General Election Duty List of Polling Officer 2024

On December 28, 2024, the Election Commission of Pakistan issued the Election Duty List of Polling Officers for the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8, 2024, during which Pakistan’s citizens will vote for MNAs and MPAs. Committed to conducting the elections with honesty, justice, and fairness, as mandated by Article 218 of the Pakistan Constitution, the Commission requires around one million individuals to manage polling activities. The training for these polling staff members, including presiding officers, assistant presiding officers, and polling officers, has been completed.

Additionally, details such as staffing numbers and polling station and booth arrangements have been meticulously organized and are accessible for public viewing. Polling officers play pivotal roles, including verifying voter identities, managing voter rolls, applying indelible ink, and maintaining order at polling stations.

General Election Polling Staff List 2024

Title Election Duty List of Polling Officer
General Election Date 8 February 2024
 Election 2024 Total Staff Approximately10 lac
Presiding officers, Assistant Presiding officers List Check Here
General Election Duty List of Polling Officer Check Here

What duties might you be assigned?

At the heart of every election lies a dedicated team:

  • Polling Officers: These individuals are the backbone of the voting process, responsible for verifying voter identities, issuing ballots, and ensuring a smooth voting experience at each polling station.
  • Presiding Officers: Like team leaders, they supervise polling officers, oversee station operations, safeguard ballot boxes, and compile results, guaranteeing a seamless and secure process.
  • Returning Officers: Responsible for the wider election landscape within a constituency, they manage polling stations, address any concerns, and ultimately declare the official results, ensuring the integrity of the entire process.
  • Security Personnel: Guardians of a peaceful and fair election, they maintain order and security at polling stations, fostering a safe and inclusive environment for every voter.

Election Duty List of Polling Officer 2024

General Election Duty List of Polling Officer 2024

Polling Staff Details

As Pakistan approaches its general election on February 8, 2024, the Election Commission of Pakistan has meticulously appointed personnel for conducting the election duties. Each polling station will be managed by a Presiding Officer, who also has the authority of Magistrate of the First Class to maintain law and order. Assisting them, there will be an Assistant Presiding Officer (APO) and a Polling Officer for each polling booth. The Polling Officer’s critical task includes managing the marked copy of the electoral roll and verifying voter identities to ensure a secure and orderly voting process

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