FESCO Bill Check Online 2023

NEPRA partners with Faisalabad Electric Supply. Pakistani power distributor FESCO is well-known. Millions of home and business customers look for FESCO Bill Check Online 2023. All FESCO clients receive bills online. Many FESCO customers receive bills late. This shouldn’t bother them. Enter the reference number and click search. Print your FESCO bill after downloading it. Your FESCO bill includes your name, bill amount, consumed units, payable amount, taxes, and deposit due date. Due to significant technological advancement, FESCO now shows electricity customers their bills online. Check your home electricity bills on time to schedule your expenses for customer convenience.

FESCO Bill Reference Number

It is the FESCO Bill Reference Number is the most important identification number on your electricity bill. The unique number is assigned to every bill and acts as an access point to keep track of your payment history. When you make online payments or contact your account regarding the amount of your bills, you’ll typically be asked to provide the reference number to ensure that the payment is properly transferred to your credit card. It’s crucial to keep this number safe and easily accessible since it simplifies the payment process and allows you to keep precise reports of your electricity use and transactions with FESCO.

FESCO Bill Check Online 2023

FESCO Bill Check Online 2023

FESCO Bill SMS Service

It is the FESCO Bill SMS Services is a simple and effective way to keep customers informed on their electric bills. If you subscribe the service you’ll be receiving timely SMS notifications that include vital information regarding your bill, including the amount of the bill and due date as well as other important information from FESCO. This service makes sure that you do not forget a payment deadline and lets you plan your budget efficiently. With a simple text it is possible to view your account information anytime, which makes it an essential instrument to keep track of your energy bills and for ensuring a smooth transaction using FESCO.

up to 100 units 13.74
101-200 units 17.06
 201-300 units 35.15
301-700 units 45.55
More than 700 units 55.65


Check Online FESCO Bills 

FESCO Online Bills Check is a user-friendly function that allows customers to easily control and monitor their electric bills. With just a few clicks you can check your bills from the past and present and view the detailed usage data and track your payments history at the convenience of your laptop or smartphone. The online platform offers accessibility and transparency and lets you verify the accuracy of your bills, plan your finances better and make sure your electric bills are current.

How to Check My FESCO reference number?

To find your FESCO reference number, you can follow these steps:

  • Check the bottom left corner of your FESCO bill. The reference number is a 14-digit number that should be printed there.
  • If you don’t have a physical copy of your bill, you can still find your reference number online. Go to the FESCO website or any other authorized website that provides online bill services.
  • Enter your consumer ID or account number to access your bill. You should be able to find your reference number on the bill itself or in your account information
  • If you are still unable to find your reference number, you can call the FESCO helpline or visit the nearest office for assistance

Once you have your reference number, you can use it to check your FESCO bill online or download a copy of your bill

FESCO Contact Numbers

Address: WAPDA House, Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Tel: 99202666

Fax: 99202047, 042-202048

Email: [email protected]

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