Punjab Changed Admission Policy Of Medical And Dental Colleges [Hafiz-e-Quran]

The Punjab government has changed the admission policy for medical and dental colleges in the province. Under the new policy, which will take effect in the 2023-2024 academic year. The Punjab education officials changed the government’s policy on admission to medical and dental colleges. No additional points would be awarded to any Hafiz-e-Quran for admission to the MBBS and BDS programs beginning this year. In addition to their results in the FSc test, Hafiz-e-Quran were formerly granted 20 marks .Following a ruling by a six-member panel of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the PMDC said that it will remove the bonus points for Hafiz-e-Quran. the Punjab government recently made the decision. Naturally, this modification affects the dynamics of the admissions procedure and reflects a wider modification in the method of applicant evaluation.

Punjab Changed Admission Policy Of Medical And Dental Colleges


Punjab Changed Admission Policy Of Medical And Dental Colleges

New policy issued for medical and dental college

Under the new policy, huffaz [memorizer] of the Holy Quran will not be given additional marks for those applying for admission to the government medical and dental colleges after matriculation. The Punjab government concluded the law for granting additional marks to the huffaz during admissions.

Punjab Medical and Dental Colleges Admissions 2023–24 Update.

The admissions process for Punjab’s public and private medical and dentistry institutions will start in October 2023, according to a statement from the University of Health Sciences (UHS).

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to Punjab’s medical and dentistry colleges:

have earned a minimum of 60% of the total possible points in the intermediate examination (FSc) or an equivalent.
possess a minimum score of 60% on the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT).

Application Process

Through the UHS website, the application procedure for Punjab’s medical and dental colleges will be done online. The relevant documentation, including academic transcripts, mark sheets, and passport-size photos, must be sent with the candidate’s online application.

Selection Criteria

Based on their merit score, applicants will be chosen for admission to Punjab’s medical and dentistry institutes. According to the following standards, the merit score will be determined:

  • 50% on the MDCAT
  • 40% for the FSc.
  • 10% for matriculation

Important Dates

The following are some important dates related to the admissions process for medical and dental colleges in Punjab for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Start of online application process: October 2023
Deadline for submission of online application forms: November 2023
Announcement of merit list: December 2023
Start of classes: February 2024

Previous Policy – Extra Marks for Hafiz-e-Quran Students

Candidates for the Hafiz-e-Quran program received an extra 20 points under the former regulation, which was taken into account when calculating their FSC (pre-medical) examination results. This approach had been in use for a while and had attracted attention and controversy in the educational community .It would be fascinating to watch how this modification to the admission requirements for medical and dental institutions in Punjab affects student enrolment and selection, as well as how it fits with the region’s larger educational policy.

Verdict of the Supreme Court

This judgment follows a ruling by the Supreme Court’s six-member bench. In response to the court’s decision, the Punjab Health Department reviewed its admissions procedures.

Implementation on Current Year’s Applicants

The incoming students for the current academic year will be impacted by the new policy, which will be put into effect right away. This change is expected to have a significant effect on how candidates are chosen for medical and dentistry institutions across the province.

The Punjab government has revised the admission rules for the province’s public sector medical and dentistry colleges. Candidates who are Hafiz-e-Quran will no longer earn an additional 20 points in the merit calculation under the newly implemented admission criteria for the next admission season.

  • The Punjab Health Department noted that this adjustment is in line with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s (PMDC) decision to delete these additional marks.
  • Afnan Kundi, the attorney for the PMDC, told the court that the decision to provide candidates for the Hafiz-e-Quran extra marks had previously been reversed during the hearings.
  • Justice Ijazul Ahsan concluded that there was no unresolved controversy or problem to be resolved after hearing this update, which resulted in the suo motu case’s conclusion. Thus, the problem was resolved as a result of this legal development.
  • A trend toward a more fair and merit-based system is reflected in the adjustment in the admissions policy.
  • It assures that all applicants, regardless of their qualifications, will fight on an even playing field for coveted slots in medical and dentistry institutes throughout Punjab.

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