Punjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023 Interview Final Merit List

Punjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023 was released on September 2023, at 8:00 AM. Please go to https://ctsp.org.pk, the CTS website. Written exams for the male and female warder police at Punjab Jail were administered by CTS on August 20, 2023. Only those applicants who pass the written test will be listed for interviews and will be shown here soon. The 2023 Jail Police Final Merit List has been posted online. Downloads are available through the sources provided below. The result was announced are September 2023.

Candidates who passed the written portion of the Punjab Jail Warder Police Examination may now review their CTS results scores. The Punjab Police officers used CTS to release the test results. All applicants with written test scores of at least 40 will receive invitations to interviews in their preferred cities, such as Sargodha, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi. In September 2023, the results of the jail police interview will be made public.

Punjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023 Final Merit list

The candidates who applied for the position have been eagerly awaiting the Jail Police CTS Result 2023 Interview Final Merit List. Candidates must pass a number of exams and interviews to establish their suitability for the post. The hiring procedure is rigorous. The CTS exam results are anticipated to be released soon, and the interview process will follow. Final merit lists will be created based on how well candidates performed in the CTS exam and the interview. Police CTS in Punjab Jail for 2023. It is needed of candidates to keep them updated on both the outcomes and the merit lists.

Punjab Jail Police CTS Test Result 2023

Department: Jail Police Punjab
Provided by: Otsresults.pk
Result Status Announced
Interview Date: 30 August 2023
Result Date September 2023
Check Result: Click Here
Merit List: Click Here
Answer keys: Download
Rejected Candidates List: Click Here


Jail Police Written Test Result 2023

The written test drew a substantial turnout of candidates who had previously applied for these posts. The Punjab prison Police Department employment results for 2023 have been published as having been posted by the prison police. The interview schedule and final merit list of applicants for the Punjab jail department will soon be displayed on this page. To quickly obtain the most recent NTS results, keep checking our website.

Punjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023 Interview Final Merit ListPunjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023

Jail wader Interview Date

Final Score For the Interview: 45 Points. To be considered for a warder position, you must attend the police department interview process at Punjab Jail. On this portal, all participants in the Physical and written tests as well as the prison police test can now view their results, answer keys, and provisional/tentative merit lists.
Punjab Prisons Recruitment Test (Warder / Lady Warder Results) and Selected Candidates List is published by Central Testing Services (CTS). Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions. It seems that all applications for the prison police have been submitted.

Punjab Jail Police

Jail Police Interview Date 2023

Regions Name Interview Dates
Lahore 9/09/2023 TO 14/09/2023
Sahiwal 4/09/2023 to 08/09/2023
Rawalpindi 04/09/2023 to 05/09/2023
Faisalabad 07/09/2023 to 09/09/2023
Sargodha 04/09/2023 to 09/09/2023
Bahawalpur 04/09/2023 to 09/09/2023
Multan 04/09/2023 to 06/09/2023
DG Khan 09/09/2023 to 13/09/2023

Jail Police Physical Test Result 2023

It is anticipated that the results of the 2023 Physical exam at the Police Jail would be released shortly after the exam has ended. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate each applicant’s level of physical fitness. Candidates who successfully complete the physical examination can move on to the next level of selection. The Punjab Police Recruitment Board’s website will host the publication of the results. To verify their score, candidates must provide their roll number and other information.

Punjab Jail Police CTS Result 2023 Merit List Region Wise

The Punjab Police Recruitment Board’s official website will host the announcement of the Jail Police Result 2023 Merit List Region Wise. The names of applicants who have advanced through all screening processes and are qualified for recruitment will be posted. Candidates can check their name on the list after inputting their roll number and other details, and it will be created regionally.

Name of Region Action
Rawalpindi: Download
Lahore: Download
Multan: Download
DG Khan: Download
Sahiwal: Download
Bahawalpur: Download
Faisalabad: Download
Sargodha: Download


Punjab Jail Police CTS Result Answer Key Download

Attention to candidates taking the written exam for the Punjab Jail Police on August 20, 2023! Download this authentic Punjab Jail Police Answer Key from the CTS website at www.cts.org.pk. Examiners with an interest can evaluate their performance by comparing their answers to the offered key. The answer key is a great tool for identifying your skills’ strong points and areas for development. It increases evaluation process openness and gives test takers a better understanding of how they performed on the exam.

CTS Jail Police Merit List 2023

The Punjab Police Recruitment Board’s official website will host an announcement of the CTS Jail Police Merit List 2023. Names of applicants who have qualified for consideration for hiring after passing all screening phases are anticipated to be included on this merit list. The applicants’ scores in each exam section were taken into consideration for compiling this merit list. After inputting their roll numbers and other details, candidates can verify where their names appear on the merit list.

CTS List of Selected Candidates for Interview

The list of applicants qualified to participate in interviews was just made public by CTS (Candidate Testing Service). These people are now qualified to present their talents and abilities to the interview panel after successfully completing the first screening procedures. to adequately prepare yourself for this crucial stage in obtaining their chosen work position. All of the chosen applicants will do well in their next interviews, we hope!

CTS Test Jail Police Answer Key

The answer key for the Jail Police Test was recently made public by CTS (Candidate Testing Service), giving participants in the test access to a transparent and objective assessment of their test results. In order to compute their score correctly and appropriately represent their performance on test day, candidates need refer to this answer key. We strongly advise everyone taking the test to use it, and we wish them luck with their outcomes!

For the whole province of Punjab, the Punjab government has offered up nearly 1600 vacancies. The Jail Police Punjab Test was administered by the Candidates Testing Service, and on August 16, 2023, CTS issued the roll no slip for the written test on August 20, 2023. CTS made the results of the jail police exam public on August 25, 2023. Interviews will take place between September 5 and September 15, 2023, after which the Jail Police Interview Result 2023 will be made public.


Q: How can I check my Jail Wader and Lady Warder CTS Test Result for 2023?

A: You may quickly view your Jail Wader and Lady Warder CTS Test Result 2023 Merit List by going to https://ctsp.org.pk/, the official CTS website.

Q: How will I know if I am included in the provisional/tentative merit list?

A: You can verify your results and the provisional/tentative merit list will be presented shortly on the same page. It contains the names of applicants who passed both the written and the physical exams.

Q: What is the passing score for CTS?

A: Scaled scores are produced by numerically transforming the amount of questions that applicants properly answer to the point where the passing score is 350 on a scale with a 0 to 500 range.

Q: Is it mandatory to participate in the Punjab Jail Police Department interviews?

A: If you want to be hired as a warder, you must attend the Punjab Jail Police Department interviews. Only those applicants who receive passing scores on the written exam will be considered for interviews.

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