UMT Scholarship 2024 Policy

UMT scholarship offers the best students to the varsity. University of Management and Technology (UMT)scholarship announced by Dr. Hassan Murad. 100 Million rupees scholarships will be awarded to the students. Dr. Hassan Murad Scholarship aims to make higher education accessible for all and focuses on supporting the education of deserving students.

UMT Scholarship 2024 Policy

UMT Scholarship 2024

Alumni Policy

This speaks to the importance UMT places on its alumni while upholding and promoting the fundamental values of the university. Alumni are required to pay only an amount of Rs. 5000 as admission fees and Rs. 5000 as library fees at the moment of admission.

Sr. No Percentage Marks in Intermediate Scholarship
1 Position Holders 100%
2 95% and above 75%
3 90% to 94.99% 60%
4 85% to 89.99% 50%
5 80% to 84.99% 40%
6 75% to 79.99% 30%
7 70% to 74.99% 15%


Sr. No Percentage Marks in Intermediate Scholarship
1 Position Holders 100%
2 95% and above 75%
3 90% to 94.99% 60%
4 85% to 89.99% 45%
5 80% to 84.99% 30%
6 75% to 79.99% 15%

Alumni Policy on Admission to undergraduate programs of 4 years by way of 2-Year degree programs, except for ADP

Alumni who complete two-year degree programs are eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition fees if they earned a CGPA that is 3.00 or higher. Alumni Policy on Admission to MS or MPhil programs based on the requirement of a 2-year and 4-year degree.

Khurram Murad Scholarship

These scholarships honor a great writer whose speeches and writings have been a source of inspiration for thousands of young people and women across the globe. These UMT scholarship is granted to outstanding foreign participants. They receive 50 waived tuition fees for two students within a semester. They must have international citizenship and meet the criteria of UMT scholarship 2024.

Learning Investment

The Labour department is responsible for the payment of all costs of PWWB students. It pays on behalf of students for tuition fees, admission fees, transportation fees, hostel/messing costs, registration fees, exam fees, library fees, lab fees, computer fees, and many more.

UMT Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria

The UMT scholarship is awarded to children of the workers who are workers, as per the achievement of the following criteria:

  • An individual is qualified to work as an employee of the labor department and must satisfy the requirements of a worker.
  • The worker must possess an authentic social security card.
  • A company will be considered a manufacturing facility if it meets the definition of factories as defined in the Workers Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971 or Companies’ Profit Workers Participation Act 1968. Establishments have to be registered under the Factories Act 1934.
  • The miner/worker or the child seeking admission shouldn’t be involved in any illegal activity or criminal or legal.

Documents Required for UMT Scholarship

The applicants must provide the following documents with their scholarship application form when they apply for UMT Scholarship.

  • Copy of the worker’s CNIC
  • A copy of the miner’s Social security card/ Old age benefit card
  • Copy of miner’s Factory Cardor employee card
  • Copy of miner’s Appointment Letter
  • A factory Registration Certificate under the Factories Act of 1934.
  • Copy of CNICor Familie Registration Certificate given from NADRA of the student who is interested in studying
  • Miner’s Service Certificate or Worker’s Certificate and a document confirming the moral behavior
  • Domicile of the person who is applying for admission
  • Academic records include marks sheets, degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.

The candidate needs to make an affidavit stating the amount of Rs. 50. Stamp Paper stating that if the student stops their education, then they must pay all educational expenses in full to Labour Department.

Download Form: Punjab Workers Welfare Board Scholarship

UMT Scholarship Continuation

TheUMT scholarship is available for a maximum period of 8 semesters or the entire length of the student’s degree program. If students repeat the same semester or course in the future, they must pay the dues following UMT rules and rules and regulations.

Dr. Hassan Murad Scholarship Seats

  • Total Seats: 160
  • Electrical Engineering: 80 Seats
  • Civil Engineering: 20 Seats
  • Mechanical Engineering: 30 Seats
  • Industrial Engineering: 30 Seats

Dr. Hassan Murad Scholarship is worth

  • Total Worth: 100 Million
  • Electrical Engineering: 50 Million
  • Civil Engineering: 15 Million
  • Mechanical Engineering: 20 Million
  • Industrial Engineering: 15 Million

Candidates from remote areas such as KP, Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab are invited to apply. Children of Shuhada, orphans, minorities, people with disabilities, and flood victims are given priority.

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