IIUI Admission 2024 Last Date to Apply Online

The IIUI Admission for the year 2024 at the renowned International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) has been officially announced by the university officials. IIUI, a distinguished public research university in Pakistan, offers a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can apply for admission in the spring and autumn sessions to pursue degrees such as BA, MA, B.ed, M.Ed, BS, BCS, BBA, MBA, Engineering, Literature, MPhil, and Ph.D. IIUI holds a prominent position in the field of Islamic studies and science education, making it the preferred choice for many students in Pakistan.

Are you in search of a prestigious institution to pursue higher education in Pakistan? Look no further than the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). As the year 2024 approaches, IIUI is eagerly preparing to welcome aspiring students who are enthusiastic about embarking on a journey of academic excellence. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of IIUI Admission for 2024, providing insights into the admission process, academic departments, campus facilities, faculty, scholarships, student life, career opportunities, and more.

Iiui admission 2024 last date to apply

IIUI has recently announced the deadline for admissions. As one of the largest educational institutions in Pakistan, IIUI currently boasts an enrollment of over 30,000 students. If you are eager to become a part of this esteemed organization, it is essential to submit your application form before the specified deadline for IIUI Fall admissions 2024. The university is now accepting applications for Ph.D. in Arabic Literature & Linguistics, MS in Arabic Literature & Linguistics, MA in Arabic, and BS in Arabic programs.

IIUI admission 2024 last dates to Apply Online
Semester Last Date
Fall 2024 IIUI admission 2024 last date is 29 July 2024

IIUI Admission 2024 Last Date to Apply Online

IIUI Admission 2024

Overview of IIUI Admission

Established with the vision of offering quality education based on Islamic principles, IIUI has earned a reputation as a leading institution in Pakistan. With a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning diverse disciplines, IIUI strives to nurture well-rounded individuals with a strong academic foundation and a deep understanding of Islamic values.

Admission Process at IIUI

Securing admission at IIUI requires staying informed about the admission process. The university announces important dates and deadlines, which must be adhered to. The eligibility criteria vary for different programs, and prospective students must fulfill the specific requirements. Additionally, applicants need to submit essential documents, including academic transcripts, identification proof, and a completed application form.

Academic Departments and Programs

IIUI offers an array of academic departments and programs, providing students with various options. Whether your interests lie in social sciences, engineering, business administration, or Islamic studies, IIUI caters to diverse fields of study. Each department boasts highly qualified faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, ensuring a rich and rewarding learning experience.

Iiui admission 2024 fee structure

International Islamic University Islamabad has a vast area of offered programs which has different fee structures.

  • For IIUI fee structure for BBA is 77400 for the first semester and for MBA 69200.
  • The fee structure for BSCS, BSIT, MSCS Software Engineering is 57800.
  • IIUI fee structure for civil engineering is 97200 for the first semester.
  • If you want to check out the other subjects of IIUI fee structure 2024 then please follow this Link.
  • The main advantage of this University is that you can avail the facility of International Islamic University Islamabad’s Hostel.

IIUI Entry Test Date

The university has announced the timetable for the entrance test. According to the official website of the International Islamic University, the entry test will be conducted on the specified date.

To access the schedule for the IIUI entrance test, please visit the official website of the International Islamic University.

Remember to bring the original test admission slip, CNIC, pencil, ball pen, sharpener, and eraser with you to the examination center.

After the completion of the IIUI admission test for 2024, the results will be published on the university’s official website, which can be found at www.iiu.edu.pk.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Recognizing the importance of making education accessible, IIUI offers various scholarships and financial aid programs. Meritorious students can avail themselves of scholarships based on academic achievements, while financial assistance is provided to those in need. These initiatives aim to make education affordable and empower deserving students to pursue their dreams.

Student Life at IIUI

Life at IIUI is vibrant and enriching. Students can participate in numerous societies and clubs catering to diverse interests, including literary, cultural, and sports activities. The university organizes events and activities that foster creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills. Engaging in extracurricular pursuits enhances the overall university experience and encourages students to explore their potential.

Career Opportunities and Internships

IIUI has established strong ties with industries and organizations, providing students with ample career opportunities. Collaborations with renowned entities allow students to gain real-world experience through internships and practical training. These initiatives bridge the gap between academia and industry, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for their future careers.

International Students at IIUI

IIUI warmly welcomes international students seeking to pursue their education in Pakistan. The university offers an inclusive and supportive environment for international students, ensuring a smooth transition and providing the necessary support services. International students contribute to the cultural diversity of IIUI and enrich the overall learning experience.

Collaboration and Partnerships

IIUI actively collaborates with national and international institutions to foster academic growth and exchange of knowledge. Collaborative efforts include student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and shared resources. Such partnerships expand the academic horizons of students and create opportunities for global exposure.

Future Prospects and Growth

IIUI is committed to continuous growth and development. The university has strategic plans for expansion, aiming to enhance facilities, introduce new programs, and promote research and innovation. These future prospects ensure that IIUI remains at the forefront of academic excellence and continues to provide a conducive environment for learning.


In summary, IIUI stands as an institution that offers a holistic educational experience. Aspiring students for the year 2024 should consider the numerous benefits that IIUI provides, including its prestigious programs, dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant student life, and career opportunities. Explore the possibilities at IIUI and take the first step toward a rewarding educational journey.


Is IIUI currently accepting admissions for 2024?

Yes, IIUI is currently accepting admissions for the year 2024. Stay updated with the official website for important dates and deadlines.

What documents are required for IIUI admissions?

Required documents typically include academic transcripts, identification proof, and a completed application form. Additional documents may be specified for specific programs.

Are scholarships available for students at IIUI?

Yes, IIUI offers scholarships based on academic merit and financial assistance for students in need. Explore the available options and eligibility criteria.

Can international students apply to IIUI?

Absolutely! IIUI welcomes international students and provides support services to facilitate their admission and integration into the university community.

How can I stay connected with IIUI after graduation?

IIUI has a strong alumni network that offers opportunities for networking and professional development. Stay connected through alumni events and platforms.

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