Applications are open for the Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration. Pak Army has recently announced that females looking to join Pakistan Army as Commissioned Officers are invited to apply for LCC positions 22. After successfully graduating from the course, applicants will be appointed Captains in Pakistan Army. The application process will begin on November 28th, 2023. Do not delay. Candidates must fill out their applications by December 18th, 2023. If you’re considering applying to join the Pakistan Army as a direct captain by completing a short course, this post is ideal for you. Follow the steps here and then apply accordingly for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration. The Army requires the assistance of Lady Cadets regularly as captains. Any female interested in joining Pak Army as Lady Cadet Course LCC-22 2023 can apply online before the closing date. The information about the procedures and tests along with the guide to preparation and the selection procedure to Join Pak Army as a captain through Lady Cadet Course (LCC) are as below. So apply as soon as possible for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration.

Lady Cadet Course Requirements Criteria

Here are the female requirement for cadets, you must meet the following criteria for eligibility if you want to get Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration:

  • Citizens from all over Pakistan are qualified to apply for the LCC-22.
  • Only females are eligible to apply for LCC jobs. Only females are eligible for LCC.
  • Candidates must not be married.
  • The minimum height required is 5′ (152.4 cm)
  • A minimum of 16 years of education is necessary.
  • Candidates must have graduated from recognized universities accredited by HEC.
  • The minimum CGPA is 2.5 in 4 points or an absolute minimum of 62.5 marks for the year-long system.
  • Preference will be granted to those who have an M.Phil. or MS.
  • Minimum height: 5′
  • Body mass index: Weight as per the body mass index
  • Vision: as per Pakistan Army Order 11/82

Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration for Females in Pak Army Apply Online

Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

Selection Method for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

The candidates for those who are interested in the Lady Cadet Course (LCC) need to undergo several processes to be accepted into the Pak Army. The selection process for applicants is the following selection procedure:

Online Tests

There are three phases of the online test students must pass.

Verbal Test

The test will comprise 88 multiple-choice questions. The test will last 30 minutes. I was allotted this exam.

Non-Verbal Test

The test will comprise 68 multiple-choice questions. It will take about 30 minutes to finish this test.


It will include 50 multiple-choice questions. The test will take 30 minutes. If you pass this test, you can proceed to be eligible to be a part of the Pakistan Army through the lady cadet training. Candidates who fail the test are disqualified and will not be able to become a member of the Army.

The test is comprised of running 1.6km in just 14 minutes, running 1.6km.

Preliminary Medical Tests

  1. A candidate must be at least over the age of 28.
  2. The height should be 5 feet.
  3. Heartbeats should be standard.
  4. The weight must be in line with the Body mass index.
  5. Eyesight must be 6×6 regardless of whether or not glasses are on or off.
  6. For pigeons, various tests will be performed, such as flat feet, ankle angles, varicose veins, and chests.
  7. Initial Interview

Candidates who are medically fit must take an interview for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration. An ISSB application form is provided to those who have passed the interview.

Initial Interview for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

Candidates who have passed the medical tests must be able to take part in an interview. If they pass the interview will receive the ISSB form.

  • ISBN
  • ISSB comprises five days
  • Reporting Day
  • PYSC Day
  • GTO 1ST Day
  • GTO 2nd Day
  • ISSB Last Day
  • REPORTING the day

On the first day of the exam, students must complete their paperwork and submit reports to the ISSB report center. Students also receive their rooms on this day.


The day will consist of two tasks. The first will be a screen test in which the candidates must complete the verbal MCQ test within 30 minutes, a nonverbal MCQ test within 30 minutes, and an MAT 50MCQ within 15 minutes. The candidates who fail must return home. Candidates who have passed must pass the test of psychology, for example.

  • 100 Words Associates Test (WAT) in which students need to write a paragraph in just 10 seconds.
  • Picture Stories Test in which they watched the story on display for 30 seconds before they were able to write on it in 3.30 minutes.
  • Two Pointer Story Tests, in which they must finish each story in 3.30 seconds. The line only runs for 20 seconds.
  • Incomplete Sentences Test, in which participants must complete two sets of English and two sets of Urdu sentences that contain incomplete lines. Each set has 26 incomplete sentences. The time is six minutes.


On the 3rd day, the outdoor and indoor tests of the candidates selected took place. The indoor test includes lectures as well as group discussion and planning. Outdoor tests comprise a progressive task as well as a half-group task. Then, the applicants are asked to take an interview.


On the 4th day, candidates must pass three steps:


Command Task in which they must give the GTO interview

Final Group Task: The participants must perform either a psych interview or a DPT.


On this day, the candidates must retake the test. The candidates who failed the interview received their travel allowance and returned to their homes. Candidates who pass receive their results the following day. They must then pass the final medical exam and the final interview before they can join the Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course.


The candidates who have been selected must make a bond. According to this bond, the candidates are required to join the Pak Army for a minimum of seven years.

How to Apply for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

  • Then, follow the steps to submit your application for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration:
  • The candidates can submit their applications online on the official website or go to the closest Army Selection and Centers for Recruitment (AS&RCs).
  • You can use the official link below if you’d like to apply online.
  • Select the relevant field. Complete all the requirements on the application form and send it.
  • The time and date for testing will go announced on the internet.
  • Find your nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Center
  • Documents Required at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers
  • Original certificates/detailed mark sheets and two attested photocopies of each educational certificate/degree/diploma.
  • Candidates serving in government Institutions/Departments will render a No Objection Certificate of the concerned Establishment.
  • Affidavit of Photocopy of Residence.
  • Photocopies of the computerized National Identity Card.
  • 6 x colored photographs duly attested (front and back). 
  • Postal order crossed Rs. 100.00 to the Director General Personnel Administration (DGPA), General Headquarters (GHQ) Rawalpindi.
  • Candidates must present their degrees that HEC/PEC has verified.

Endorsement Application Forms. When filling out the application forms supplied by the Army Selection and Recruitment Center to be a part of the Pakistan Army as Captain through the Lady Cadet Course, successful candidates must ensure that all information provided is approved in the relevant paragraphs, columns, etc. An old National Identity Card will not be accepted.

Other Qualities for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

  1. Planning ability
  2. Courage
  3. Self-confidence
  4. Emotional stability
  5. Responsibility
  6. Social relation
  7. General Awareness
  8. Integrity
  9. Initiative
  10. Determination
  11. Expression
  12. Influencing ability
  13. Physical endurance
  14. Practical ability

Training Period at PMA

6 months

Pakistan Army Selection and Recruitment Centers

Pakistan Army Selection and Recruitment Centers (AS&RCs) are situated throughout 27 towns. Contact details and addresses of the Army Selection and Recruitment Centers, along with Google Maps addresses, are listed below. Get the most up-to-date contact information and the current location of AS & RC. To keep the selection process simple and transparent, the administration of the Army has also established guidelines. For those who aren’t eligible to join Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course (LCC). The candidates who cannot be part of the Pak army are:

  • The applicant who was denied by the Headquarter General two times can only apply once. Join Pak Army through Lady Cadet Course (LCC).
  • The person who has been declared unfit for medical examination through the Appeal Medical Board cannot apply for a position in the Pak Army.
  • A candidate with a previous record of having been involved in any unofficial, offensive, or illegal act by the judge.
  • Candidates who have resigned were removed from the Armed Forces, or were declared weak or insufficient are not eligible to be considered.
  • A candidate exiled from any government sector is also not eligible to apply for the Pak Army.

Pakistan Military Academy PMA


Contact#: 051-9271393 / 051-5125026
Address: Room Road Saddar Rawalpindi
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)


Contact#: 021-32790919
Address: Opposite Regent Plaza Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi No-4
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 042-36620730
Address: 317-A Walton Road Lahore
Timing: 7 AM to 3 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 081-2836626
Address: Zarghoon Road Quetta Cantonment
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 091-9211747
Address: 10 Sahibzad Gul Road Peshawar Cantonment
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 061-4504566
Address: Near NBP Cantonment Branch Qasim Road Multan
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 022-2787258
Address: Near Gul Centre Opposite Magasi House Hyderabad
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Frida

Contact#: 05811-920535
Address: Serena Road Jutial Gilgit
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 041-2409190
Address: Near District Headquarters Hospital Faisalabad
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Contact#: 05822-920598
Address: Mohri Gojra, Abbottabad Road Muzaffarabad
Timing: 7 AM to 2 PM (Monday-Friday)

Pano Aqil

Pakistan Army has announced the following category of selection for Lady Cadet Course 22;

  1. Army Service Corps (ASC)
    Corps of Ordnance (Sigs)
    Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (EME)
    Signals Information Technology (Sign-IT)
    Judge Advocate General (JAG)
    Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR)

Lady Cadet Course 2023 Advertisement

The candidates can download latest advertisement for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration: Download Here

FAQs for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration

How to apply for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration?

Females from all walks of life can join Army as Captains in LCC-22. The application can be made online before the closing date, December 12th, 2023. The first exam will take place from January through February 2023.

How long is the lady cadet course?

The one-year training program will only be available to female candidates chosen under the Pakistan Army Lady Cadet course session 2023.

Which degree is Required for LCC?

For this type of position, BSc / BE / MSc in (Electrical Engg) is required to be able to apply.

 How can a girl become a captain?

Girls can join Pak Army as captains through lady cadet training. Women who are unmarried and have at least an education of 16 years within the relevant categories may apply for the lady cadet program.

What is the salary of an LCC in Pakistan?

Amount of Monthly Salary LCC Pakistan Pvt Limited Pakistan PKR 50,245

What is the role of a lady captain?

A Ladies’ Captain will normally chair committee meetings and an annual meeting for this section. (She must know if officers and members of the Club are invited to the meeting or to drink afterward.)

What is the last date for Lady Cadet Course 2023 Registration?

18 December 2023

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