FBISE Improvement Form 2024 For SSC And HSSC

Welcome to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) Improvement Form for the year 2024. This form has been specifically designed for students who wish to enhance their academic achievements in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examinations. By reappearing in select subjects, individuals have the invaluable opportunity to improve their grades and elevate their academic standing. The recent announcement from the Federal board highlights the revisions made to the exam improvement policy for the SSC and HSSC. This policy will be implemented for students appearing in the initial annual examinations of 2024.

The updated policy allows students to enhance their understanding and knowledge by availing multiple opportunities over a span of four years. Under this policy, students are granted a four-year window to improve their scores in any subject or section of the school curriculum. Even students who have already completed the exam can take advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore, students who were unable to pass the SSC/HSSC exam in the previous year but are still within their four-year study period are eligible to retake the exam and enhance their scores.

The Federal board clarified the students doubts about the marks in the subject. FBISE declared that the Board will review grades of students who did not score or were absent in the exams for improvement.

FBISE Improvement Form 2024 For SSC And HSSC

FBISE Improvement Form 2024

FBISE Admission Form For Improvement Online 2024

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1. HSSC 1 Improvement Form Download
2. HSSC 2 Improvement Form Download
3. SSC 1 Improvement Form Download
4. SSC 2 Improvement Form Download

FBISE Improvement Form 2024 Last Date

the FBISE has issued notifications regarding the submission of online admission forms for SSC 1st Annual Exam 2024. These exams are expected to start on March 21, 2024. The last date for submitting the online admission form with the normal fee is January 8, 2024, and with the double fee is January 18, 2024. You can find the admission form on the FBISE website, and the fee should be paid using the system-generated bank challan. It is recommended to visit the official FBISE website for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the improvement form and related details.

FBISE Improvement Rules

  1. A candidate who has already passed the SSC-II or HSSC-II Examination (annual/supplementary) shall be given one opportunity to reappear for improvement of grade/marks.
  2. Candidates will be given a year to complete the SSC/HSSC test before they can take any higher examination conducted by the Board of University.
  3. A brand new FBISE test result certificate can be given to the candidate who has succeeded in improving their mark/grade.
  4. Candidates who want to improve their marks in HSSC and SSC examinations are able to reappear in two subjects or papers, Part-I, Part-II, or both the examinations within a year following the passing of the examination.

Re-Checking Answer Book Fees

A prescribed fee (non-refundable) for improving grades/marks is required to be eligible for consideration.

Fees Type Pakistan Aboards
Re-Checking Answer Books Rs. 630/- (Per Paper) $ 20 (Per Paper)

Improvement Form

If the Board rejects the admission form of a candidate (You can download it from www.fbise.edu.pk).

  • The form isn’t correctly filled out, or the required information is missing.
  • The form and the required fee are not submitted within the time limit to Board;
  • The candidate fails to resolve objections following the rules within the time specified.
  • The candidate does not meet the requirements for eligibility for the Examination.
  • The same has not been submitted by the due date, even though the fee was paid on time.

FBISE Improvement Goal 2024

The FBISE Improvement result 2024 is published after the office of the Board does the rechecking. You can check the federal Board improvement result either by name or roll. To see your results, follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the FBISE Official Site: www.fbise.edu.pk.
  • Click on FBISE Improvement Results.
  • Third, now select your examination name (SSC 1, SSC 2, HSSC 1, HSSC 2 )
  • Fourth, now enter your name and roll number.
  • Click on the submit button.

FBISE Improvement of Marks/Grade Fees

Bank Online Challan in any Branch of HBL. (In Pakistan)

In Pakistan In abroad
  • HSSC 1: Rs. 1500
  • HSSC 2: Rs. 1500
  • Both: Rs. 3000
  • HSSC 1: US$ 125/-
  • HSSC 2: US $ 125/-
  • Both: US $ 225/-

Instructions for improving grades/marks

(i) Attach a photocopy of the result card attested to the admission form.
(iii) Only one chance/chance to improve your grade/marks can be made within a year of passing the SSC/HSSC Part ll Examination.
(iii). Candidates who wish to improve their marks in the SSC/HSSC Examinations may appear in any subjects they choose, or in SSC/HSSC I/HSSC I or SSC/II/HSSC II, or both of the examinations in the current course.

Supplementary Examination

A Supplementary Examination will be conducted after the Annual Examination results are announced but before the subsequent Annual Examination.

Supplementary Examinations are open to:

  • All compartmental candidates for SSC-II/HSSC-II Annual Examinations.
  • All candidates of SSC/HSSC-II who were given Roll Numbers in the Annual Examination but could not attend for any reason and remained absent from all papers.
  • All candidates who wish to improve their grades/marks.
    Instructions for improving grades/marks
  • Attach a photocopy of the result card attested to the admission form.
  • Only one chance/chance to improve your grade/marks can be made within a year of passing the SSC/HSSC Part ll Examination.

Candidates who wish to improve their marks in the SSC/HSSC Examinations may appear in any subjects they choose or in SSC/HSSC/II/HSSC/II or both of the sections/entire examinations in the current course.

FBISE Improvement Policy 2024 Exam Form

The notifications and documents available primarily focus on the schedule and process for submitting online admission forms and examination fees for the SSC 1st Annual Exam 2024, which will start on March 21, 2024. These notifications provide information on the deadlines for submitting online admission forms with normal and double fees, as well as the necessary procedures for candidates, including private candidates, non-registered candidates, and those looking to improve their grades or marks. To obtain specific information about the FBISE Improvement Policy for the 2024 exam form, it is recommended to directly visit the official website of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) or contact the board for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

FBISE improvement form online

The warning stated that exact imprints of the up-and-coming student in each subject they appeared in would be displayed, but to those with compartments in any number of subjects/missing good grades, 33% will not be granted. According to the warning, grades ninth and eleventh will be granted depending on their respective grades.

For FBISE Improvement Online Formula 2024

The registration fee for the 2024 FBISE improvement exam is 1500 Rupees. This exam is only for students who want to improve their grades and marks. Candidates can choose to take either a theory exam or a particle exam. To ensure they do well on all exams, students can reappear in up to two papers at the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education.

How to apply for improvement exams

  • Students who wish to apply for Improvement Exams should do so in writing using the official form from the Student Registry. This must be done before Friday, Week 3, at 4 pm. The Examination Schools should receive the completed form.
  • Students will receive an e-mail notification of their results. Successful students will be notified by e-mail of their results. They will also receive an amendment to the student record and a Certificate Latin attesting to their improvement.
  • After graduation, you can’t take Improvement Exams in Michaelmas Term.
  • By completing the application form, the candidate must indicate which subjects they would like to take for improvement exams. The application form can be obtained at the Examinations Division’s office (Room B207).
  • Please complete the application form and attach a copy of your results slip. A letter from the Dean of The Department is also required.
  • Before the deadline, submit the completed application form, a copy of the results slip, and a letter of recommendation from the Dean of your Department.


Students who fail no more than one subject and whose failure is not attributable to any disciplinary action.

Step 1 – Fill out the Application Form

Download the admission form first Here. This is important as the improvement won’t be accepted according to the instructions for improvement in Step 5.

Step 2: Print it out and fill it in.

You will need to print it and fill it with a ball pen. These are some of the things that could cause you problems.

Status: You’re an improvement student so you will choose Ex.

Challan No – It will be explained in Step 3.

The previous year (HSSC-II). Year: You must choose the year you took the exam. You could write 17 if you took the most recent exam in 2017.

Proposed Centre and Code: The centre you wish to take the exam in is the proposed centre. It is a good place to start if you don’t know the code for the centre you are interested in.

Step 3 – Generating Challan Forms

Your form won’t be accepted if it doesn’t have a challan. As I have explained below, it is crucial to create and fill out the challan form. Remember to include the fees I have listed above for dates. Click Generate Challan form. To generate a challan, go here.

Step 4 – Deposit to any HBL branch

You will now need to visit any HBL Branch to deposit your money. They will only need the money and the challan forms.

Step 5: Download and fill out the Improvement Form

You will now need to download the improvement template, which you can find here. Once you have downloaded it, print it and complete it.

Step 6 – Send the FBISE Office your documents

The final step is to send the following documents directly to the FBISE office. Attach the following:

  • Print a copy of your result card. To do this, visit here, enter your Roll Number, and then print it.
  • Copy of the Bank Challan Form, as shown in Step 4.
  • Step 2: The admission form I completed
  • Step 5: The improvement form I completed

After completing all the steps and taking photos according to the instructions in the improvement form, you can send them here via TCS/Leopard.

Contact Number and Address

Contact Number: (051) 9269555 – 559

Address: Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, PAKISTAN. P.O. BOX NO. (1365)

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: www.fbise.edu.pk

Call the FBISE office at 051-9269555 between 9 am and 5 pm.

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