1 What Is The Rate Of Usher Payable From A Canal Irrigated land?
A). Fifth
B). Tenth
C). Twentieth
D). Twenty fifth

Q:2 Usher Is Actually A Kind Of Zakat On The Produce Of Land. It Is:
A). Payable only once in a year
B). Payable two times in a year
C). Payable four times in a year
D). Payable on each produce

Q:3 In Which Kind The Ushr Can Be Paid?
A). In price
B). In produce
C). Both or any
D). None of these

Q:4 Which Percent Of Zakat Is Essential On The Honey Which Is Obtained From A Forest?
A). Ten percent
B). Twelve percent
C). Fifteen percent
D). Twenty percent

Q:5 To Which Language The Word Ushr Belongs?
A). Urdu
B). Persian
C). Arabic
D). None of these

Q:6 Who Shall Pay The Ushr On A Garden If It Sold With Unripe Fruit:
A). The owner of the garden
B). The buyer of the garden
C). Both of these
D). None of these

Q:7 Pick Out The Meaning Of Ushr.
A). Fifth part
B). Tenth part
C). Fifteenth part
D). Twentieth part

Q:8 For How Many Cows The Zakat Becomes Essentials For An Owner?
A). Thirty
B). Forty
C). Fifty
D). Sixty

Q:9 How Many Ways Of Distribution Of Zakat Have Been Mentioned In Surah Al Tauba?
A). Six
B). Eight
C). Ten
D). Twelve

Q:10 How Many Ways Of Distribution Of Zakat Has Been Mentioned In The Holy Quran?
A). 12 times
B). 22 times
C). 32 times
D). 42 times

Q:11 Pick Out The Name Of The Persons Who Are Not Legible To Receive Zakat:
A). None Muslims
B). Descendants of Holy Prophet
C). Parents
D). All of these

Q:12 What Is The Name Given To The Disbelievers Of Zakat?
A). Fasiq
B). Munafiq
C). Kafir
D). None of these

Q:13 Give The Types Of Zakat:
A). Two
B). Three
C). Four
D). Five

Q:14 Give The Number Of Goats For Which Zakat Is Compulsory .
A). Thirty
B). Forty
C). Fifty
D). Sixty

Q:15 What Is The Nisab Of Zakat For Possession Of Camels?
A). 5 camels
B). 14 camels
C). 20 camels
D). 25 camels

Q:16 What Is The Nisab Of Zakat For Gold?
A). 5 1/2 Tola
B). 6 1/2 Tola
C). 7 1/2 Tola
D). 8 1/2 Tola

Q:17 What Is The Nisab Of Zakat For Silver?
A). 42 1/2 Tola
B). 52 1/2 Tola
C). 62 1/2 Tola
D). 72 1/2 Tola

Q:18 Which Is The Fourth Pillar Of Islam?
A). Hajj
B). Roza
C). Salat
D). Zakat

Q:19 In Which Year Zakat Was Made Obligatory?
A). 1 A.H
B). 2 A.H
C). 3 A.H
D). 4 A.H

Q:20 What Is The Literal Meaning Of Zakat?
A). To purify
B). To spend
C). To increase
D). None of these

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