IST Islamabad Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd for Undergraduate

The Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad has released the IST Islamabad Merit List 2023. Here you may find the first and subsequent merit lists released by IST. According to the IST timetable, National Testing Service has administered IST admission exams. On the official IST website,, you can see the NAT IST Islamabad Merit List 2023. Please visit the specified website before the deadline for submitting the IST fee. The IST has published the first, second, and third merit lists of the candidates who were chosen for the BS, MS, MPhil, and PhD programs online at Otsresult. pk. The merit lists for all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs are available for download on this website.

IST Merit List 2023 Download PDF

You may get your final merit lists for IST undergraduate and graduate admissions from this page. Results of the IST admission test and merit lists are often announced simultaneously. To learn more about the IST admission timetable, IST cost structure, IST admission deadline, and IST merit lists, keep checking our website often. By inputting their Roll No., both genders—men and women—can obtain the IST merit list for their respective programmes. On this website, you may download the morning and evening IST merit lists for 2023.

IST Islamabad 1st Merit List 2023 Undergraduate

Undoubtedly, the most eagerly anticipated news for all aspiring students is the release of the IST Islamabad’s first merit list for undergraduate programmes in 2023. The names of the fortunate applicants who were admitted in the first round will be revealed on this list. The accuracy and integrity of the list have long been valued, making it a trustworthy source of data for the candidates.

IST Merit Calculator for Engineering

IST activates an auto merit calculation to verify probationary admission. You may verify your grades and determine the likelihood of acceptance with this calculator. In Islamabad, Pakistan, there is a reputable public university called the Institute of Space Technology. The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission has been in charge of the IST’s operations.

IST Islamabad Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd

The first, second, and third rounds of the IST (Institute of Space Technology) Islamabad Merit List 2023 capture the spirit of academic achievement and competitiveness. These merit lists are the result of the careful evaluation procedure used by the university, highlighting the best applicants who have merited their places by their commitment and effort. The lists mark the beginning of an enriching journey within the esteemed academic community of IST as well as the realization of ambitions for the successful applicants. As the names are announced, the merit lists take on the significance of a symbol of success, promoting a sense of pride among the chosen students and serving as motivation for others hoping to one day join their ranks.

IST Islamabad Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd for Graduate IST Islamabad Merit List 2023 Merit list 2023

Students who have applied to this prominent university are anticipating the 2023 Merit list with great interest. The eagerness for the announcement of the merit list increases as the academic year draws to a conclusion. Aspirants should take note of this list since it will determine who gets the chance to study at this prestigious college. This essay will examine the significance of the Merit list 2023, the elements that go into its creation, and the feelings that students will be feeling at this critical moment.

IST Merit Criteria 2023

Knowing the IST Merit Criteria 2023 is essential for determining your admissions prospects. The selection criteria normally include a mix of your academic standing, results on the admissions exam, and occasionally an interview. Make sure to carefully research the prerequisites for your chosen subject of study as each programme may have somewhat different ones. This standard preserves the institution’s reputation while simultaneously fostering the growth of a vibrant and varied student community.

Institute of Space Technology Entry Test Schedule 2023

The Institute of Space Technology Entry Test Schedule 2023 provides a step-by-step guide for potential candidates hoping to enter the renowned ranks of the university. This plan offers structure and clarity with clearly defined dates and processes, enabling candidates to confidently traverse the sometimes difficult process of taking admission tests. It’s a step-by-step manual that turns uncertainty into a surefire route to achieve

Last Date to apply September 07, 2023
First Merit list Display Date September 10, 2023
Commencement of Classes October 2023

IST Undergraduate Admission System

The undergraduate admissions process at the IST (Institute of Space Technology) plays a crucial part in determining how prospective students will progress academically. The most brilliant brains are given the chance to join the esteemed ranks of IST thanks to this rigorous procedure. The Undergraduate Admission System is intended to evaluate applicants’ potential, zeal, and fit for the range of programmes the school offers in addition to their academic prowess. It allows students to enter the cutting-edge research, innovation, and exploration environment for which IST is known.

IST closing Merit List

The IST (Institute of Space Technology) Closing Merit List 2023 represents the institution’s pursuit of excellence as well as its goals and accomplishments. This painstakingly compiled list comprises the applicants who have been ultimately chosen and who have satisfied the strict academic requirements and other standards established by IST. The Closing Merit List provides the successful applicants with exhilaration and a sense of accomplishment as anticipation grows throughout the admissions process. It serves as a testament to their diligence and marks their entrance into the vibrant academic community that IST provides.

IST Contact Information:

Address: 1, Islamabad Highway, Islamabad 44000

Phone: +92-51-9075100
Phone: +92-51-9273310
Email: [email protected]


Can I check the merit lists online?

Yes, the merit lists are often published on the IST website. By inputting their application information or roll number from the application procedure, applicants can check their status.

What if my name is not on the 1st merit list? Can I still be considered?

Yes, provided they match the requirements for later rounds, candidates who do not make it to the first merit list may still have a shot. Based on the availability of seats and their merit rank, they are automatically taken into account for the second and third merit lists.

How many merit lists will be released for the IST Islamabad admissions?

For both graduate and undergraduate programmes, IST normally publishes three merit lists—1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds—showcasing the progressively successful applicants in accordance with the available seats.

How can I check my merit status?

By entering into your online application account on the IST website, you may view your merit status. Additionally, you will get an or SMS notification if you are provisionally selected.

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