Islamabad is home to the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, which serves the educational needs of pupils living in the city proper and its cantonments. In 1979, the board was founded to oversee secondary and intermediate education in Pakistan and elsewhere. Check your 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade FBISE Federal Board Result 2023 by Roll Number or Name on You may get the FBISE matric and inter results, as well as the list of exam takers and their positions, in PDF form from this page. Here you may find the BISE Federal Board, Matric, and IFSE Results 2023.

HSSC-II 2nd Annual Result 2023 For FBISE

Board Bise Federal
Standard 12th Class
Year 2023
Examination Category 2nd Annual
Exams Date 27th October, 2023
Result Date Dec 5, 2023
Total Marks In Result 1100
Methods to check result By name, by roll number, by Sms, through Gazette

FBISE HSSC 2 Result 2023

After conducting their Annual Examination in March, the Federal Board has indicated that they would announce the results of the HSSC Part 2 Annual Examination on or around December 5th, 2023. The Official HSSC Results Release Date has Not Yet Been Announced. Federal Board insiders say an announcement is forthcoming. Please check back here frequently for the latest information on the release of the Fbise HSSC Part 2 12th Class Result 2023. If there are any changes to the date on which the results of the annual examination will be announced for the session 2023, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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Federal Board Result 2023 By Roll Number

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Islamabad (FBISE) has released the results for the second semester of the school year for students who took the tenth grade (SSC, Matric, You may look up information such as a student’s ID, name, father’s name, grade level, and class online. Results from your classes and examinations may be found here. The students who took the 2023 BISE Federal Exam. Important information and decisions from the annual and special Fbise Federal Council meetings for the current year are posted here. Please take note that the 9th class of 2023 results has been posted online.

BISE Federal Board Result Search by Name 2023

Put your final touches on your entry and hit the send button. Then, your whole score and ranking will be shown. The results of the 2023 SSC Part Two Annual Examination will be released on Wednesday, August 3. The results of the SSC examination administered by the Islamabad Federal Council (Annual) will be released. When will the FBISE Islamabad Class of 2018 Results be Made Public?

How To Check FBISE HSSC Result 2023

The United States Department of Education makes it simple for students to see their grades. Results are posted on the federal board of education’s website. We encourage all students to visit FBISE’s official website on the day of the release to view their results. Students may choose either the “check result by the name” or “check result by roll number” option provided by the board of education. On the other hand, there is yet another choice. As an alternative, you might use an SMS check. Officials from the federal boards produce a code, which students may use to acquire their score by texting their roll number to the code. Students who have trouble accessing their FBISE result 2023 HSSC 2 can get in touch with the federal board of education.

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Federal Board Result 2023 by SMS

The national board matriculation exam results may be seen quickly and easily by short message service (SMS). Sending a short message service (SMS) directly to federal boards is straightforward, and you’ll receive a response in a matter of minutes. Text your roll number to 5050 with “FB” and “FB” following it. The FBISE board number to use for verifying 2023 matriculation results is 5050. Result 2023 by Name HSSC 2

You may use this link to look for your Federal Board FBISE HSSC 1 Result 2023 for 11th Class and HSSC part 2 12 Class results online at There is a question lingering in your head, I know. When will the FBISE Class 11 Result 2023 be released? The 11th-grade results for 2023 will be released by the FBISE Federal Board on Monday, September 5th.

This article details the most recent information on the 2023 Federal Board Result Holders and FBISE Position Holders. Find the 2023 results at The fbise Online Result for the 9th Grade has been released. Name-by-name Federal Board Result 2023. result 2023 gazette

Download the Fbise SSC 2 Gazette in PDF format for the 2023 results at Fbise SSC 2 Result 2023 Announced. It was in May and June of 2023 that the Federal Board administered the first SSC Part II yearly examinations. The 10th Grade Result Gazette 2023 for the Federal Board (FBISE) may be seen here. The PDF is available for download below; it will contain your name and your results.

BISE Federal Board Position Holders 2023

وفاقی تعلیمی بورڈ نے میڑک کے سالانہ امتحانات برائے سال 2021-22کے نتائج کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ کنٹرولر امتحانات کی طرف سے جاری اعداد وشمار کے مطابق کل حاظر 111445طلبہ طالبات میں سے 86.58کی اوسط سے 95819امیدواران پاس جبکہ 14793امیدواران کو فیل قرار پائے ہیں ۔جاری نتائج کے مطابق سائنس گروپ میں آرمی پبلک سکول ہمایوں روڈکی مریم خان 1096نمبر لیکر پہلے ،آرمی پبلک سکول ای ایم ای کالج کی فاطمہ بنت اسد اور جوائنٹ سٹاف پبلک سکول کی ماہ نور علی 1095نمبر لیکر دوسرے جبکہ آرمی پبلک سکول کی ہی عابیہ رفیق1094نمبر کے ساتھ تیسری پوزیشن پر رہیں

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