Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024 Fee Structure Test Date

The Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024 for students in classes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 1st year (11th class). Admission to the college is based on merit and the fulfillment of eligibility criteria. The written test, in accordance with the admission policy, will cover subjects such as English, Urdu, General Science, and Mathematics. Entry tests will be conducted in various cities across Pakistan. It is crucial for prospective students to fully prepare for the entry test as it is a highly competitive examination, and achieving high merit is essential for success. Application forms must be submitted before the last date mentioned in the published advertisement. Students who are interested in applying to the college can obtain the application form and prospectus from the Cadet College Jhang admission office. For detailed information about the Cadet College Jhang Admission Form 2024 last date, application form, and a complete admission guide, refer to this page.

Welcome to Cadet College Jhang, your pathway to success! In this article, we will explore the admission process, facilities, academic programs, and more, for the Cadet College Jhang’s 2024 intake. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable educational journey that combines academic excellence, character development, and personal growth.

Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024 Last Date

Cadet College last date to apply is: 20, July, 2024

About Cadet College Jhang

Located in the vibrant city of Jhang, Punjab, Cadet College Jhang is renowned for its commitment to shaping young minds into confident and responsible citizens of Pakistan. Established in 2024, this esteemed institution follows a military-style educational system, ensuring a well-rounded development of students.

Admission Process

Eligibility Criteria

To secure admission to Cadet College Jhang, aspiring cadets must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age: Candidates must be between 12 and 15 years old at the time of admission.
  • Education: Applicants should have a strong academic record in their previous class.
  • Medical Fitness: A comprehensive medical examination is conducted to assess the physical fitness of candidates.

Application Procedure

The application process for Cadet College Jhang is straightforward and easy to follow:

  1. Obtain the prospectus and application form either from the college office or download it from the official website.
  2. Fill out the application form diligently, providing accurate information and attaching the required documents.
  3. Submit the completed application form within the designated timeline, ensuring you meet the deadline.

Cadet College Entry Test

Candidates are required to appear in an entrance test designed to evaluate their knowledge, aptitude, and cognitive abilities. The test encompasses subjects like English, Mathematics, General Science, and Pakistan Studies. The duration of the test is approximately three hours.

Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024 Fee Structure Test Date

Cadet College Jhang Admission 2024

Cadet College Jhang Entry Test Past Papers

Cadet College Jhang is renowned for its rigorous admission process, which includes an entry test. To prepare for this test, it is beneficial to utilize past papers as a study resource. The Cadet College Jhang entry test past papers provide valuable insights into the test format, question patterns, and level of difficulty. By practicing with these papers, students can familiarize themselves with the types of questions that may appear in the actual test and develop effective time management skills. Additionally, reviewing past papers helps identify areas that require further study, enabling students to focus their efforts and enhance their performance in the entry test.

Cadet College Jhang Fee Schedule 2024

Before applying for admission to Cadet College Jhang, it is important to be well-informed about the fee schedule for the upcoming academic year. The fee schedule outlines the tuition fees, boarding charges, and other related expenses associated with attending the college. By referring to the fee schedule, students and their parents can plan their finances accordingly and ensure timely payment of fees. Carefully reviewing the fee structure helps avoid any surprises and provides a clear understanding of the financial commitment required for enrollment at Cadet College Jhang.

Cadet College Jhang Merit List 2024

Upon completion of the admission process, Cadet College Jhang publishes a merit list containing the names of successful candidates. The merit list is compiled based on the candidates’ performance in the entry test and fulfillment of eligibility criteria. It serves as a transparent and merit-based selection process, ranking candidates according to their scores. The merit list provides valuable information to both the selected candidates and those who did not make it, allowing them to plan their future course of action accordingly. This list reflects the college’s commitment to excellence and fair selection.

Cadet College Jhang Online Registration

To streamline the admission process and make it more convenient for prospective students, Cadet College Jhang offers online registration facilities. Online registration allows candidates to submit their application forms and required documents electronically, saving time and effort. The college provides a user-friendly online portal where applicants can fill out the necessary information, upload scanned copies of documents, and complete the registration process from the comfort of their homes. Online registration ensures a smooth and efficient application submission, reducing the need for physical visits and paperwork. It is a convenient option, especially for students residing in different cities or remote areas.

Cadet College Jhang 1st Year Admission 2024

Cadet College Jhang offers admission to students in the 1st year, providing them with an opportunity to embark on their academic journey in a disciplined and intellectually stimulating environment. The admission process for the 1st year follows the same criteria as other classes, including the entry test and fulfillment of eligibility requirements. This phase marks an exciting transition for students as they move from school to college life. They can benefit from a comprehensive academic curriculum, engaging extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning community. Admission to the 1st year at Cadet College Jhang opens doors to a holistic educational experience that fosters personal growth, academic excellence, and character development.

Cadet College Jhang Fee Structure 2024

The fee structure for Cadet College Jhang in 2024 provides a breakdown of the financial obligations for enrolled students. It includes details of tuition fees, boarding charges, security deposits, and any additional expenses that may apply. Understanding the fee structure is essential for students and their parents to plan their finances effectively and ensure timely payment of fees. It is important to note that the fee structure may vary depending on the class or program in which the student is enrolled. By having a clear understanding of the fee structure, students can make informed decisions and take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities offered by Cadet College Jhang.

Registration Fee Rs.1,000/- (One Time)
Admission Fee Rs.60,000/- (One Time)
Quarterly Fee (3 Months Fee) Rs. 120,000/-
Annual Fund Rs. 5,000/-
Board Registration Fee Rs. 3,000/-

Academic Programs

At Cadet College Jhang, emphasis is placed on a comprehensive academic curriculum that covers various disciplines such as Science, Arts, and Humanities. The faculty comprises highly qualified educators dedicated to providing quality education and individual attention to each student. The focus is on nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Transparent Fee Structure and Scholarships

Cadet College Jhang maintains a transparent fee structure, ensuring fairness and accessibility to quality education:

  • Fee Structure: Detailed information regarding tuition fees, boarding charges, and additional expenses.
  • Scholarships: Meritorious students and those with financial constraints can avail themselves of scholarships and financial assistance. These opportunities aim to make education accessible to deserving candidates.


1: How can I obtain the application form?

You can obtain the application form from the college office or download it directly from the official website.

 2: How long is the entrance test?

The entrance test for Cadet College Jhang typically has a duration of approximately three hours.

3: Is Cadet College Jhang open for girls?

No, Cadet College Jhang is exclusively for male students. However, there are other institutions that offer similar opportunities for girls.

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