IIUI Result 2024 Check by SMS

The IIUI Result 2024, including the merit list for both the spring and fall semesters, has been released. International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has published the merit list for various programs, including BA, BSc, B.com, ADP, BS, BE, D pharm, DPT, MA, MSc, LLB, MS, M.Phil, and Ph.D. for the admission year 2024. Candidates who have registered for IIUI admission 2024 can now check their entry test results. The official website of IIUI, www.iiu.edu.pk, provides access to the mentioned merit list.

Every year, a significant number of candidates apply for admission to IIUI. However, admission to IIUI is highly competitive, and only a few fortunate candidates qualify for admission. It is important to note that IIUI is preparing to commence the new academic session, and the details of the admission process, including the commencement of classes and the release of the first, second, third, and fourth merit lists, have been provided below.

The time has come for International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) students to eagerly await the release of their much-anticipated results. As the academic year draws to a close, students are anxious to discover their performance in the examinations. This article aims to provide a detailed guide on how to check the IIUI Result 2024, offering step-by-step instructions and essential information for a seamless experience.

Introduction to IIUI Result 2024

The IIUI Result 2024 holds significant importance for students as it serves as a reflection of their hard work and dedication. Whether pursuing a degree in the sciences, humanities, or any other field, the result is a key factor in determining academic progress and unlocking future opportunities.

The Importance of IIUI Results

IIUI Results play a crucial role in various aspects of a student’s academic journey. They act as a performance indicator, allowing students to assess their strengths and areas for improvement. Additionally, results serve as a reference for potential employers and further educational pursuits, showcasing an individual’s capabilities and commitment to excellence.

IIUI Result 2024 Check by SMS

IIUI Result 2024

How to Check IIUI Result 2024

To check the IIUI Result 2024, students have two primary methods at their disposal: the online method and the SMS method. Let’s explore both options in detail.

 IIUI result 2024 Check Online

The online method offers a convenient and user-friendly approach to accessing the  result 2024 from the comfort of your own home. To check your results online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official iiui result portal designated for the year 2024.
  2. Locate the section for checking the iiui result 2024 on the result portal.
  3. Enter the required information, such as your roll number and any other requested details.
  4. Double-check the entered information for accuracy.
  5. Submit the form and wait for the system to process your request.
  6. Once the results are generated, they will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Make sure to take a printout or screenshot of the results for future reference.

IIUI Result 202 Check by SMS

For those who prefer a quick and straightforward approach, the SMS method provides an efficient way to access the iiui result 2024. Follow these steps to check your result via SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Compose a new SMS message.
  3. Enter the designated number provided by IIUI for result inquiries.
  4. Type the required format, typically including your roll number.
  5. Double-check the accuracy of the entered information.
  6. Send the SMS.
  7. Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS containing your  result 2024.

Steps to Access IIUI Result 2024 Online

To ensure a smooth and successful online result-checking experience, it is essential to follow the correct steps. Here is a detailed guide to accessing your IIUI Result 2024 online:

  1. Visit the official IIUI website or the dedicated result portal for the year 2024.
  2. Look for the “Result” or “Result Inquiry” section on the website.
  3. Click on the provided link to access the result inquiry page.
  4. On the result inquiry page, you will find a form or input fields to enter your information.
  5. Enter your roll number, which is a unique identification number assigned to you by IIUI.
  6. Double-check the accuracy of the entered roll number to avoid any discrepancies.
  7. If required, enter any additional details such as your full name, program, or semester.
  8. After entering the necessary information, click on the “Submit” or “Check Result” button.
  9. The system will process your request and generate your result 2024.
  10. The result will be displayed on the screen, showing your subject-wise grades or marks, as well as the overall GPA or percentage.
  11. Take a printout or screenshot of the result for your records and future reference.

How to Check IIUI Result 2024 through SMS

The SMS method offers a convenient way to access your iiui result 2024 on the go. Here is a step-by-step guide to checking your result via SMS:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Create a new SMS message.
  3. Enter the designated number provided by IIUI for result inquiries.
  4. Follow the specific format provided by IIUI for the SMS, typically including your roll number.
  5. Double-check the accuracy of the entered information to avoid any errors.
  6. Send the SMS to the designated number.
  7. Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS containing your iiui result 2024.
  8. Take note of the subject-wise grades or marks and the overall GPA or percentage provided in the SMS.

International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI Merit List 2024

The Islamic International University (IIUI) has made available the first, second, and third merit lists, self-finance merit list, waiting list, selected candidates list, and final merit list on this page. We have uploaded department-wise merit records for your convenience. To check the merit list online, simply select your desired program and course.

By accessing the IIUI Result 2024, you can determine your admission status and see if you have been selected for your preferred program. Keep in mind that IIUI follows a merit-based admission process, and the merit lists provide an overview of the candidates who have successfully secured admission. Stay updated with the latest information to plan your academic journey accordingly.

Information Available in IIUI Result 2024

The IIUI Result 2024 provides comprehensive information about a student’s performance in the examinations. Here is the information you can expect to find in your IIUI Result 2024:

  • Student’s Name and Roll Number: The result will display your name and unique roll number assigned by IIUI.
  • Subject-wise Grades or Marks: The result will show the grades or marks obtained in each subject or course you have taken.
  • Overall GPA or Percentage: The result will present the overall grade point average (GPA) or percentage based on your performance in all the subjects.

Importance of Roll Number for Checking Results

The roll number is a vital piece of information required to check your IIUI Result 2024. It serves as a unique identifier, ensuring the accuracy and confidentiality of your result. It is crucial to keep your roll number secure and readily accessible when checking the result.

Common Issues Faced while Checking IIUI Result 2024

While the online and SMS methods provide convenient ways to check the IIUI result 2024, some common issues may arise during the process. Here are a few challenges students may encounter and possible solutions:

  1. Technical Glitches: Sometimes, the result portal or the SMS system may experience technical glitches, resulting in delays or errors. In such cases, it is advisable to wait for some time and try again later. If the issue persists, reach out to IIUI for assistance.
  2. Incorrect Information: Mistyping or entering incorrect information, such as the roll number, can lead to discrepancies in the result. Always double-check the accuracy of the entered information before submitting the form or sending the SMS.

Contacting iiui for result Queries

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your IIUI Result 2024, it is recommended to contact IIUI for assistance. They have dedicated helplines, email addresses, or help centers where you can seek guidance and resolve any concerns.

Contact Number and Address

Contact Number: 051-9019565

Address: H10, Islamabad, 44000

Email: admission@iiu edu.pk

Official Website: iiu.edu.pk


The IIUI Result 2024 is a crucial milestone in a student’s academic journey, reflecting their hard work and dedication. This article provided a comprehensive guide to checking the result 2024, covering the online and SMS methods, essential steps, information available in the result, and common issues faced. Remember to keep your roll number secure, follow the correct procedures, and seek assistance from IIUI if needed. Best of luck with your results and future endeavors!


Q: What is the expected date for the IIUI Result 2024?

A: The exact date for the release of the IIUI Result 2024 is not known. It is advisable to regularly check the official IIUI website or stay in touch with the university’s communication channels for updates.

Q: Can I access the result without the roll number?

A: No, the roll number is essential for checking the  result 2024. It serves as a unique identifier to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of your result.

Q: How long does it take for the result to be updated online?

A: The duration for the online result update may vary. It is recommended to wait for a reasonable time after the announcement of the results for the online system to be updated with the latest information.

Q: Can I apply for rechecking if I’m not satisfied with my result?

A: Yes, IIUI typically provides a rechecking facility for students who are not satisfied with their result. Contact the university’s examination department for the specific procedure and deadline for applying for rechecking.

Q: How can I improve my grades in the next semester?

A: Improving your grades requires dedication and effective study strategies. Some tips include attending classes regularly, staying organized, managing time efficiently, seeking help when needed, and practicing consistent revision and preparation for exams.

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