General Knowladge

Q:1 The Name Of Kuwait Parliament Is:
A). Majles Al-Ommah
B). Parliament
C). General Council
D). Federal Council

Q:2 The Name Of Japanese Parliament Is:
A). National Diet
B). National Assembly
C). Parliament
D). Citizen Assembly

Q:3 The Name Of Italy Parliament Is:
A). Parliament
B). National Assembly
C). Council
D). Senate

Q:4 The Name Of Israel Parliament Is:
A). Knesset
B). Diet
C). National Assembly
D). Majlis i Ummah

Q:5 The Name Of Iran Parliament Is:
A). Majles Shoraye Eslami
B). National Assembly
C). Parliament
D). Federal Council

Q:6 The Name Ireland Parliament Is:
A). Oireachtas
B). Parliament
C). National Assembly
D). Popular National Assembly

Q:7 The Name Of Indonesia Parliament Is:
A). House of Representatives
B). National Assembly
C). Senate
D). Diet

Q:8 The Name Of India Parliament Is:
A). Sansad
B). Rajya Sabha
C). Council
D). Congress

Q:9 The Name Of Iceland Parliament Is:
A). Althingi
B). Federal Assembly
C). Senate
D). National Assembly

Q:10 The Name Of Hungarian Parliament Is:
A). Orszaggyules
B). Eduskusta
C). Diet
D). National Assembly

Q:11 Braille education system was introduced by Braille for?
A). Labours
B). Handicap
C). Dumb
D). Blinds

Q:12 “Spirit of Islam” book was written by?
A). Syed Ameer Ali
B). Quaid-e-Azam
C). Allama Iqbal
D). Sir syed

Q:13 Who was the first asian to receive noble prize in 1913?
A). Rabinder Nath Tagore
B). C.V.Raman
C). I.A.Bunin
D). Mother teresa

Q:14 Harrapa city is situated on the bank of which river?
A). Ravi
B). Chenab
C). Sutlej
D). Indus

Q:15 The oldest flag of the world is?
A). Denmark
B). China
C). Japan
D). Greece

Q:16 The oldest anthem of the world is?
A). Denmark
B). Russia
C). China
D). Japan

Q:17 Total number UN Security Council members is?
A). 5
B). 10
C). 15
D). 20

Q:18 The General Assembly of UN meets regularly once a year on third Tuesday of?
A). September
B). October
C). November
D). December

Q:19 How many official working languages recognized by UN (United Nations)?
A). 4
B). 5
C). 6
D). 7

Q:20 The UN official birthday is celebrated on?
A). December 24, 1945
B). October 24, 1945
C). September 24, 1945
D). November 24, 1945

Q:21 Pakistan Television started in the reign of?
A). Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B). Yahya Khan
C). Zia Ul Haq
D). Ayub Khan

Q:22 How many states are in Europe
A). 47
B). 48
C). 49
D). 50

Q:23 headquarter of the African Union is located in?
A). Johannesburg
B). Cairo
C). Dakar
D). Addis Ababa

Q:24 What was the name of concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Germany in 1961?
A). Peace Wall
B). Peace Berlin Wall
C). Berlin Wall
D). Peace Wall of Berlin

Q:25 Wood is the main raw material for the manufacture of?
A). Paint
B). Gun powder
C). Paper
D). Ink

Q:26 In the manufacture of banaspati ghee the gas used is?
A). Helium
B). Hydrogen
C). Oxygen
D). Nitrogen

Q:27 ____is the fear of bathing?
A). Agoraphobia
B). Acrophobia
C). Ablutophobia
D). Hydrophobia

Q:28 Which US president resigned while in office ?
A). Richard Nixon
B). Jimmy Carter
C). Ronald Reagan
D). J. F. Kennedy

Q:29 ___ is a famous beverage today , originally it was the name of a medicine?
A). Coca Cola
B). Lemonade
C). Pepsi
D). Soda water

Q:30 Father of rivers is called?
A). Keenjhar river
B). Manchar river
C). Amazon river
D). Indus river

Q:31 Angela Merkel is a German Politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since?
A). November 2003
B). November 2005
C). November 2008
D). November 2011

Q:32 Which country has no railway track?
A). Afghanistan
B). China
C). Russia
D). Somalia

Q:33 Spectrum is made of ____ colors?
A). 7
B). 8
C). 6
D). 9

Q:34 Blind dolphins are found in which river of Pakistan?
A). Indus
B). Jehlum
C). Kabul
D). Chenab

Q:35 Where the Pakistan’s first radio station was setup?
A). Karachi
B). Lahore
C). Multan
D). Islamabad

Q:36 Who was the last mughal emperor to sit on the peacock throne?
A). Muhammad Shah
B). Aurangzeb
C). Shah zafar
D). Shah alam II

Q:37 Digital computer was invented by?
A). Howard Alken
B). Steve Jobs
C). Charless babbage
D). James watson

Q:38 Steve jobs was an american and he was founder of?
A). Apple
B). Google
C). Yahoo
D). Oracle

Q:39 Hardest substance in the human body is?
A). Enamel
B). Nail
C). Bone
D). N.O.T

Q:40 Famous painting “The sunflower” is painted by?
A). Vincent van gogh
B). Banjamin west
C). Gustav klint
D). Pablo picasso

Q:41 The first truly global war was?
A). Seven years war
C). Hundred years war
D). Thirty years war

Q:42 Napoleon regarded which battle as his greatest victory?
A). Austerlitz
B). Arras
C). Amiens
D). Assayer

Q:43 The first war b/w Arabs and Israel was fought in?
A). December 1940
B). October 1942
C). September 1946
D). November 1948

Q:44 Who gave the title of Mahatma to Gandhiji?
A). Rabindranath tagore
B). Lala lajpat roy
C). Abu kalam azad
D). None

Q:45 The chemical that is used in making artificial rain is?
A). Silver iodide
B). Silver nitrate
C). Silver chloride
D). Silver nitrite

Q:46 What approximate part of J&K is under india’s occupation?
A). 75%
B). 60%
C). 90%
D). 50%

Q:47 Which is the largest country in Africa?
A). Sudan
B). Nigeria
C). Libya

Q:48 The term of office of a judge of the ICJ is?
A). 9 years
B). 8 years
C). 7 years
D). 6 years

Q:49 In which month does the Un general assembly meet annually?
A). September
B). October
C). November
D). December

Q:50 Who was the founder of HAMAS in 1987?
A). Sheikh Ahmed yassin
B). Yasser arafat
C). Abdul majeed
D). Zulfiqar Ali

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