Pakistan Studies PMS Paper 2024 Download Online

Download the Pakistan Studies PMS Paper 2024 for Pakistan Studies in PDF format. Provincial Management Service is referred to as PMS. PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, and BPSC all administer PMS annually. Numerous applicants submit applications to the PMS in order to join the provincial management service. They must prepare the PMS optional and required papers. The PMS Paper 2024 for Pakistani studies as well as other required papers are accessible here. Before taking the test, you must understand the idea of PMS. PMS is open to applicants with second-division bachelor’s degrees. The Pakistan Studies PMS Paper previous exams are what this post is about right now.

The Provincial Management Service (PMS) test is administered by the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) to candidates seeking employment in Punjab’s provincial civil service. Pakistan Studies, one of the required exam subjects, assesses the applicants’ familiarity with Pakistan’s history, geography, culture, and politics. An overview of the PMS Pakistan Studies’ previous paper for the year 2024 will be provided in this post.

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PMS exam subjects must include Pakistan Studies. The Pakistan study paper must be passed by PMS participants with a minimum of 50%. Applicants must undertake an English-language Pak study paper. Solved PMS Pakistan Studies exam papers are sold by several Pakistani publishers. Applicants may buy Pakistan Studies PMS study guides. Nonetheless, if you want to prepare, you can download Pakistan Studies PMS previous papers.

Pakistani Medical School Syllabus

To appoint government officials, the PPSC and other temporary service commissions offer PMS tests. In order to cover the essential themes, you must first adhere to the PMS Pakistan studies syllabus. Pakistan Studies must be completed in order to qualify. Moreover, the PMS syllabus is shown before advertisements by the PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, and KPPSC.

Pakistan Studies PMS Paper 2024 Download Online

Pakistan Studies PMS Paper

 Pakistan Studies PMS Paper Overview

The three-hour PMS Pakistan Studies paper has 100 total points. It is divided into two parts: subjective and objective.

Section Object

There are 20 multiple-choice questions in the objective portion, each worth one mark. Out of the four alternatives provided, the applicants must select the best one. The following subjects are covered in this section:

  • South Asia during the early Muslim era.
  • Imperial Mughal.
  • India was under British control.
  • Pakistan Movement Pakistani Geography.
  • Pakistan’s constitutional history.
  • Pakistan’s domestic and international policy.

Section Subjective

There are five questions in the subjective portion, each worth 16 points. Of these five questions, the applicants are required to answer four of them. The following subjects are covered in this section:

  • Pakistan’s political and constitutional history.
  • Pakistan’s socioeconomic history.
  • Afghan foreign policy.
  • Pakistan’s geography and environment.
  • Pakistan’s concerns and current events.

Advice for Planning

The following advice can help students get ready for the PMS Pakistan Studies exam:

Examine the syllabus.

The applicants should make sure they have covered all of the topics included in the syllabus for the Pakistan Studies paper.

Look up the suggested reading list.

The candidates should read the suggested books for Pakistan Studies and highlight key ideas. Kids should also get some practice writing brief essays on various subjects.

Observe Documents.

The applicants might further their grasp of the topic by watching documentaries about Pakistan’s history, culture, and geography.

Make time management a habit.

The applicants should use their time properly and allot enough time for each question throughout the exam.

Pakistan Studies PMS Paper of Course Plan

Each paper’s course plan for PMS is determined by all competitive examination services. These course outlines will need to be studied and prepared by candidates. Here you may find the course descriptions for Pakistan Studies. For high grades, you must pay attention to these key points of this report.

SR Title Action
1. Creation of Pakistan Download
2. Two Nation Theory Download
3. Initial Problems of Pakistan Download
4. Constitutional Struggle in United India Download
5. Social, Political, Educational, and Religious Movements in Subcontinent Download
6. Major Reformists of India Download
7. Political & Constitutional Developments from 1947 to Date Download
8. Pakistan Foreign Policy and External Affairs Download
9. Important Regimes of Pakistan Download
10. Pakistan Dynamic Politics Download

What is the weightage of the Pakistan Studies paper in the PMS exam?

 Out of the 1200 total points for the PMS test, 100 points are awarded for the Pakistan Studies paper.

Can the candidates choose all the subjective questions from one topic?

 No, each of the five themes listed in the subjective section’s five questions must be answered by the applicants.

What is the passing marks for the PMS exam?

The PMS test requires a passing score of 33% on each paper and 50% overall.


The PMS Pakistan Studies paper is a significant component of the PMS test, hence students should properly prepare for it. They can improve their chances of doing well on the exam by heeding the advice provided in this article.

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