NUST Admission Merit List 2024 NET Result |

NUST Admission Merit List 2024 of candidates has been posted at the NUST website for the information of all those concerned. Every undergraduate’s Merit (NET and SAT) foundation of programs (Less Applied Biology Sciences) is posted through our website. The merits of the BS Biotechnology will be calculated on the entire FSc results. You must fill in your marks on an online application form before 20 September 2024.

You can check the results of the entrance test here. The results of the NUST Entry Test 2024 Net 1, NET 2, NET 3, and the NUST Admission Merit List 2024 for undergraduates are now available online. To check the results, type in your NUST Roll number and the code from the image. Then, search. Candidates interested in knowing more about the consequences of their tests will be able to do so by clicking the link provided on this page.

NUST Merit List 2024 NET Result |

NUST Merit List 2024 NET Result

NUST Admission Merit List 2024

Welcome to the National University of Sciences. The National University of Sciences and Technology NUST NET 1 Net 2, NET 3 Entrance Test. TNUST Admission Merit List 2024 has been published here to help you get into different postgraduate and undergraduate disciplines. You must enter your NUST Roll No./Fee Invoice No, then click Search to view the result. The merit list will be published within at least one or two weeks, which means not later than seven days.

NUST NET Result 2024
NET 1 Result Check Online
NET 2 Result Check Online
NET 3 Result Check Online
NET 4 Result Check Online

Ugadmission NUST Result 2024

It was established in 1991 and initially served the needs of officers with commissions by combining engineering colleges with schools of the Pakistan Armed Forces. Then, it was changed to its current status as the National University of Sciences and Technology.

NUST NET 1, 2 & 3 Result 2024 of Entry Test

The NUST Admission Merit List 20242 is now accepting applications for admission to some programs. Candidates must pass the NUST Entry Test to be considered (NET). (A B, C, A) Here’s the NUST 2024 admissions test result. The NUST Admission Merit List 2024 (NET 1 2 3, 3) is displayed. Here are NUST’s admission test results, as well as first and second, as well as third and final merit lists. NUST accepts students from undergrads, grads, and postgrads three times a year.


Check if you have completed your NUST Admission Merit List 2024 on this page. The NUST Entry Test results for 2024, NET 1, 2and 3, and the Merit List for admission to undergraduates in 2024 are available on the internet. To determine if your test score has changed, enter your student ID number and the image’s ID number into the Search box, then click Search. Students that took the exam can check their results through this page. The results from NET 2024 (series 2) that ran from March 10 until March 18, 2024, CBNET only, can be downloaded.

NUST Result 2024 NET 1, 2 and 3

This is the result of NUST NET1 in 2024. They are the outcome of the NUST NET2 in 2024 and the results from NUST 2024. The Test is scheduled to be held in January, March, and July. Take a look at the NUST NET exam results online for 2024 and the merits list below in case you were among those who took the Test. These results are posted on the internet. Make sure you know the most important aspect that will determine whether or not you’ll accept the exam you take. This is why you’ll need to scroll down for all the details.

NUST NET 3 Result 2024

Results of the NET 2024 (series 1) test, conducted on December 28, 2024, can now be found on this website. If you click on the check button below, you’ll be able to see the final result. You can now see the results of the NET 2024 exam (series 2), which was held between the 10th and the 12th of March 2024. From December 28, 21st through the 9th of January, 2024, participants took part in this NET 2024 (series 1) test.

NUST NET 2 Result 2024

The NUST University administration NUST University have released their NUST entry Test 2 Results 2024 and the NUST Entry Test NET 2 Result 2024. Both tests were conducted at The National University of Science and Technology. Participants who took both the Test and passed the Test can view their results. To view the results, visit the following screen, click it, and then type in your Roll Number and the Captcha that appears.

NET 1 Result 2024

It is now possible to view the results from the NET 2024 (series 1) test, which was conducted on December 28, 2024, can now be found on the official website. Clicking the check button below, you’ll see the net result. The NET 2024 (series 2) results, completed between the 10th and March 12 of 2024, are now available to download. From December 28 to January 09, 2024, participants took part in the initial series of NET 2024 series.

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NUST Merit Calculator 2024

Following the timetable, the computer-based test result will be released after 24 hours. For tests that require paper, The results will be released within seven days. Keep in touch with to verify your score as soon as you can.

NUST Admission Merit List 2024 Probability Calculator

You can check NUST Admission Merit List 2024 online and calculate your total and merit to be considered for admission into engineering courses of NUST as well as all its consulting colleges like SEECS, SMME, CEME, CAE, and MCS.

What can I do to check the NUST Admission Merit List 2024?

How can I access the merit list of NUST?

Here are the results from the NUST 1 and 2 3. Entry Tests were held in 2024 to determine merit lists for admission into different undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

  • Enter your confirmation number for NUST.
  • To view results, click on Search.
  • A merits list is expected to be released within one to two weeks.
NET 2024 Test Schedule
Islamabad Karachi & Quetta
Series – 1 15 – 29 Jan 2024
Series – 2 06 – 18 Mar 2024 20 – 21 Mar 2024
Series – 3 16 June 2024 onwards 09 Aug 2024 onwards
Series – 4 27 July 2024 onwards

NUST Admission Merit List 2024 FOR Engineering

The merit list for the first time in engineering will be announced at the beginning of October. NUST Merit List, NET 2, NET 3 Entry Test Result. Enter your Roll Number/Fee invoice No and click Search to display the result. The complete NUST Entry Test Results 2024 for NET-1, the NET-2, NET-1, and NET-3 are now available. NUST Merit List 2024 has been released.

NUST Admission Merit List 2024 NET Result Check Online

  • If applicants make the NUST Admission Merit List 2024, then university management will officially call the students for an interview. The merit list for 2024 NUST students seeking admission to morning and undergraduate classes in the evening is available here.

NUST Merit List 2024 Engineering

The NUST Admission Merit List 2024 is expected to be released within about one to two weeks, which is more than seven days in advance at the bare minimum. The merit list is final and has been made available on the NUST website,, for the convenience of all interested in viewing it. Our website has uploaded the complete undergraduate Merit (NET and SAT) foundations of the programs (other than Applied Biosciences), which are accessible. The result is that the NUST University Entrance Exam for 2024 is now available. When available, keep checking this site for updates on your NUST Admission Merit List 2024.

What is NUST’s merit-based position?

The results online will be announced within 24 hours, while the effects on paper will be released within seven days, based on the timeframe set. In the meantime, check this page to check how you did. This year’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Entry Test Result 2024 was released on help. Pk. Candidates can verify their scores through their roll number or by entering their name and first initial.

What is the date of the last session of NUST?

Candidates can view their scores using their roll numbers or entering their first and last names. It is the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Islamabad also has campuses in Rawalpindi, Risalpur, and Karachi. Scholarships, fee exemptions, and deferred payments are various kinds of financial aid and incentives the University provides to gifted and in-need students.

NUST Aggregate Calculator

Thus, our website offers the NUST Admission Merit List 2024 for the Spring and Fall NET-II and NET-III, as well as the results for the entry Test (Series 4) in 2024. The Merit Criteria will be used for admission and an example Test promptly.

How many marks must be scored on the internet for NUST Admission Merit List 2024?

  • A minimum of 60% marks are required on the net to be able to enter NUST
  • NUST PG Merit List 2024
  • NUST MS Merit List 2024
  • The NUST merit list for postgraduate students in 2024 is not yet available.

NUST Entry Test Syllabus

NUST strives to provide the best education in science and technology across various areas of human life. After passing the two tests, registration for NET-3 starts in April. The test will take place in June and July. So, before taking the test take a test, you should need to register to take the test.

NUST Entry Test Past Paper

It is crucial to remember that the results of NET 2024 (series 1.), which were conducted on December 28, 2024, were released. The results of your exam by with your roll number or your name. The registration process for NET-2 begins in February. The test will begin on March 14 and continue until the 14th day of April.

NUST Contact Information

  • Address: National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Sector H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Telephone: +92-51-90856878
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

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