Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 Download Online

The first merit list for the BS programme at Thal University Bhakkar will be made public on September 21, 2024. You may check the TU Merit List 2024 for Regular and Self Supporting Fall Admission 2024 (first, second, third, fourth, and last) online from this page. A public university in Punjab is called Thal University BK. It’s the sole institution of higher learning in Bhakkar, and it’s there. Following consent from the Punjabi government, Thal University Bhakkar will debut in 2024. On the campus of UOS Bhakkar, Thal University is conducting preliminary upgrades. A new Thal University campus is being funded by the Punjabi government. The institution will soon move to its new site. On October 5, 2024, Thal University will release its final merit list.

BBA 2nd Merit List

On September 25, 2024, the second merit list for BBA admissions for the autumn of 2024 is released. Candidates who submitted admissions applications are encouraged to review their merit standing on our website. The Department of Business Administration at Thal University, Bhakkar will confirm the admission of selected candidates once they have submitted the necessary paperwork and made the requisite deposits.

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 BS Morning and Evening

Ask about the open merit and self-finance merit lists that Thal University makes available online. The master’s degree and self-sufficiency merit lists are eagerly awaited by a large number of individuals. They have easy access to these listings right here.

Sr# List Name Date
1 Correction List (For Changes) 19 September 2024
2 1st Merit List (Regular) 21 September 2024
3 2nd Merit List (Regular) 25 September 2024
4 3rd Merit List (Regular) 27 September 2024
6 1st Merit List (Self Support) 29 September 2024
7 2nd Merit List (Self Support) 03 October 2024
8 3rd Merit List (Self Support) 05 October 2024


Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 Download OnlineThal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024

Thal University Merit List 2024 Online

The names of the students who have been approved for admission are included on the TU Bhakkar BS, MSc/MA 1st, 2nd, and Fourth Merit List. The traditions of excellence are upheld by the Thal University Bhakkar Merit List. You may see here the morning and evening TU Bhakkar merit lists that will be utilised for BS admissions to the MSc/MA programme in 2024. As a result, the school only admits candidates who satisfy the requirements. The merit list for each department is available to those who have filed their application in the form for TU Bhakkar fall/spring admission 2024. Dear candidates, please read the following details attentively to comprehend this Thal University Bhakkar Merit List.

Thal University Bhakkar Merit List 2024 Download PDF

The initial/master merit list is shown at the UOS Bhakkar campus. Beginning on September 29, 2024, Thal University will display the merit list for the morning group. On October 11, 2024, TU will also be granted a list of self-finance programs. Typically, TUB announces the first, second, third, and fourth merit lists in order to fill all available admission places. Brilliant and intelligent applicants are given precedence for admission to Thal University. TU Bhakkar will launch additional departments in a variety of fields in the future.

TU.Edu.Pk Merit List 2024 View Online

The new semester at Thal University will start on October 24, 2024. The announcement of all merit lists will be completed by TU prior to that time. Many applicants are anxious when they can’t discover their names on the initial merit list. They shouldn’t worry and should simply wait for the release of the subsequent merit lists from TUB. Poorly educated candidates may be listed in self-support programmes.

Thal University MSc Merit List 2024

There is a direct connection to the first merit list on this page for the BA, BSc, MA, MSc, and BS programmes. Keep checking back to this website for updates on the 2024 final merit list, the Thal University Bhakkar Open merit list, the self-finance merit list, the queue for reserved seats and the list of chosen applicants.

Thal University Undergraduate Programs Merit List 2024

After passing the intermediate level, students can apply for admission to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. Consequently, it would be challenging to admit everyone who applies perpetually. It therefore welcomes applicants with top academic qualifications. For prospective students, the Thal University Bhakkar prospectus is accessible for download. Visit the Thal University campus in Bhakkar to learn more about the entrance criteria. The dates for the initial merit lists for all undergraduate degrees will be published online, according to the Thal University Bhakkar. To access the merit list online on this website, first select your school and the required programme.

Thal Uni Bhakkar Schedule For Merit Lists (Fall-2023)

The Undergraduate/Master merit list is displayed on the main campus of Thal University in Bhakkar. The first, second, third, and fourth merit lists are normally announced by TU in that order, filling all openings for admissions. Thal University prioritises admitting bright and talented students. At TU Bhakkar, fresh academic offerings in a variety of fields will soon be accessible.
The official university website as well as this one have both uploaded the many Thal University Bhakkar Merit Lists 2024. Please go here to access the department-organized online Merit List. On this page, you may search for specific names on the Bhakkar List of Merit 2024 of TUL University for any programme.

University Bhakkar Campus Admission 2024 Criteria

The application forms, together with the fee schedule and advertising on the following page, are available for download online. Both the waiting list and the entrance exam merit lists will be published on this website. Admissions to several undergraduate programmes at Thal University Bhakkar for the autumn of 2024 were just been released. Many students applied for admission on this website over the internet, and they are anxiously awaiting the outcomes of the merit lists.

Thal University MSc Merit List 2024 Online

There is a button for the BA, BSc, MA, MSc, and BS programmes on this website that will take you straight to the first merit list. When they become available, the final merit list for 2024, the self-finance merit list, the queue for reserved seats, the selected applicants list, and the Thal University Bhakkar Open merit list will all be provided here.

Thal University Selected Candidates List 2024 pdf

The admissions office must receive selected applicants in person for an interview at which time their paperwork will be checked and they will be handed challans to pay their fees. Please get in touch with us if you experience any issues viewing the Thal University Bhakkar 2024 merit list. Simply use the space below for comments. We pledge to respond as quickly as it’s humanly possible. payment of the necessary admittance fees on time serves as proof of acceptance.

Thal University Bhakkar programs

Undergraduate BS 4 years by TU Thal University Bhakkar Degree Program
Programs Programs
BS – Botany BS – Information Technology
BS – Business Administration BS – International Relations
BS – Chemistry BS – Islamic Studies
B.COM – Commerce BS – Mathematics
BS – Communication & Media Studies BS – Physics
BS – Computer Science BS – Psychology
BS – Economics BS – Social Work
BS – Education BS – Sociology
BS – Education [physical] BS – Software Engineering
BS – English BS – Urdu

How to Check BS Regular and Self Support Merit List of Thal University

These actions should be followed in order to verify the Thal University Bhakkar’s BS Regular and Self Support Merit List:

  • Enter “Thal University Bhakkar Merit List” into a search engine or visit the Thal University Bhakkar website.
  • Find the most recent merit list for 2024. Make sure to check for the phase you are interested in as the merit list is often issued in phases.
  • As they have different merit lists, double check to see if the list is for Regular or Self Support programmes.
  • Click on the appropriate merit list to view it online once you’ve located it.

Thal University Bhakkar Contact Information

Address: J38Q+MG7, Gymnasium Rd, Bhakkar, Punjab

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0453-220070

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