IIUI Merit List 2023 Spring 1st 2nd 3rd

IIUI Merit List 2023 – The most recent merit list for admission to BS 4 Years (Male and Female), MS, LLB, BBA MBA, BEd, M.Ed, APD, MSc, BTech, Mphil, and PhD at Islamic International University Islamabad IIUI is accessible here. Students who are waiting for the date that the merit list will be announced. If any advertisements are published, we’ll let you know here. Complete Islamic International University Islamabad Entry Test Results and the most recent Merit List for the Fall and Spring semesters of 2023 are available on time at Otsresult. pk. This page serves as a resource for the International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad, merit lists. can access the online merit lists for IIUI-affiliated institutions and universities.

Now that the Islamic International University IIUI Merit List 2023 has been released, applicants can verify their names against the list since only those who match the requirements for the merit list will be admitted. Candidates with ordinary grades may now verify where they are listed on the second and third merit lists. In this competitive age, your top grades from a prior class are required if you want to attend a reputable higher education institution. Below is a list of more Islamic International University IIUI Merit List 2023 positions, which you can check one at a time.

IIUI Merit List 2023 Spring and Fall Download

The Islamic International University (IIUI) is well known for its dedication to both diversity and academic success. As 2023 progresses, hopeful students are looking forward to the publication of the merit lists for both the Spring and Fall semesters. These merit lists are eagerly awaited since they decide which candidates get accepted into the university’s numerous undergraduate and graduate programmes. The merit lists are divided by gender to accommodate candidates of both sexes.

IIUI Merit List 2023 Male and Female

The IIUI Merit List 2023 for both male and female applicants will play a major role in determining the student body for the next academic year. This extensive list highlights the range of abilities, academic success, and goals of people from different origins. IIUI demonstrates its dedication to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education by including both male and female candidates. The university’s commitment to fostering a diverse and vibrant academic community where success transcends gender boundaries is reflected in the merit list.

IIUI Merit List 2023 Spring 1st 2nd 3rd

IIUI Merit List 2023

IIUI Entry Test Result 2023 Merit List

The IIUI entry exam is an important step in the admissions process since it acts as a gauge for assessing candidates’ academic aptitude and background. The development of the merit list is heavily influenced by the results of the admission test. The institution takes pride in its open and merit-based admissions process, which guarantees that only the most qualified applicants are admitted.

IIUI Merit Criteria

Prospective students must comprehend the IIUI merit standards. Academic achievement, results on admissions tests, and, in certain circumstances, interviews are only a few of the variables that the institution takes into account when constructing the merit list. To ensure a fair and comprehensive examination process, the merit criteria differ depending on the programme for which an application is made.


M.Sc. Eco/MBA/MS/Ph.D Under Graduate
Academic Qualification 30% Academic Qualification 40%
Admission Test 50% Admission Test 60%
Interview 20%

IIUI Recent Results 2023 Merit List

There are many excellent people competing for positions at IIUI in 2023. Students and their families are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the most recent results and the ensuing merit lists as excitement grows. The candidates’ accomplishments and ability to contribute to the academic community will be highlighted by these outcomes.

IIUI Merit Calculator 2023

The IIUI merit calculator for 2023 is a useful tool for prospective students to determine their chances of being admitted. This online tool considers academic marks, outcomes from entrance exams, and any other factors, giving students insightful information about where they are in the competitive admissions process.

IIUI General Admission Schedule

It’s important for applicants to keep up with the IIUI general admission calendar. It lists important dates, including those for admission tests, application deadlines, and the release of merit lists. Candidates that follow this schedule won’t miss out on crucial chances or deadlines.

IIUI Merit List 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Final

The first, second, third, and final merit lists are released in sequence as part of a multi-phase procedure. Based on their scores and eligibility, the applicants on these lists are ranked in a hierarchy. As positions are filled and the academic community takes shape, each list that follows reflects the changing face of admissions.

IIUI Undergraduate Merit List

For aspirants vying for admission to the esteemed Islamic International University (IIUI), the IIUI Undergraduate Merit List occupies a position of utmost significance. This list serves as a springboard for further study in the many bachelor’s degree programmes the institution offers. The merit list is an exhaustive listing of applicants who have satisfied the stringent admission requirements, demonstrating their superior academic standing and commitment to their field of study.

IIUI Master Merit List

The IIUI Master Merit List turns into a ray of hope for people who have a hunger for specialised knowledge and advanced training. The names of the selected applicants for the master’s degree programmes at IIUI are revealed in this thoroughly edited list. Being on this list, whether in business administration, the social sciences, or engineering, marks the start of a path towards competence and a thorough grasp of the chosen field.

IIUI MS/M.Phil Merit List

The IIUI MS/M.Phil Merit List honours those who are passionate about and pioneers in research. The names of students who have shown great talent for research and the capacity to advance their subjects are included on this list. Students who get this honour begin a journey of intellectual inquiry, investigation, and discovery. The MS/M.Phil programmes at IIUI are created to promote an innovative and analytical culture.

IIUI Ph.D. Merit List

The IIUI Ph.D. Merit List is a testament to academic excellence and the most ardent pursuit of knowledge. Those whose names appear on this esteemed list have demonstrated their dedication to expanding the frontiers of human understanding while also excelling in their academic endeavors. A genuine commitment to research, scholarship, and the advancement of society via intellectual contributions is required to be named to the IIUI Ph.D. Merit List.

Islamic International University 1st Merit List 2023

The IIUI will begin a new chapter in its history in 2023 as it gets ready to publish its first Merit List. This list establishes the tone for the application process by disclosing the first batch of qualified applicants who have satisfied the demanding requirements for various programmes. The 1st Merit List represents optimism, enthusiasm, and the possibility of a life-changing academic experience when the institution opens its doors to new talent.

Islamic International University 2nd Merit List 2023

With the publication of the second Merit List, IIUI’s academic community has grown once again. This list includes applicants who stood out in their applications and were accepted into the university’s diverse academic community. The IIUI’s dedication to excellence is growing, and the 2nd Merit List is happy to welcome a fresh group of students who will enrich the university’s active intellectual community.

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IIUI 3rd Merit List 2023

The IIUI 3rd Merit List attests to the university’s quest of excellence and dedication to promoting an academically successful culture. Deserving applicants get validation of their effort and resolve as this list is revealed. Being named to the third merit list denotes not just academic excellence but also attributes like tenacity, devotion, and the capacity to influence a better future.

IIUI 4th Merit List 2023

The admission season for 2023 comes to a close with the IIUI 4th Merit List. This list captures the university’s process of choosing the top brains in the nation to join its wide range of academic programmes. The 4th Merit List, which is released as the new academic year is getting ready to start, marks the end of the admissions process and ushers in a new phase of learning, development, and discovery.

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