New Petrol Prices in Pakistan From 01 March 2024

In Pakistan, effective from 01 March 2024, the new petrol and diesel prices are PKR 275.62 and PKR 287.33 per liter, respectively, marking an increase of PKR 2.73 for petrol and PKR 8.37 for diesel. Despite global reductions in crude oil prices and favorable exchange rates, which suggested potential decreases in fuel costs, substantial reductions seem unlikely in the upcoming review. The adjusted prices are set to remain in effect until 29 February 2024, with citizens, burdened by inflation and high fuel costs, anticipating the next price update.

Latest Petrol Prices in Pakistan

POLs Price
Petrol 275.62
Diesel 287.33
Increased by 8.37 rupees per litre

Petrol Prices in Pakistan from 1st March 2024

As of March 01, 2024, the updated petrol cost in Pakistan has reached PKR 275.62. Anticipations are high for the upcoming biweekly review, which is predicted to make a crucial declaration regarding the petrol pricing trajectory for the year. Amidst soaring inflation rates, a significant portion of the populace is advocating for reduced petrol and diesel rates, particularly following a prolonged period of prices persistently exceeding PKR 260 per litre. Nonetheless, recent developments suggest that prospects for a major double-digit price cut in the impending assessment appear slim.

New Petrol Prices in Pakistan

Today Petrol Prices

The latest update, there has been a significant uptick in fuel costs. Petrol has seen a rise of Rs 2.73, reaching a new price point of Rs 275.62 per liter, while High-Speed Diesel (HSD) has witnessed an even steeper increment of Rs 8.37, escalating to a price of Rs 287.33 per liter. These revised pricing structures for petrol and HSD have gone into effect on, the 1st march 2024, and are set to remain in place through the conclusion of the month in Pakistan.

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