PIFRA Salary Slip 2023 online registration download for the month wise from this page. The PIFRA Salary Slip registration process is explained in detail on this page. There’s a project called PIFRA, which stands for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing. The Pakistani government is increasing the number of amenities available to its workers. It will inform officials employees of Pakistan employees that their pay slips will be sent to the employee Gmail account. If you’re searching for Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing PIFRA registration for the salary slip 2023 Download the PIFRA Salary Slip for registration from this page.

So, if you aren’t signed up for PIFRA payslips yet, register today to get your payslip into Your email account. Besides PIFRA registration you will also be able to view DDO budget expenditures and the status of bills.


PIFRA Salary Slip Download for the Month of December

Download the PIFRA Salary Slip by month from this page. For Salary Registration, please visit Pifra.gov.pk. if you are having problems with your online pay stub/pension stub, please let us know! The first thing to know about PIFRA is what it is and how it works. Employees of the Pakistani government can easily retrieve their monthly PIFRA salary slips by email, according to the government’s Finance Department.

PIFRA Salary Slip download online 2023

Download Salary Slip Month-Wise

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February Click here
March Click here
April Click here
May Click here
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PIFRA Salary Slip

Please note that a PIFRA pay slip is an E-pay slip that every government employee receives every month here on this page. This PIFRA pay slip program works with 100% accuracy and there are no chances of error as well. Download your salary slip right now or submit a registration pay slip form on www.pifra.gov.pk. PIFRA Slip & Registration for Pay slip Online 2023. PIFRA salary slip is issued by the Government of Pakistan. If you are a Govt employee then get your payment record in your pay slip monthly. Download PIFRA Slip Online for January 2023. Also, check Overseas Pakistani Assistant Director PPSC Jobs 2023 Roll No Slip>>>>>>>>>>>>

PIFRA brings you an online system where you can register for salary slips. The system helps you to receive the pay slip in your mailbox. Check Online PIFRA Salary Slip Registration for Government Employees Payroll signup procedure details here. You can get the monthly PIFRA Salary Slip Method via Email. PIFRA has made it possible for government employees to access their pay slips easily and print them out whenever they need to. This program gives you the chance to receive your pay slip online from your home. You must be a government worker for the purpose of being certified with PIFRA.

www.pifra.gov.pk Kay Slip Registration

For government employees, the payroll and salary slips are primarily used to open a bank account. PIFRA Pay Slip Registration & Check Payroll Online 2023 PIFRA official website. You will learn how to do this today. pifra.gov.pk registration of salary slips forms downloads online by CNIC Number or reference no. Online PIFRA Salary Slip Registration for Government Employees Payroll signup procedure. Monthly PIFRA Pay Slip Method via Email.

Online Salary Slip Registration

This is why today we will show you the steps to the PIFRA pay slip registrar and check the Payroll Online 2023 without cost on (PIFRA Pay slip registration webpage) PIFRA official website. PIFRA is the acronym in the acronym for Financial Reporting and Auditing Improvement Project in Pakistan. The entire program was created to support funding the budget of the provincial government, finance of the province as well as distribution of salaries.

Payroll Provider PIFRA
Purpose of PIFRA Sending Salary Slips to Government Employees
A project of Government of Pakistan
Salary Slip Month October
Director of Project Tahir Naeem Akhtar (051-9107241)

Salary Slip Registration Procedure

The entire program was designed to help develop budgets for provincial finances, provincial budgets, employees’ salaries management, and the distribution of payroll. PIFRA has created a way that employees working for the government can get their pay slips electronically and print them out at any time they’re required to.

How Can I Download my Salary Slip?

  1. We discuss the pay distribution system in Pakistan and how it affects workers. When it comes to paying, this place is completely digitalized. In recent years, banks have been paying the wages of government-owned private-sector workers.
  2. Various workers have come to you asking for information on their wages and allowances. PIFRA was created by the Republican government to alleviate the concerns of government workers. It is possible to find out the following information on PIFRA-produced wage slips.
  3. Log in to Gmail by opening the app and entering your credentials.
  4. Open your email and check your inbox to see if you’ve gotten your pay stub.
  5. All employees will receive their pay stubs on or around the 10th of every month.
  6. Enter “PIFRA salary slip” in the search box of your Gmail account and see if that produces anything.
  7. Use the “search” function.
  8. You’ll now be able to see all of your pay stubs, both old and new.
  9. Open the slip and check your pay stub.
  10. In some cases, obtaining the slip through the internet may necessitate checking your spam folder.

Educator Salary Slip Punjab 2023 Download

The PIFRA wage slip may not be received on schedule by certain workers. To begin, go to your Gmail account and look in the spam folder. If you can’t find your PIFRA pay stub, you could file a complaint on the official website. Some of our staff have a hard time remembering which province they’re entering. It’s not complicated at all. We’ve included all of Pakistan’s provinces and regions in our database. This instruction video link is provided below in case you have previously registered for an online pay slip but have not yet received it in your email inbox.

PIFRA Salary Slip 2023 Download Online Month Wise

PIFRA Salary Slip download online 2022

Areas PIFRA Code
Punjab P
Baluchistan B
Federal F
Sindh S
District Government Punjab DGP
Gilgit Baltistan GB
Kashmir Council K
District Government KPK DGN
Kashmir K

PIFRA Salary Slip Not Received Yet

PIFRA Salary Slip 2023 Download Online Month Wise

You will need to supply your contact information as well as your province’s details, CNIC number, Yahoo or Gmail account, your full name according to CNIC, and pay scale to be eligible for PIFRA registration. In your PIFRA payment slips, you will find the following details given to you as a record of payment. Then, you can start getting your monthly payslip online from home. Employee Needs All Their Documents from Them Employee Can Get Details to Register Himself on PIFRA Online Pay Slip Website. Govt Employees Can Get Their Monthly Salary Slip from PIFRA Online. Since Govt Employees Had to Travel to Their Account Office for Their Salary Slip but Now.

Method for Pay Slip Registration

Male & Female Govt Employees Will Register for PIFRA Online Payroll Pay Slip. All Govt employees will be able to access their Pay and Pension Only After They Download Their Pay Roll Slips From pifra.gov.pk Additionally, the site gives current information about salaries to ensure that employees are current with their income. The main goal is to offer more services to the public. You will be able to easily get all the services you require. The main objective of the program is to aid individuals in getting all the services they need.

PIFRA Pay slip Form and PIFRA Registration Download Online
PIFRA registration login Download Online
PIFRA registration for salary slip Download Online
PIFRA registration form download Download Online
PIFRA salary slip download Download Online
how to register email in PIFRA Download Online
PIFRA salary slip not received Download Online
PIFRA position code Download Online
www.fabs.gov.pk registration Download Online

Have Issues With Pension Slip?

Employees all around Pakistan have access to the PIFRA wage slip, which may be downloaded for free. Employees who have signed up for Gmail should check their inboxes. In their Gmail inbox, they will get a copy of their pay stubs. The link to the PIFRA pay stub download is now live. The PIFRA wage slip for 2023 may be downloaded from this page.

Details at the Time of Registration

  • Full Name
  • CNIC Number
  • Cell-Phone/Personal Number
  • You must be a Pakistani Government Employee
  • Your Province like Punjab, KPK, etc.
  • Date of Birth
  • Private Email Address
  • Your Government-Level Scale
  • Government Code

Pakistan has progressed in terms of technology and the internet. Pakistan’s account budgeting office has launched a scheme called PIFRA in an effort to be more transparent and equitable. The conclusion of each month will see the distribution of paychecks to all government employees who have signed up for this service. A commendable move on behalf of government workers, then.

Payroll Number pifra.gov.pk pay slip

PIFRA Salary slips will only be sent to workers who have been registered. You must first register in order to obtain a PIFRA pay stub. A link has been set up for the convenience of our staff. You should know where you may go to register.

If you‘re going to sign up for an E-salary slip, read all of the instructions. Click the register button to get started. Please check to see whether your registration has been successful before moving on. PIFRA will send you a welcome email to the Gmail address you supplied. Please check this account. If you are still unable to register, please attempt your registration process once again with more caution.

How can I Fee my Salary Slip?

We discuss the pay distribution system in Pakistan and how it affects workers. When it comes to paying, this place is completely digitalized. In recent years, banks have been paying the wages of government-owned private-sector workers.

Educator Pay Slip Punjab 2023

Pay salary slip by using the Government of Pakistan’s financial system for salaries for employees and servants managed by the Controller General of Accounts Pakistan. This project is about providing convenience to government employees with online pay slips. The PIFRA Salary slip is an electronic pay slip that all government employees receive each month.

PIFRA DDo budget 2023-23

Applicants for this program might be from any branch of government. Online pay slips are available to workers in the districts of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, KPK, and AJK provinces, as well as the capital city of Islamabad. If you have further confessions and questions about PIFRA registration, PIFRA salary slips, not getting pay slips, and downloading issues, please use the comment box to get in touch with us.

PIFRA Official Site of Pay Slip Form & Registration for Monthly Salary Slip

In addition to the pay slip registration, you receive your monthly DDO budget, as well as the status of your bill. There was a time when teachers officers, doctors, and junior staff had to track their accounts in the office to locate their pay slips during difficult times. Payroll and salary slips are utilized to establish the bank account of government employees.

How can we use PIFRA?

Pifre Means To Us In Two Different Ways

National Level:

  • We can provide information about the integration of budget and expenditure flows.
  • Accuracy and timeliness in reporting
  • Cash Forecasting
  • International Credibility
  • Transparency in Accounting System
  • Good Governance
  • Elimination Of Fraudulent Activities

Individual Level:

  • Integration Of Salary Network
  • Calculation of Pension/Commutation through System
  • Consolidated Personal Information
  • Updated GP Fund Accounts
  • The System Calculates GP Funds

How to Check PIFRA Pay Slip Online

You can access your Pifra pay slip online using a mobile device or computer with an internet connection. There are usually two ways to check your Pakistan pay slip online via Pifra.

1- Through Email

2- Through the FABS official website.

Method 1: By email

It doesn’t matter if your email address is Outlook or Gmail. It’s very similar. Most people use Gmail to register on PIFRA. Here’s a guide to how to check your PIFRA pay slip online using Gmail. This method only works if you are registered in the preceding month. The salary slip for the current month may not appear if you register after the 10th day of the current month. In addition, this method works only if you have received at least one payment from the bank following registration with the PIFRA.

  • Register with the PIFRA to access your Gmail account.
  • Find the message from FABS or PIFRA in your inbox.
  • If you are still waiting to see any messages due, please write the PIFRA salary slip into the search bar.
  • All messages will be displayed with full details of the payslips.

Notice: The Gmail salary slip can take up to 10 business days to arrive. You may need to wait until the 1oth day of the month.

Method 2: Check PIFRA Pay Slip By Website

This method is quick and shows more information than email pay slips. You can also access your records through the website. Next, filter other information and take other actions you might not have done in the email. Follow this process.

  • Go to http://www.fabs.gov.pk.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Click on the Online Salary Slip to select services.
  • We will send you all your payslips if you need the necessary details.
  • You can also download the payslip as a pdf file from the download option.

Contact and Address


Who can register with PIFRA?

Any Pakistani Government employee can register with pifra.

What is about Not getting pay slip mail?

If you do not have verified email or have unsubscribed email from pifra, then resubscribe again it.

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