ISSB Result 2022 Online Check Call Letter

Check Online ISSB Result 2022 Call Letter Status For Pakistan Army, Navy and PAF Here. You can check or download your call letter status by Name and CNIC through which has been replaced by 

Applicants who have successfully passed their written and medical tests can access their ISSB result 2022 online. Click here to check their status. This page will be updated frequently with information about ISSB test dates, slips, and roll numbers. The dates of exams, the final scores, and the ISSB result 2022 and merit lists are here. Both male and female candidates must be able to check their status on the ISSB website. To check if you have been called for an interview with the Inter-Services Selection Board, visit their official website. ISSB testing in Pakistan (Sindh) has been hosted by Gujranwala and Quetta so far.

Instructions for Candidates

  • All applicants must bring their COVID-19 certificate or card. If they don’t, they will be turned down and sent home.
  • Mess follows a dress code. Candidates who take the ISSB exams must wear closed-collar attire (pants, shirt, tie, and tie), as well as the Shalwar kameez with Waistcoat they will wear to the ISSB candidates’ mess. Any data transfer.

Important Note

Now, we are uploading calls for 150 PMA L/C & TCC-34. Keep in touch with us.

ISSB Result 2022 Online Check Call Letter

ISSB Result 2022

The Navy PN courses have been initiated as of 9 October 2022. They will continue until November 12th, 2022.

Procedure to Check the Status of Call Letter 2022 for ISSB Test 2022

This notification will be sent to you 20 days prior to the exam date. This call sign must be carried to the exam. To be allowed to take the exam, you will need to have this letter. These letters will be sent via the postal service.

Complete Online Call-up List

While taking the ISSB’s Mechanical Aptitude exams, you will need to be attentive to internal exams, personality tests, and intelligence tests. The Inter-Services Selection Board in Pakistan (ISSB), is responsible for selecting commissioned officers for the Pakistani military.

Online Status Check for ISSB Result 2022 Call Letter

SR Title Action
1. Welcome to ISSB Click Here
2. Call Letter Click Here
3. Result Status Click Here
4. Contact Click Here
5. Ineligibility Click Here
6. Selection System Click Here

You can find the ISSB result 2022 Kohat here. We will notify you as soon as the ISSB result 2022 is published. You can view the ISSB Result 2022 right here. Each applicant received a score from the ISSB’s various examinations. You can find a wide range of information about the ISSB results and call letters as well as interviews on our website.

ISSB Test Information

Candidates can track the progress of their call online and will receive a call letter shortly afterward. The batches for PN Cadet Term have been released. The ISSB exams are administered twice a year. One at the beginning and one at the end of each year. You cannot take the ISSB exams if you fall within any of these categories. The GTO exams are only required for female candidates for GD(P) or CAE at the moment. During the test, you are not allowed to question the ISSB regarding the topic of your work.

ISSB Result 2022 Gujranwala

Candidates who are going to take part in ISSB should download their call letters. No one will be allowed to sit for the test if they don’t have one. After the announcement, the ISSB result 2022 will be available. We spoke to officials about preparing your results. Continue reading to find your ISSB Gujranwala results and check your status online.

ISSB 2022 Result Kohat

The link below will allow you to check your Kohat ISSB Result 2022 Online. To prove their loyalty to the ISSB, candidates must pass every test administered by it. The ISSB administers the ISSB test twice a year. The first test takes place in the first week of every year and the second in the end.

ISSB Result 2022 Date & Time

You will receive letters from the call center 20 days before the test date. The letter is sent as soon as the website is up to date. You should expect to receive your call within one week. You can download the call from our website if you do not receive it by mail. It will contain your name, the date and time of the call, as well as the test results.

Is there a limit to the number of candidates that are chosen for ISSB?

The ISSB fulfills the sacrosanct duty of selecting potential officers for the defense forces in Pakistan. The ISSB schedule states that the current capacity allows for 300 candidates to be tested in a batch lasting 4 days. This means that the ISSB can test approximately 20,000 candidates per year.

ISSB Result 2022 Verification by Name

If you have difficulty determining the final ISSB result 2022, Leave a message below. Our experts are here to help you. ISSB Call Letter Status Online Inspection Eligibility must be proven in written, medical and interview tests. Check out the ISSB Result 2022.

ISSB Call Letter Schedule 2022

Official notice of the upcoming ISSB exam, with information like an ASPC name course and exam date, and exam timing. It is expected that the ISSB Call 2022 notification will be sent out to each candidate, but there’s a slight possibility that it will take longer to get to the destination. To determine which you are within your position in the ISSB Call 2022 status check We’ll show you how the procedure to complete it quickly and easily method on the internet. Within 20 days of the date of your test, and as soon as any updates have been made to the site you will receive an email with additional details. A callback typically is given within one week. 

If you do not receive an email notification, you must submit your test report before the deadline and include a copy of the email you received via our website that is that’s printed on the same page with your name and the date of the phone call.

ISSB Call Letter 149

If you are employed by the Pakistan Air Force, Army and Navy announce vacancies, applicants must first be able to pass the military ISSB call Letter 149 test. It is administered by the officials of the army and all candidates who are able to pass the Written test are called into an interview and medical test. If the students pass these three tests and pass tests, the ISSB will issue students an invitation to sit for the Test. You can find and receive your ISSB invitation letter by following this article. Keep an eye out for more details about the candidate.

ISSB Result 2022 CNIC by CNIC

The letters are odd-numbered in order to keep ASRC candidates updated. The ISSB website provides call letters. Fill in your CNIC number into the box, then click “Submit.” This CNIC number appears on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, to indicate your number. Be aware that the ISSB picks people from Pakistan’s Armed Services people correctly.

ISSB Call Letter Not Received

At a minimum, 20 days prior to the date for the test. You will receive an email with the call letters once your website has been updated to reflect the latest information. This ISSB test was designed to test those looking to join the Pakistani special forces and are required to be a part of it. It consists of three exams consisting of a medical test as well as a psychological exam and a physical exam. The capacity of the prospective soldier to carry out the tasks of their job is determined through the process.

ISSB Initial Test Result

If you’ve taken this PMA intensive course, then you’re looking forward to the ISSB Call letter’s status. You can check the 2022 ISSB exam call letter status online with this guide. It’s downloadable. The ISSB facility will select candidates for the Pak army, navy as well as and air force.

ISSB List of Final Selected Candidates

There are plenty of private institutions that offer applicants training for the examination. But, the government’s policy bans any kind of coaching. If you pass the ISSB’s physical and written tests, you will be scheduled for an interview. You can find your ISSB result 2022 here in case you’re unable to access results from the official website. Since there is a link between us and the results.

ISSB Test Centres Cities

KPK Kohat
Punjab Gujranwala
Malir Sindh
Quetta Balochistan

ISSB Test Information

Candidates can check their status online and will soon receive their call letter. The Batch Schedule for PN Cadet conditions has been published.

Inter-Services Selection Board 2022 Result

Call Letter Click Here
Call Letter Instructions Click Here
FAQs Click Here
General Information Click Here
recommendation letter Click Here
Result Status Click Here
Selection and recruitment Click Here
Tentative schedule for issb tests Click Here
We appreciate your feedback Click Here

The ISSB tests are five-day long and serve as programs to select commissioned officers. The ISSB Test will include a series of internal examinations that applicants must pass, including the Mechanical Aptitude Test, Personality Test, and Intelligence Test. Online checking of the tentative schedule for ISSB exams is possible here.

How to Check ISSB Result 2022?

  • Enter your CNIC number.
  • Enter your Batch/Chest number.
  • Click the submit button

Online, you can find a tentative schedule for ISSB tests. It is currently possible to take two ISSB exams per year. The first exam is at the start of the year, and the second in the end. If you are in any of these groups, it is impossible to take the ISSB exam. Only female candidates can take the GTO exam for GD(P), or CAE.

How do I check the ISSB Result 2022 Online?

  • Visit the official site of ISSB at
  • You will find the Call Status, the Result Status, and the Download Sections on the homepage.
  • Click on the Result Status to activate it.
  • Enter your CNIC number and batch/Chest no and click the Submit button.
  • Get the Status of ISSB Result 2022
  • Finally, make a hard copy of this document for future reference.

How to check ISSB Result 2022 Status Call Letter?

  • Candidates, if your Inter Service Selection Board ISSB test status is to be checked online in 2022, then you must ensure that the ISSB has posted the call letters online. You can check the ISSB website frequently to do this.
  • Once the officials have announced the call letter, an online portal will display a bar for your CNIC number. After entering your complete CNIC number, click on the “Submit” button.
  • Click the “Submit” button to open a new window that displays your CNIC number and AS&RC registration numbers, name, father’s name, form serial num, city, area, and course names.

Inter Services Selection Board Recommendation letter

The ISSB Recommendation Letter and the ISSB Call Letter Status 2022 are next. The ISSB Recommendation Letter and the ISSB Call Letter are different. The ISSB recommends candidates only for a limited number of routes. However, the final merit list will be made by the service in charge. Call Letter

These ASRC applicants want to know the status of their ASRC applications. Therefore, letters to them will have an odd number. ISSB staff sends out call letters via their website. In the box provided, enter your exact CNIC numbers and click “Submit” to submit. At the top, a bar will appear with the CNIC number. This will show you where your number is. Remember that the ISSB selects Pakistani Armed Services personnel only when it does the right thing.

ISSB Result 2022 Status Call Letter

The call letter will be sent at least 20 days prior to your test date. It will also be updated as soon as possible. Candidates can check the website to see if they were called. Candidates must be present at ISSB Centers before 8 a.m. To check if they were called, candidates must go to the website. You can find the ISSB Result 2022 Status Letter right here.

What percentage is needed for ISSB?

The ISSB fulfills its sacred duty by selecting officers for Pakistan’s armed forces. The facility currently can test up to 300 applicants at once over four days. It has an annual testing capacity of 20,000 people.

1. Marks – FA/FSc

FA/FSc, or an equivalent degree with at least 60% marks

Candidates must have at least 60 percent of their undergraduate degrees in psychology or business administration to be eligible for the PMA Long Course.

2. Students in FA/FSc will have to adjust their marks

Candidates from the designated areas must obtain at least 55 percent of the possible marks (including Balochistan and FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan. District Neelum Azad Jammu Kashmir. District Kohistan. Chitral. Dir, Tehsil Bala Kot, Katha, Naran. District Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa. District Umer Kot in Sind).

3. Active-duty military personnel with at least a 50% mark in FA/FSc, or an equivalent degree.

4. Certificate of Hope

Part-II/Final Examination Candidates who have passed Part-1 with at least 60% of the marks, whose results will also be announced by 31 March 2012, can also apply. They must provide the original Part-1 Marks sheet and the “Hope Certificate” from their college/university stating that they are likely to pass the final examination with at minimum 60 percent marks. These applicants must submit their Part-II Certificate/Mark Sheets along with 4 certified copies to GHQPA Date, PA-3(a), by April 10, 2012, in order to continue the selection process.

5. Marks Sheet/Certificate Verification

You will need a verification certificate signed by the controller or secretary of the university or board if you don’t possess your Matric, Intermediate, or BA diploma.

6. Candidates who have a bachelor’s or higher degree

For A-level applicants from Pakistan, who have at minimum 60% of the required marks as per IBCC, a certificate of equivalency is not necessary. IBCC requires certification of equivalency for those who have taken A-levels or similar tests from other countries.


  • In ISSB/GHQ Selection and Review Boards’ “Not Recommended” category twice.
  • He has been declared medically unfit by the Military Hospital/Appeal Medical Board.
  • Resigned/discharged/dismissed from the Armed Forces training academy/institutions due to incompetence and/or lack of discipline, as well as those who have been found unsuited for service.
  • An employee of the government who was fired or dismissed.
  • A court of law will find you guilty of an offense that involves moral turpitude.

ISSB Result Status 2022 Call Letter

If you haven’t received it by mail, you can Get Online to verify the document online. You can check the status of your call sign on the Inter-Services Selection Board’s website. You can tap it or click it to open a dialogue box or a new window on your screen. After pressing the submit button you will be notified of the status of your call letter.

Status of the ISSB Result 2022

This page is a great place to start learning about the Inter-Services Selection Board and the Pakistani military. If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of the ISSB Call Letter 2022, make sure to visit this page often. You can access the call letter on the ISSB website. After entering your entire CNIC number, press the “Submit” button. A bar with your CNIC number and also your reminder will appear at the top of your screen.

ISSB Result 2022 – Check Online Status

ISSB Result Status, Call Letter, and are available for download at Candidates who were selected for the PMA-long course but are still waiting to hear the results should be aware that ISSB has published the results. You can now access the status of your call via their website. 

Is there a limit to the number of candidates that are chosen for ISSB?

The ISSB fulfills the sacrosanct duty of selecting potential officers for the defense forces in Pakistan. The ISSB schedule states that the current capacity allows for 300 candidates to be tested in a batch lasting 4 days. This means that the ISSB can test approximately 20,000 candidates per year.

How do I check the status of my ISSB call?

Updated the call status for 147 PMA L/C. You can view your call status online. The reporting time for candidates at ISSB Centres runs from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM.

Inter-Services Selection Board 2022 Result

In 1952, the ISSB was founded at Kohat. A person is selected by the ISSB committee after a five-day psychological screening that assesses their ability, aptitude, and personality. The ISSB test has four centers, which are named Kohat, Gujranwala, and Quetta.

ISSB Result 2022 Status Check Letter Online

The status of the call for 150 PMA L/C has been updated. You can view all group/batch statuses online, including the names of participants, roll numbers, as well as CNIC.

Contact Info:

POST CODE 26000.

Phone: 0922- 9260085

Email: [email protected]

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