IBA Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date to Apply Online

One of Pakistan’s top academic institutions for business studies recently announced admissions to the Institute of Business Administration IBA Karachi Admission for the class of 2023. Numerous undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, such as the BBA, (Entrepreneurship), BS, (CS), BS Economics and Mathematics, MBA, Executive, MS, (CS), M Phil, and Ph.D., are open to applicants. IBA The admissions process in Karachi is strictly merit-based, and a letter of admission is only extended to an applicant who satisfies the prerequisites for a given degree program. IBA is one of Pakistan’s best business schools, according to the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

This article intends to give you comprehensive details about the IBA Karachi Admission procedure, eligibility requirements, cost structure, and financial aid options. Additionally, it shows the crucial dates for IBA Karachi enrollment in 2023 as well as the on-campus lodging choices.

Institute of Business Administration Karachi Admission 2023

You must take the chance to join IBA University if you are considering applying for admission to a well-regarded university. For the Fall and Spring semesters of 2023, IBA Karachi has begun accepting applications for a variety of degree programs in areas like business administration, computer science, accounting and finance, mathematics, and statistics.
They started offering these courses in the spring and autumn of 2023. The summer semester is a brief semester that is available to students to help them with their deficiencies and grades. At the beginning of each new session, IBA Karachi releases an academic calendar that is useful for assessing the pace and standard of instruction. The faculty at IBA Karachi is among the best and complies with all international norms and criteria, as recognized by the HEC.

IBA Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date

IBA Karachi has released an admission notice in order to solicit admission applications from competent individuals who meet the minimal enrollment requirements. Two times during the school year, admissions are announced.

  • IBA Karachi Last date to apply for (BBA, BSACF, BSECO, BSSS – R-2): June 28
  • Last date to apply for (BSEM & CS – R-2): July 24
  • IBA Karachi Aptitude Test Date (BBA, BSACF, BSECO, BSSS – R-2): June 26 – 28
  • Aptitude Test Date (BSEM & CS – R-2): July 28

Eligibility Criteria for IBA Karachi Admission

You must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for admission to IBA Karachi:

You must have completed 12 years of education with a minimum GPA of 50% to be eligible for undergraduate programs.
You must have completed 16 years of education and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or 50% in order to apply to graduate programmes.
You must have completed 18 years of study with a minimum 3.0 CGPA or 60% in order to apply to postgraduate programmes.
Additionally, you must pass the IBA Aptitude Test, which is a requirement for admission

IBA Karachi Admission 2023 Last Date to Apply Online

IBA Karachi Admission 2023

IBA Karachi Admission Fee Structure 2023:

The Board of Directors has adopted the IBA fee schedule. The IBA fee structures for BBA, MBA, PGDM, BSC, and other programmes are the same at the main and city campuses. For the various degree programmes the IBA offers, there are several pricing structures. If an applicant is accepted into IBA but is unable to pay the IBA tuition, that candidate may apply for financial aid or a merit-based scholarship, which are given out upon clearance from the appropriate authority. The following list of frequent degree programmes and their associated IBA Karachi fees:

 Degree Programs Fee Structure
BBA Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MBA Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BS Accounting & Finance Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BSCS Rs. 218,200.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BS Math, BS Economics Rs. 218,200.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Economics Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Mathematics Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Computer Science Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges

The fee package listed above by the IBA consists of tuition costs, student activity fees, examination fees, money for the lab and library, and development fees. To view the entire fee package, including all charges, click here.

Institute of Business Administration Admission Advertisement 2023

The final date and list of degrees offered by IBA Karachi are released in an Internet IBA admissions notice. The majority of national publications post IBA Karachi admission advertisements so that interested students are aware that admissions are currently available at IBA.
The last date is stated in the advertisement in a visible location. Candidates must adhere to the admissions method outlined in the admissions advertisement or as described in detail above. Prospectuses are available for purchase from the university’s admission office for willing applicants.

IBA Karachi Admission Criteria & Requirements

It is essential that you review the eligibility requirements and requirements for admission to IBA before applying for admission to IBA Karachi. If you are confident that you meet these requirements, submit an application for admission. IBA eligibility standards require candidates to pass the HSSC or an equivalent exam with at least 60% of the possible points. A bachelor’s degree with at least 60% overall or a 2.5 CGPA is required for entry into a master’s program. An aptitude test is required for entry into any of IBA’s degree programs.

IBA Karachi BBA and MBA Admission Criteria 2023:

IBA eligibility requirements for BBA admission include passing the HSSC or an equivalent test with at least 60% of the possible points. A recognized bachelor’s degree with at least 60% of the required credits or a 2.5 cumulative grade point average is required for admission to any master’s program, including MBA programs.

Admission Process at IBA Karachi

The IBA Karachi’s admissions procedure is as follows:

  • Register online, then complete the application.
  • Include the application form and necessary paperwork, such as academic transcripts, CNICs, and passport-size photos.
  • pass the IBA Aptitude Test, which is given at several testing facilities around Pakistan.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted are contacted for an interview, a group discussion, and an essay.
  • The candidate’s performance in the IBA Aptitude Test, interview, group discussion, and essay writing will determine their ultimate selection.

IBA Entry Test Last Date 2023

IBA administers aptitude entry tests for admission and publishes the deadline for administering the tests for various degree programmes. Candidates for admission to the BS-level degree programme must pass the SAT-I, SAT-II, and BBA SAT-I aptitude tests. Candidates who want to be admitted to MBA or MBA Executive programmes must pass the GMAT exam. Admission to MS and PhD programmes requires passing the GRE general and specialty tests. By clicking Here, you can get previous IBA entry test papers.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi Scholarships 2023:

Students who score the highest on IBA aptitude tests are given merit scholarships. These scholarships are given to the top 10 candidates, offering them a 50% tuition fee discount for the duration of their enrollment in the degree programs.

Deserving students may also get financial aid from IBA in the form of a 50% tuition fee discount. The Head of the Department must recommend the application before it is forwarded to the appropriate authority for approval, thus the students must apply through the proper channels.

IBA Karachi Address & Contact Information:

Address: Institute of Business Administration, University Road Karachi.
Official website: www.iba.edu.pk
Email address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +92- (021) 111 422 422

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