Pak Army Registration slip 2023 Download Online Test Date from this page. By entering a valid CNIC on the official website of the rangers, candidates can obtain Pak Army slip 2023. The registration form will contain details that include the location, date/time, and your CNIC number. In the Pak Army registration form, you will find information such as the name of the test center, roll number, test date, and time. You can access Pak Army Registration slip 2023 to download by entering your valid CNIC number at the official website of rangers. The Pak Army Official Website is where the incumbent must fill out the application form.

Pak Army Registration slip 2023 Download

If you are interested in joining the Pak Rangers, please wait for the official announcement. You will not be able to download the registration slip for 2023 if you don’t check this page by the deadline. The Pak Army Jobs 2023 announcement was made and applicants are encouraged to apply online. You can access the online job portal at The applicant must submit their online application to Pak Army’ Official Website.

Pak Army Jobs 2023 Application Form

The Roll number slip for the Pak Army, the course for the written exam, and the schedule of interviews can be accessed here. The Pak Army paramilitary organization was established to protect the law in Pakistan. It is under the control of the Secretary for the Interior Ministry. You can register online for the latest rangers jobs in 2023. To fill the vacant positions in the Pak Army section, the application process is open for physically fit Pakistani citizens. You can submit your application through the job openings rangers 2023 online application form.

Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 PDF Download Check test date Online

Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 PDF Download Check test date Online


Pak Army Registration Slip 2023

The Pak Army is a federal paramilitary law enforcement organization. It is under the control of the Pakistan Interior Secretary. Pak Army is responsible for protecting and defending important sites like the border with India. He is also involved in many other internal security operations. Regular Pakistani military supports provincial and municipal police forces in maintaining laws and orders against crime and terrorism. It was founded in 1958. Its headquarters is in Islamabad. Pak Army is similar to the regular police. The Sindh Rangers and Rangers work together as semi-provincial organizations, which are independent of one another.

Rangers Registration Number 2023

The Pak Army Federal Government entity operates under the Ministry of Interior of Pakistan. It was established on 14 August 1947 with the intent to protect and secure Pakistan through participation in major international security and internal missions along with Pakistan’s Armed Forces. For Pak Army, headquarter is located in Lahore and the Pak Army Sindh headquarters is in Karachi.

Pak Army Test Date 2023

If we talk about Rangers Sindh Jobs then all aspirants need to visit for which individuals from all Sindh Province can apply for the prescribed job opportunities i.e. Sub Inspector General Duty, Naik General Duty, Soldier General Duty, Soldier Clerk, Driver, etc. After filling online application form at the system will generate the Pak Army Registration Slip which is compulsory for every candidate to bring at the time of the recruitment procedure. The roll number slips and test dates will be announced at the beginning of December 2023. We will publish the information on this page if they release their Ranger Test Date 2023 Roll Number Slip.

Download Pak Army Registration slip 2023

The Pak Army, a paramilitary federal law enforcement organization in Pakistan, is under the control of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan. Pak Rangers’ purpose is to defend and secure important areas like Pakistan’s border with India. Pak Army often participates in internal security operations. After you’ve submitted your application, click the submit button. Within a few minutes, you’ll receive the Rangers Job Registration slip.

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Pak Army Govt pk

Pak Army Jobs 2023 Online Application Form for General Duty Constables. Download Pak Army Registration slip 2023. Every candidate has to submit original documents. Only those who have the necessary qualifications can apply. The deadline for applications is extremely short so candidates should apply quickly. Below are more details about the position.

Pak Army Registration slip 2023 PDF 2023

Students interested in joining Pak Army must wait for the registration form. We are pleased to announce that registration forms will be uploaded shortly. This registration application lists the test center’s name and roll number as well as exam dates and times. Candidates are advised to keep the receipts for the test.

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Pak Army Registration slip 2023 for Males 

Pak Army Registration slip 2023 and Pak Army Test slips Download via From this page. Their primary task is to ensure the safety of Pakistan’s borders. You can apply online to become a Pakistani Ranger. These jobs are open to all candidates who meet the eligibility requirements.

Pak Rangers’ purpose is to protect areas like the border between Pakistan and India. You can find information on this website such as the date and time of the physical exam and CNIC. To take the entrance test, you will need to bring your registration form and your CNIC. Many students have trouble finding their registration forms on this website. The Pak Army Registration slip 2023 is uploaded to the website on the correct date.

Males Registration slip

Pak Army Registration slip 2023 for Females 

Opportunities for the Pakistani Army are now available. Online application for Punjab, including Sindh and KPK Balochistan provinces, is possible. The online applications for the Pak Army Sub Inspector General, Naik, and Sipahi general duties aspirants have been submitted and are currently waiting for their registration slips. Soon, the Pak Army Registration slip 2023 will be available on this website.

Females Registration Slip

Pak Army Registration slip 2023 by CNIC

This page contains the Pak Army Registration slip 2023. The registration sheet will contain details such as the date and time of the test as well as your CNIC and registration numbers. It also includes the title of your job. You will need to bring your CNIC and your registration slip/application form when you take the test.

How to download the Pak Army Registration slip 2023 

  1. To view the advertisement, the first step is to visit the official Pakistan Army GD Jobs 2023
  2. Candidates should search only Google Pak Army Online Register.
  3. Once a candidate logs on to the official portal of Rangers, you will need to choose online registration.
  4. All applicants must supply their name, CNIC, Domicile, and Education Details.
  5. After completing the Online Application for Rangers GD Jobs 20,23, applicants need to click the submit button.
  6. Once you submit the Online Registration Data, your admission process will be complete.
  7. Apply online for the Rangers Jobs 2023 Applicants must visit this Pakistan Army website.

Pak Army Registration Slip 2023 PDF Download Check test date Online

This page contains information for students about their age, eligibility, and physical requirements. Pak Army is currently looking for staff. Candidates for multiple positions must be at least 5’6″ tall, and Khakrub should not be less than 5’3″. They will announce job openings at the provincial level.

The 2023 Pakistan Army Jobs have been announced. To be considered for Pakistan Army Jobs 20,23, all applicants from Pakistan (male and female) are eligible. The official website of the Pakistan Army will announce the recruitment for Pak Army Jobs in 2023. Online applications are possible for Rangers GD Jobs 20,23. Online registration for Pakistan Army GD Jobs 2023 is possible only if applicants visit the official Pak website.

Army Registration Slip 2023 Check Online

Students can apply for positions such as Constable and Deputy Inspector General Duty Soldiers. You can download the Pak Army registration forms 2023 from our website. Pak Army has made multiple posts available in Pakistani rangers. Many applicants were able to apply for the jobs, but they are still waiting to receive their Rangers Test Date Slip and Roll Number Slip. We are now expanding the information available to applicants. The registration process was completed on 19 November 2023. After they have verified their identity, they will release the date and roll number slip. Those who applied for the Sub Inspector, Soldier General Duty, or Naik General duty positions will also be notified. online apply 2023

You can register online for the latest rangers job opportunities for 2023. To fill the vacant positions in Pakistan’s rangers department, citizens of Pakistan can apply. You can submit your application via the online form below for the recruitment process to rangers 2023.

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2023

Pak Army Jobs 2023 Advertisement The application form, along with registration forms and slips, can be downloaded here. This page contains information on Pak Army Jobs 2023 Online Registration. You must submit your application by the April 30th, 2023 deadline if you are eligible to apply. Jang’s newspaper features numerous Pak Army stories. Download the Pak Army Registration slip 2023 now.

Pak Army invites qualified applicants to apply for the Sub Inspector General Duty Naik and Sipahi General duty posts. A variety of Pakistani newspapers have published the latest job advertisement for Pak Army 2023. This website now has the Pak Army 2023 registration form. You can find all the latest government jobs and private sector jobs in 2023 on this page.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Pak Army train?

Between 2 and 3 Weeks

The selection process for Pak Army members takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Eligible for membership are both males and women.

How do I apply for the Pakistani Army?

  • Interested candidates need to apply online at
  • The registration period will run from November 28 to December 7, 2023.
  • You can check the registration/Selection Schedule and Selection Place from the image below.

How long do Rangers get to sleep?

sleep during training

The U.S. Military Academy Cadets are not allowed to sleep more than five hours per week and are awakened many times throughout the night in order to attend training.

Are you an Army Ranger a job?

Rangers are the Army’s most highly regarded infantry regiment. This is why it is a rare honor to be a Ranger. You will be skilled in conducting attacks and raids deep inside enemy territory.

Pak Army’s Contact Number and Address

Phone Number: (042) 99220037

Address: Near MCB Center, Opposite، Airport Access Rd, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab.

Official Website: