Q:1 غار حرا مکہ مکرمہ سے مشرق کی طرف منٰی کی جانب کتنے فاصلے پر جبل نور میں واقع ہے؟ A). تین میل B). چار میل C). اڑھائی میل D). ساڑھے تین میل Q:2 آپ ﷺ پر جب پہلی وحی نازل ہوئی تو جمعہ کا دن تھا بتائیے کون سا وقت تھا؟ A). بوقت صبح … Read more


Q:1 Capacious A). cramped B). extensive C). enchanting D). overturn Q:2 Candid A). straight forward and simple B). candidature C). frank and honest D). smooth and fluent Q:3 Callow A). rough B). inexperienced C). superficial D). sticky Q:4 Cachet A). hiding place B). book C). prestige D). automobile Q:5 Cache A). lock B). hiding place … Read more


Q:1 MISERLY: A). Extravagant B). Generous C). Philanthropic D). Hospitable Q:2 ANCIENT: A). Contemporary B). Modern C). New D). Fresh Q:3 CANDID: A). Rude B). Deceptive C). Vague D). Cunning Q:4 GLORIOUS: A). Painful B). Sad C). Cowardly D). Humiliating Q:5 VIGILANT: A). Careless B). Iresponsible C). Ignorant D). Innocent Q:6 DESTROY: A). Invest B). … Read more

Direct & Indirect Narration

Q:1 The Visitor Said “What A Beautiful Scene It Is”? A). The visitor exclaimed with joy that it was a very beautiful scene B). The visitor exclaimed with joy that it is a very beautiful scene C). The visitor exclaimed with joy that it be a very beautiful scene D). The visitor exclaimed with joy … Read more

Fill In The Blanks

Q:1 He Has Fallen ………….. With His Partners. A). Of B). Out C). Off D). In Q:2 The Essay Was Excellent ……………….. A Few Small Mistakes. A). Except for B). In addition to C). Except D). Besides Q:3 He Pretended That He Was An Englishman But His Accent Gave Him………… A). Off B). Out C). … Read more