PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 Zone 1 and 2

In the PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 to Zone 1 and 2 to download practice questions and solution keys. The Punjab Examination Commission has scheduled annual exams for grades 1-8th from February 25 to March 2024. Punjab Education Commission has mandated that all elementary and primary schools within the province use an Item Bank System. The Punjab administration has decided to conduct examinations for elementary and primary schools before the summer break. The PEC annual exam for grades 1-8 will occur from March 10 until March 25, 2024. The results are expected on March 31.

PEC Item Bank System 2024 Login

Additionally, it is essential to note that the PEC uses school-based assessment methods, which are used in most exams at Punjabi schools—students who have trouble understanding how to log in must read the whole article. We’ve given all the details regarding PEC access to items for bank logins. Based on the Punjab Examination Commission, the SBA method is utilized for passing exams within Punjabi schools. Punjab Education Commission PEC Item Bank Keys and PEC Item Bank 2024 give online access to the contents. However, they’re not alike. The PEC Item Bank system 2024 login link is available for zones 1 and 2. papers have been published.

PEC Item Bank Paper Download 2024

Use PEC Item Bank 2024 Login Zone 1 and 2 Online Download Papers from this page for the first day of your school session. Students looking for PEC Items and Bank System documents are at the right location to register for the course. We can help you log in to your PEC Items Bank System account. That means you can review the details regarding how to log into the PEC Login system and the test results of taking the PEC examination. The PEC, however, on the other hand, has the exam papers in PDF formats.

That means that the forms of all subjects are accessible in PDF format and are available for download through the official platform. However, the process to log in to the official forum is available in this article. So you can find out how to sign in for your session using the web-based platform.

Grade 7 with pdf answers Download

PEC آئٹم بینک سسٹم لاگ ان سکولز پیپر جنریشن سسٹم SBA-2023 میں خوش آمدید۔ معلوم ہوا کہ PEC ITEM بینک سسٹم 2024 میں، پنجاب گورنمنٹ ڈیپارٹمنٹ آف سکول ایجوکیشن نے PEC امتحان 2024. PEC امتحان 2024 کی تاریخوں کا اعلان کیا، جو 2024 میں گریڈ 1-8 کے طلباء کے لیے منعقد کیا جائے گا۔

PEC All Grades Papers and Answer Keys

You will be able to get all grade papers and answers for all subjects. PEC will provide an SBA school-based assessment to pupils in grades 1 to 8. The annual examinations that students take in first, second, and third grade, along with students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, as well as seventh, eighth, and ninth classes, will be administered in March. The issue that is affecting the PEC Item bank needs to be resolved. PEC has split Punjab into two zones, Zone 1 and Zone 2. Every zone is assigned a PEC Item Bank System login 2024. Only school administrators can access this website. PEC Items Bank Papers System site.

PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 Zone 1 and 2

PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 Zone 1 and 2

How to download Paper from PEC Item Bank?

  • Visit for more information.
  • Enter your School User Name.
  • Enter the password provided by PEC
  • Fill in The Captcha Code
  • Download the Paper now From PEC the item bank 2024 using the key

Grade 7 School-Based Assessment 2024

Our article is extremely helpful and beneficial for teachers of primary and elementary schools. Follow these steps to make it simple to download SBP Papers online for grades 1-8. Access access for your PEC System for Item Banking. Open the required web link in your browser. Use online Login using PEC Items Bank System Graduation 1-8 per item Bank 2024 papers PDF Students and teachers can access every document in The dashboard boxes.

PEC Assessment 2024

The Punjab Education Commission (PEC) is an independent body responsible for conducting the annual exams for students in grades 5 and 8 across Punjab, Pakistan. The PEC was established in the year 2005 as a result of legislation known as the Punjab Education Commission Act 2005. The PEC is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The PEC is responsible for conducting annual exams for Grade 5-8 students from Punjab, Pakistan. The PEC administers the exams fairly, transparently, and impartially. The PEC also allows students to receive their certificates of education.

PEC Item Bank System Login Zone 1

Students from grades 1 to 8 should be ready for the annual test in the Punjab province. The past was when principals and teachers could prepare and print the papers. This year the PEC has launched the Item Bank System online portal for reports. PEC Item Bank login 2024 permits teachers to download prepared documents in PDF formats. Our article is very beneficial for elementary and primary school teachers. They will have access to the PEC Items Bank system.


SR District – ضلع ZONE-1-URL
1 ATTOCK -اٹک Click Here
2 BAHAWALNAGAR -بہاولنگر Click Here
3 BAHAWALPUR -بہاولپور Click Here
4 CHAKWAL -چکوال Click Here
5 GUJRANWALA -گجرانوالہ Click Here
6 GUJRAT -گجرات Click Here
7 HAFIZABAD -حافظ آباد Click Here
8 JHELUM -جہلم Click Here
9 KHANEWAL -خانیوال Click Here
10 LODHRAN -لودھراں Click Here
11 MANDI BAHA UD DIN -منڈی بہاوالدین Click Here
12 MULTAN -ملتان Click Here
13 NAROWAL -ناروال Click Here
14 RAHIMYAR KHAN -رحیم یار خان Click Here
15 RAWALPINDI -راولپنڈی Click Here
16 SIALKOT -سیالکوٹ Click Here
17 VEHARI -ویہاڑی Click Here

PEC Item Bank 2024 Zone 2

The platform was created in response to a demand by the Punjab Education Commission (PEC) named PEC Guidelines to the Paper Generation through the Web Portal 2024. Students and teachers will be provided with the PEC Website Portal URL to obtain the papers that cover Islamiat Nazra, Math, English, and many other subjects.

PEC Item Bank System 2024 Download Papers with Key

Checking the PEC Login System information and your PEC Board Exam results is also possible. Web Portal 2024 Web Portal 2024 allows students to log in to PEC Item Banking System. PEC Item Banking System. BISE SBA Result 2024 All Punjab Check Online. Papers are accessible in PDF format from the PEC. Forms are available in PDF format via the PEC.

Large Scale Assessment PEC

PEC was established in the year 2005 and, in 2006, held the 5th grade exam for the first time in Punjab. The present PEC has become a legal entity operating under the Punjab Examination Commission Act XI of 2010. This means that the papers of all subjects are accessible in PDF format and are available for download via the official website. The procedure for accessing the official platform is provided in this article. In the end, you can find out the steps to log in for your session using the online platform.

Item Bank System 2024 SBA Papers PDF

Item Bank System 2024 SBA papers in PDF format are completely free for all public elementary and primary schools. For the first day of your school day, you can use PEC Item Bank 2024 Login Zone 1 and 2. Online Download Papers at this site. Students who are looking for papers within the PEC Item Bank System are at the right location to register for the course. We will help you sign in to PEC’s PEC Item Bank system. This means that you can read the details regarding PEC Login System. PEC Login system as well as the final results of taking the PEC examination. The PEC, however, on its part, offers the exams as PDF files.

Punjab Examination Commission Contact Numbers

Address: Near Directorate of Staff Development, Link Wahdat Road, Near Pilot Boys High School Lahore.

Phone: 042-99260153

Email: [email protected]

PEC Item Bank System Login 2024 Zone 1 and 2

PEC Roll No Slip 2024 Download Online

PEC Registration Portal 2024 Login

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