KMU CAT Test Syllabus 2023 Past Paper PDF Download

KMU CAT Test MCQs in pdf, 2023 syllabus old papers On this website, you may download sample tests and the most frequently asked questions online. 100 multiple-choice questions will be on the KMU-CAT question paper. According to the timetable, KMU CAT Test Syllabus 2023 will be held on October 15, 2023, at 9:00 AM in the following Districts. We revise the current Centralized Admission Test (CAT) Guidelines for the 2023 test, which will be held at Khyber Medical University (KMU), Peshawar. The entry test for admission to BS Allied Health Sciences programmes, including as paramedics, public health, nursing, DPT, Pharm-D, BS OT, BS SLP, BS Audiology, and BS P&O, will be held at KMU Peshawar soon.

KMU CAT Test Syllabus 2023 pdf Download

There will be several test variations, each with a special code that will decide the questions to be asked and their respective right answers. There will be a total of 100 points available on the test, which will take 90 minutes (or an hour and a half). At least an hour before the test time, participants may visit the testing locations. The entire article must be carefully studied in order to pass the MDCAT.

KMU CAT Test Past papers pdf

Biology 40 MCQs
Chemistry 35 MCQs
Physics 25 MCQs

Kmu Cat Past Paper Pdf Download With Answers may be downloaded here. View or download the KMU CAT Test past questions in PDF format here. You may choose between two blue or two black ballpoint pens (no pointers, markers, pencils, jell pens, etc.). All candidates are required to follow federal regulations. SOPs for the Covid-19 exam stipulate that test participants should wear masks and maintain a 6-foot separation from one another in the lobby.

KMU CAT Test Syllabus 2023 Past Paper PDF DownloadKMU CAT Test Syllabus 2023

KMU Medical Entry Test Syllabus 2023

The following topics are included in the syllabus, along with information on how to be ready for the entrance exam. The test’s syllabus will be drawn from the boards of the applicable textbooks. The curriculum is also available on The following is a list of the syllabus’s key points. Look below to find it.


This comprises all of the Khyber Medical University admission exam syllabus 2023 that is covered in the intermediate level of biology, as well as the anatomy and structure of humans and other mammals, as well as the cell structure of animals and plants, fungus, and algae.


The whole chemistry curriculum that is covered in the intermediate level is covered in the chemistry paper. This possesses the physical and chemical characteristics of alcohols, acids, alkalis, and various filtering methods. The salt reorganization and the acid-base and potassium permanganate nitration for the solution are also included.


This comprises induction magnetization, induction motors, direct and alternating current, magnetic and electric fields, and induction fields. ETEA will administer the entrance exam. So, the syllabus for the KMU-ETEA admission test is provided below.

KMU CAT Passing Marks

The KMU CAT’s passing score is 60%. Applications that lack the necessary data will be rejected. No candidate is required to be accepted by the university. Current military personnel should submit their application for admittance through the proper methods. However, the signatories can be granted a preview copy.

CAT Previous Year Papers Solved

CAT past year papers were solved, and prior test questions were answered. They assist applicants in studying for and comprehending the CAT exam structure. These articles provide insightful information on various question formats and approaches. Using these, aspirants may evaluate their strengths and limitations. They are crucial tools for preparing for MBA and management programme entrance exams.

KMU BSN Past Papers PDF

For exam preparation, KMU BSN old exams in PDF format are useful. These papers can be looked up on the university’s official website. Past papers may also be available in libraries and online learning environments. For assistance in locating pertinent prior works, speak with your academic department or teachers.


What is the passing mark for KMU cat?

A candidate who has earned at least 60% in the F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) or Equivalent Examination or is awaiting results.

How many marks are required for KMU test?

Candidates with a minimum of 50% in the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (F.Sc. Pre-medical) or with an equivalent degree from a recognized board are eligible for admission.

Which subjects are included in KMU cat?

Biology Chemistry Physics
35 MCQs 30 MCQs 20 MCQs

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