ISSB Call Letter Status 2022 Check Online

ISSB Call Letter Status 2024 For Pakistan Army, Navy, and PAF Here. After the website is updated, you receive your call letters 20 days before your exam date. ISSB uploads the call letter online. Enter your full CNIC number in that bar and click submit. Your CNIC number bar will display your call letter status. Candidates must check their call status online and receive their call letter soon. PN Cadet Terms Batch Schedule results are posted. Visit the Inter-Services Selection Board website to check your ISSB call status.

Inter-Services Selection Board Test Call Letter 2024

As you know, ISSB stands for the Inter-Service Selection Board, which selects the future leaders and commanders of Pakistan’s armed forces. This is a very important task, so ISSB does its work with great care. Once the jobs are announced by the Armed Forces (Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Army, and Pakistan Navy), the candidates who want to apply must first take a written test given by the officials of that armed force.

ISSB Call Letter 2024 Status Online

Those who pass the written test are then called for an interview and a medical checkup. If they pass all three preliminary tests, they will be hired. The ISSB call letter is issued to every candidate via Pakistani courier services, but sometimes a candidate doesn’t receive it. For those pupils, Read the process below to check the online ISSB call letter status.

ISSB Test Result 2024- اپنا کال لیٹر چیک کریں

Please input your CNIC number in the format xxxxx-xxxxx-x to verify your ISSB call letter status. Please enter the first six digits of your CNIC followed by a dash (-). After those 7 digits, enter a dash (-) and the final digit by itself.

Keep in mind that a candidate will receive a call 18 days prior to the scheduled exam date. When you enter the CNIC and hit the submit button, a new tab will come up. In it, you’ll be able to view your CNIC number, AS&RC registration number, name, father’s name, ISSB test date, and test center. To see if you have an ISSB call letter, click here.

ISSB Call Letter Status 2022 Check Online

ISSB Call Letter Status 2022 Check Online

Check ISSB Call Latter Status

  • First, you should find out if your friends or anyone else who applied for the same course as you has received their ISSB call letter yet. This is because the call letter is not sent until the day after the last medical or interview test has been passed.
    Just go to the official ISSB website ( on your computer, wait for it to load entirely, and then click the “Call Letter” link that you’ll find in the top left corner of the screen, as shown in the image below.
  • a new image will open in front of your screen when you click on the Call letter, such as in the example presented below. At this point, all that remains is to input the CNIC number you gave the authorities when you signed up for the military and to hit the “submit” button that appears directly below that field.
  • When you enter your CNIC number, a new window will appear with information about your Online ISSB Call Letter Status 2024. If your record already exists in the ISSB database, you’ll see details like your NIC number, ASRC, name, father’s name, the ISSB, the test date, the test city, and the course you applied for.

ISSB Call Letter 2024 PDF Download Online

SR Title Action
1. Welcome to ISSB Click Here
2. Call Letter Click Here
3. Result Status Click Here
4. Contact Click Here
5. Ineligibility Click Here
6. Selection System Click Here

ISSB Recommendation Letter

The International Society for the Study of Business (ISSB) selects a candidate after five days of psychological testing. Kohat, Gujranwala, Quetta, and Malir are your four options for taking the ISSB exam.

ISSB Test Centres

Since the ISSB Call Letters are sent to each applicant through their courier service in Pakistan, and since it is possible that a candidate will not be able to receive the ISSB Call Letter, it would be best for all students to check online ISSB Call letter Status, as this is the most effective option that will help you avoid feeling anxious. To do this, follow the steps that are outlined below.

ISSB Call Letter Not Received

If you have not received an ISSB call letter at your postal address, you must write a letter to the ISSB facility in Kohat with information about the first exam. Get the whole application here for download. Candidates who are recommended receive a letter of recommendation from the ISSB. Then, they need to get one last checkup at the CMH that’s convenient for them.

How Can I Check ISSB Call Status?

  1. Enter your CNIC No.
  2. Enter your Batch/Chest No.
  3. Click On Submit Button

ISSB Call letter Schedule 2024

To determine when to issue an ISSB Call Letter, the ISSB remains committed to the ISSB Test Schedule. The Issb Call Letter Status is always current. When conducting its duties, ISSB must adhere to established protocols and systems. Getting there will be a slow process. To wait patiently for an announcement, please maintain calm.

ISSB Call Letter Not Received What To Do

If you haven’t received your ISSB Call Letter after a few attempts through their courier service in Pakistan, you can check your status online by following the instructions given below.

ISSB Call Letter PDF Download

We’ve included a link so you can easily access the letter you’ve received online and save a copy to your computer. This is an essential piece of paper, as it confirms that a person has been granted permission to sit for the ISSB examination. You can potentially obtain the desired file by clicking the link below.

ISSB Test Call Letter 2024 Status Check

This call letter was received 20 days before the test. You must bring this call letter to the test. This letter is required to take the test. These letters arrive by mail. If this paper doesn’t arrive by mail, you can check it online. Visit the ISSB inter services selection board website to check call letter status. Click it and a dialogue box will display on your device. Clicking submit will reveal your call letter status.

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