5 Best Reasons to Study Abroad in Saudi Arabia

The nation of Saudi Arabia, also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is home to one of the higher education institutions that is both one of the most outstanding and one of the fastest developing in all of the Middle East. As a result, the fact that universities and colleges in Saudi Arabia attract the enrollment of thousands of students from other countries each year should not come as much of a surprise. Continue reading for our list of the top seven reasons to consider attending university in Saudi Arabia if you are looking for something entirely different. Not the least of these is the fact that Saudi Arabian institutions have a very strong representation in the most recent edition of the QS University Rankings: Arab Region. This is not the case for all Arab universities, but it is the case for Saudi Arabian universities.

5 Best Reasons to Study Abroad in Saudi Arabia

5 Best Reasons to Study Abroad in Saudi Arabia

Affordable Cost Of Living

The relatively low cost of living in Saudi Arabia is one of the most notable benefits associated with studying in that country. When compared to many countries in the West, the Kingdom provides a lifestyle that is easier on the wallet while maintaining the same level of quality. Students are able to get more out of their money because the costs of living, including lodging, transportation, and daily expenses, are significantly reduced. The low cost of living in Saudi Arabia not only relieves the financial strain that is placed on international students but also gives them the opportunity to travel throughout the country and take advantage of the one-of-a-kind opportunities that are available.

Boost Your Resume

Choosing to pursue your education in Saudi Arabia is not only going to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for personal growth and development, but it is also going to be an impressive addition to your resume. Employers increasingly prize applicants who have foreign experience and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations because of the competitive nature of the modern employment market. Your choice to pursue further education in Saudi Arabia exemplifies your openness to go outside of your comfort zone, adjusting to new cultural norms, and thriving in an international environment. This experience has the potential to differentiate you from other people who are applying for jobs and to make your resume more appealing to potential employers.

Save money

Studying in Saudi Arabia is not only an excellent academic choice, but also a financially astute one. In comparison to many Western nations, the cost of living in Saudi Arabia is far cheaper. Students can save a significant amount of money by choosing cost-effective housing and maintaining a low daily budget. Because of this financial boon, you may put your money towards other endeavors, such as exploring the area, making connections, or advancing your education. An urban studio apartment will set you back approximately $400 per month, a gallon of petrol will run you about $0.16 and a cappuccino would set you back about $2.57.

Cost of Living Affordable

People from other countries want to study in Saudi Arabia because it has a low cost of living and offers top-notch education. When compared to many Western countries, Saudi Arabia has a very low cost of living. Housing, transportation, and daily costs are generally smaller, which makes it easier for students to handle their money. This low cost makes studying abroad a better experience overall, so you can enjoy your time in Saudi Arabia without worrying about money.

Opportunities to stay and work in Saudi Arabia

Studying in Saudi Arabia presents a multitude of advantages beyond a mere provision of high-quality education. It serves as a gateway to prospective employment prospects and professional growth within the Kingdom. Numerous universities in Saudi Arabia extend their support to international students by offering valuable resources and networking platforms, facilitating connections with local enterprises and industries. This not only enhances the academic journey but also paves the way for potential job offers and internship prospects. Furthermore, the Kingdom has been diligently endeavoring to allure and retain international talent, thereby rendering it more feasible for graduates to pursue their careers in Saudi Arabia.

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How to apply Study in Saudi Arabia

If you are interested in studying in Saudi Arabia, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Research universities: Look for universities in Saudi Arabia that offer the program you are interested in.
  2. Check entry requirements: Check the entry requirements for the university you are interested in. Entry requirements will vary depending on the institution. Contact the institution to know in detail about the admission process. Generally, the documents asked are:
  • Filled-in online application form
  • Proof of paying the application fee (if applicable)
  • High school diploma (to apply for undergraduate programs)
  • Bachelor’s degree (to apply for graduate programs)
  • GRE scores (sometimes required)
  • TOEFL scores (sometimes required)
  • Letters of recommendation (sometimes required)
  1. Apply: Apply directly to the higher education institution of your choice. All the documents must be authorized by the Saudi officials or Saudi Arabia embassy in your home country.
  2. Student visa: International students who wish to study abroad in Saudi Arabia will need a study visa before being allowed to enter the country. To receive a Saudi Arabia Student Visa, you must first get accepted in an educational institution in Saudi Arabia. Apply through Reapply and secure a vacancy in any of the universities of your choice, then proceed with the application.
  3. Certification: If you are planning to pursue further study in Saudi Arabia, you will likely have to get your prior education certified. This might take the form of getting it notarized in your home country or getting it authenticated by the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission. Check with your institution to see what they require, as well as what the visa application requires.
  4. Costs: Saudi Arabia is home to some of the world’s largest cities, but it is also home to some of the cheapest universities in the world. Upon graduating from accredited Saudi universities, you will receive the appropriate internationally recognized qualification; be it a Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Ph.D. Check with each university to see what they offer.
  5. Scholarships: The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers scholarships every academic year to outstanding students from various countries of the world. This comes in line with the growing attention and reinforce given by the kingdom to the dissemination of knowledge and scientific research, as part of its multiple contributions to scientific and cultural communication world widely, in foster of the advancement of human civilization.

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