Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

The Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Apply Online Students who completed their SSC at a state school are eligible for the Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship. a promising future for pupils who are currently in need. A representative of Punjab has presented the Rehmatul lil Alameen Award for 2024. Don’t pass up this opportunity to make a difference in your children’s future by failing to apply for a grant today. Below are more guidelines for the Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024. Apply on-line.  Students must submit an online application through the Web Portal in order to be evaluated for Merit or Need-based Scholarships for their HSSC classes at Public Sector Institutions.

Imran Khan, the Pakistani prime minister, created the Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship to help worthy and gifted pupils from all over Pakistan with their financial needs. The study bears the moniker Rahmatul lil Alameen, which translates to “Mercy to All the Worlds,” after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 will be described in general terms in this piece, along with its application requirements, qualifying requirements, and benefits.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

It was recently announced that they intended to award the bursary to pupils who completed their matric and inter courses with the necessary education. We’ll change this honour to a wider degree as time goes on. Future graduate students may apply for grants, but for the time being, only HSSC or SSC pupils are eligible.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship For Intermediate Students

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 applications should be submitted online by SSC graduates from public sector schools. The Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 has an E site that has been established by the Punjab Higher Education Department. Additionally, you are ineligible if you own these 5 acres of farming property.

Rehmat lil Alameen Scholarship Criteria

How to Apply:

  • Press the icon to proceed.
  • You must now validate your CNIC or Form-B number in order to establish an account.
  • After getting the form, kindly enter your personal and academic information here.
  • Your next step is to enter the family’s revenue and expenditures.
  • the paper to the site for upload.
  • Fill out the questionnaire, then send it by the deadline.

Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship

Rehmat lil Alameen Scholarship For Undergraduate 2024

There are additional steps to submitting for the Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship after completing the application. Students first check their matriculation diploma and receive a 60% grade. Verification will be done of the student’s scores, personal information, payments, etc. Shortlisted applicants who meet the qualifications will be listed after that list of eligible students.

Overview of the Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship

The Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship seeks to assist students who are unable to continue higher education due to budgetary constraints. For the chosen students, the grant pays their fees, housing costs, and a monthly stipend. Both male and female students who have finished their intermediate education or a comparable programme and are registered in a four-year undergraduate programme at a state institution in Pakistan are eligible for the scholarship.

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Eligibility Criteria

The following requirements must be satisfied by the pupils in order to be qualified for the Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship:

Academic Qualification

  • The pupils must have earned a minimum of 60% on their intermediate or comparable final exam.
  • The applicants must have been accepted into a four-year undergraduate programme at a Pakistani state institution.
  • Financial Need The families from which the pupils originate must make less than PKR 45,000 per month.
  • The pupils must not be receiving any other financial aid or scholarships.
  • Extra criteria
  • The pupils must be citizens of Pakistan.
  • The pupils must be completely clean.

Application Process

The Rahmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 registration procedure is conducted completely online. The application form is available on the bursary programmes’ official website for prospective applicants to complete. Regarding their scholastic background, financial need, and personal information, candidates must provide precise and verifiable information.

  • The applicants must also submit the following documents:
  • scanned proof of an associate’s degree or comparable certification
  • scanned copy of the state university’s certificate of admission
  • scanned copies of the B-Form or CNIC
  • scanned copies of the father’s or guardian’s B-Form Income Certificate or CNIC from the Tehsildar or Union Council

The candidates will be shortlisted after sending their application materials and supporting documentation based on their scholastic standing, need for financial aid, and other factors. Interviews with the short-listed applicants will take place at the Higher Education Commission’s regional locations. (HEC).

Benefits of the Scholarship

The Rahmatul al Alameen Scholarship offers the following advantages to the chosen students:

  • Cancellation of all school fees
  • Expenses for lodging
  • PKR 6,000 in allowance each month
  • A PKR 5,000 annual book stipend

Depending on how well the student performs academically, the bursary will be given for the full undergraduate programme.

Rehmat lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Application Form

A 1 billion Rehmatul Lil Alameen bursary has been declared by the Punjab government for intermediate and undergraduate students. The Rehmatul Lil Alameen grant application site for 2021 is currently open. 10,851 pupils were given grants last year. 29,142 grants were offered this year.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship Program 2024

Although college scholarships are also offered, the bulk of these awards are designated for intermediate students. All 36 districts in Punjab have submitted countless petitions to the higher education department. The department of higher education in Punjab has extended the deadline in reaction to student replies to the scholarship programme.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Punjab

Last but not least, you will not be qualified for this programme if, as a third, you own one of these five Marla properties that is situated in an urban area. The 10% cap for offspring of government workers has been maintained, though, according to their announcement. The SSC test’s most important component, a score of at least 60% is needed to qualify for grants.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 Download Form

Candidates must have received at least 60% on their graduation test from state institutions. Additionally, applicants are not presently eligible for any other scholarships. Candidates’ parents only own a maximum of 5 acres of arable property. Limited bursaries will be awarded by region by the Punjab Government.

Rehmatul lil Alameen Scholarship 2024 for Bachelor Students

Students who occupy the best positions will receive Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarships from the Punjab Government. The other terms and conditions apply to both intermediate and bachelor’s level pupils. The government posts media ads for the Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship application process each year. There, you can the deadline for HSSC Part 1 and the Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship for college students.

Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen Contact Number and Address

Phone Number: (042) 99210039
Email: [email protected]
Address: Islam Pura, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Official Website: hed.punjab.gov.pk


What is the amount of Rehmat ul Alameen scholarship?

The Higher Education Department of Punjab has declared the extension of the deadline in light of how students have responded to the bursary programme. For advanced pupils, PKR: 25,000 will be given to each student. Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship, according to the CM, has been established.

How do I get a Rehmat ul Alameen scholarship?

If they want to be evaluated for merit- or need-based scholarships for their HSSC courses at public sector colleges, students must submit an online application through the website (https://hedscholarships.punjab.gov.pk).

What grade is best for scholarship?

A strong GPA can frequently improve your chances of being awarded a generous grant. Students with GPAs of 3.5 to 4.0 can stand out to organisations that give scholastic grants.

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