Apple to Release 118 New Emojis for iPhone Users

Apple is set to enhance its emoji repertoire by releasing 118 new options for iPhone users with the iOS 17.4 update, anticipated to roll out in March or April 2024. The upcoming additions include diverse and inclusive symbols like a lime, phoenix, brown mushroom, broken chain, and gender-neutral family representations, as well as two distinct head-shaking emojis. Existing emojis are not left behind, as some will receive updates in color and orientation, providing a refreshed way for users to express emotions and experiences through their messages.

Apple to Release 118 New Emojis for iPhone Users

Highlights of the Emoji Explosion:

  • Six Brand New Concepts: Say goodbye to generic descriptions and hello to specific visual cues! A fiery phoenix rising from the ashes, a refreshing lime slice, a humble brown mushroom, and even a broken chain join the emoji party, adding depth and nuance to your messages.
  • Head Shaking FTW: Ever been stuck between “yes” and “no”? No more! Two new head-shaking emojis, one horizontal and one vertical, perfectly capture the feeling of hesitant agreement or polite disagreement.
  • More Inclusive Families: Apple is embracing diversity with four new gender-neutral family emojis, allowing everyone to represent their loved ones accurately and authentically.
  • Direction Matters: Get ready to walk, run, kneel, and wheel your way through conversations with over 100 new direction-specific people emojis. These inclusive additions come in various skin tones and genders, representing the beautiful tapestry of humanity.

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Beyond the Hype:

While the new emojis are undoubtedly exciting, it’s important to remember that their actual release on your iPhone depends on the iOS 17.4 update rollout. Be patient, fellow emoji lovers, and the wait will be worth it. This update not only expands your expressive range but also reflects Apple’s commitment to inclusivity and representation. From mystical creatures to everyday objects, the new emojis cater to a wider range of emotions and experiences, making digital communication more personal and meaningful.

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