HBL Deposit Slip Download pdf 2024

You can download HBL Deposit Slip PDF 2024 from this site. In this, cash, coins, cheques, manager’s cheques, demand drafts, and pay orders can verify before processing at the time of deposit. These are included in the bank’s condition. The bank accepts deposits on the condition that the depositor guarantees the authenticity and correctness of all signatures and endorsements on the items to be deposited.

A piece of paper in which a person shows the amount of money he puts into an account along with a bank deposit. A HBL Deposit Slip tells others to whom the account number is stored in the account number that it is perceived as necessary if you understand the duplicate of your deposit with a deposit slope. Create a deposit. Itemized funds can be displayed.

HBL Deposit Slip Download pdf 2024

HBL Deposit Slip Download pdf 2024

HBL Deposit Slip challan Number

Enter Challan Number on HBL Deposit Slip. The processing of check(s) is subject to clearing, and the money will transfer to the Account once the check(s) have cleared. It is the responsibility of the Bank not accountable for and cannot pay depositors in the event of any damage, loss, and delay (however caused) to cash the check, coins or manager’s checks demand draughts or pay orders that are made out to it.

HBl Deposit Slip Download 2024

The Bank could debit the Account in amounts of proceeds and also recover the fees when, after the cheque is processed and the proceeds have been credited to the Account after which, The Drawee Bank returns the cheque to the Bank because the cheque was forged or has been forged for any reason.

How to Fill Out an HBL Deposit Slip?

Date Branch
Account Name Account Number
Depositor’s Name Depositor’s Contact Number
Cash Denomination Deposit Currency AED Other
Amount in Numbers Amount in Words
Teller’s Signature Depositor’s Signature

The Bank will not be held responsible for any delay or loss in the collection of any checks caused by any cause beyond the Bank’s control or due to an act or omission, negligence or default, failure or insolvency or insolvency of any agent, sub-agent or their staff.

HBL cheque deposit slip

Any currency, cash or check, manager’s checks demand draught, pay order deposited with the Bank can be withdrawn at any time, with or without reason, at the absolute decision by the Bank.

The Deposit Receipt is an official confirmation of the deposit to be kept for your documents. If you are a Bank official who cannot sign the HBL Deposit Slip in the capacity of an official, the document is not valid.

How do I fill in Bank deposit slips in Pakistan?

In the event of an unsatisfactory verification in the future, the event of a future inadequate verification Bank reserves the right to debit the Account upon advice, using items that are credited (and with interest charges and charges or any interest); however, it is later returned without payment and (ii) alter the slip of deposit.

What is the challan number on the deposit slip HBL

Should there be a disruption or loss (including but not restricted to data loss) due to an equipment or system failure or the Bank’s dependence on third-party products or interdependencies such as but not limited to electrical or telecommunications services or telecommunications, the Bank is not responsible for any damage or loss.

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Suppose bank operations get interrupted due to an event of God or a riot, civil unrest, rebellion or war, or other cause beyond the control of the Bank or in connection with any strikes or lockouts and lockouts. In that case, the Bank cannot be accountable or liable for any damages resulting from the disruption.

Terms and Conditions for Cash and Cheque Deposit

  • The deposited items, such as coins, cash notes or cash cheques, manager’s cheques or demand draft or pay order, are accepted when they are deposited, and the processing process is subject to confirmation. The Bank will accept deposits of all items to understand that the depositor takes complete responsibility for the authenticity and accuracy of their signatures and endorsements.
  • Cheque(s) Processing is subject to clearance. Funds will then be debited to the Account following.
  • The Bank is only the agent for collecting deposits and is not responsible for the realization of items deposited, coins, cash notes or manager’s cheque or cheque demand draft/pay order, or the Bank does not assume any responsibility for damage, loss or delays however the cause.
  • If the cheque is processed, and the proceeds are then credited to the Account; however, if the Drawee Bank returns the cheque to the Bank at any time, on the grounds of the check being counterfeited or for any other reason or any other reason, the Bank is authorized to deduct the bank account using the amount of the proceeds deposited and additionally recover the fees.
  • The Bank is not liable for any delay or loss in the collection of cheques, which could be due to any reason outside of the Bank’s reach, or due to the error, omission, carelessness, default, or failure of any agent, sub-agent, or employees.
  • The Bank, at its discretion, can refuse to accept and collect the deposited items, such as cash notes or coins, manager’s cheque or cheque for cheque demand draft or pay order, without giving any reason.
  • Deposit Slip is just an acknowledgement of the deposit to facilitate the depositor’s needs.
  • The Deposit Slip cannot be valid until an official authorized by the Bank has authenticated it.
  • The Bank reserves the possibility to (i) debit the Account, on instructions, on items that are credited (and with interest charges in the event of interest) but then return the Account without payment or (ii) modify the slip of deposit in the case of a later unsatisfactory verification.
  • The Bank is not responsible and is not responsible for any damage or loss due to service interruptions or interruptions (including but not limited to the loss of information) due to a system or equipment failure or due to the dependence of the Bank on the products of third-party companies or interdependencies, including but not restricted to, electrical or communications. The Bank is not liable or responsible for any consequences that result from the interruption to its business due to Acts of God or civil commotions, riots, rebellions, wars or any other cause outside its control, as well as any lockouts or strikes.

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