Harvard University Admissions deadline 2024

Harvard University admissions 2024 is offered to international students during the academic calendar of the Fall, Winter Spring, and Summer term. At a rate of 3.43 percent, Harvard University is the most selective of the eight “Ivy League” institutions for 2026’s class. The application process for all Harvard University courses begins in September. The school admits students by strict early action or through a regular decision. Decisions are announced at the end of March.

Harvard University Admissions deadline 2024

harvard university admissions

While the Supreme Court prepares to hear a case alleging that the Harvard University Admissions 2024 policies are discriminatory against Asian American applicants The College witnessed a slight rise in the proportion of applicants that are Asian -27.8 percent 27.8 percent, compared with 27.2 percent in a class of 2025.

African American or Black students are 15.5 percent of the students, a reduction from last year’s 18 percent. Latinx students comprise 12.6 percent of the class which is lower than 13.3 percent of the class of 2025. However, they are similar to the class of 2024. The proportion that is Native American admitted students shot up to 2.9 percent, which is more than twice the number of students in the previous year’s class which was 1.2 percent. The percentage of native Hawaiians was also up from 0.8 percent of the class, up from 0.6 percent the previous year.

Harvard University Admissions 2024 undergraduate

Harvard University offers admission in 97 undergraduate degrees that are divided into 57 majors into 19 broad areas of study. Below is the procedure to apply for a UG degree at Harvard University.

Application Portal Common Application or Coalition Application
Application Fee 75 USD (~5,600 INR)
Admission Requirements High school report and school transcript
Report of the teacher (2) The midyear report of the school year (after one semester’s grade)
Final report from school SAT or ACT (optional for applicants in 2024-2023 However, they are high it is highly recommended)

For all transfer and first-year applicants, the first step is to complete and fill out an application. It is possible to do this by using The Common Application or the Coalition Application powered by Scoir. The Common Application opens on August 1 to allow applicants to begin with their applications. It is a Coalition Application. Coalition Application will be developed with the help of Scoir/Technolutions in the 2024-23 cycle of applications and begins in September. There is no pre-determination and every application is considered similarly by the Admissions Committee. For a complete guide on your application, go through our application guidelines.

Harvard University Admissions 2024 Steps to apply

Step 1: Create an account on Commonapp or Coalition application.

Step 2: Submit supporting documents

Step 3. Step 3: Submit English score of proficiency (Optional).

Harvard University Admissions 2024 law programs

Harvard University offers 8 law programs that are offered by Harvard Law School. The school offers degrees including JD, LLM, and the most advanced SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science). The university also offers international students joint JD/Master’s programs, research programs, and coordinated/concurrent degrees. An official link is provided here https://college.harvard.edu 

Harvard University Admissions 2024 LLM Eligibility Criteria

  • JD, LLB, or equivalent degree from an accredited institution
  • Interests in the workplace
  • LOR in law school
  • Professional and personal achievements
  • The intention to return to their country of origin
  • Two years of experience in the workplace is considered to be the most important.

Harvard University is an Ivy League School, and its admissions figures make Harvard University one of its most competitive Ivy League Schools. Similar to trends at the best schools Harvard University acceptance rates are continuing to fall over the past eight years and are likely to remain at a low level for the foreseeable future.

2022 was by far the most difficult year to be admitted into Harvard University ever. For the class of 2024, 42,749 applicants submitted applications at Harvard University of which 1,962 students were accepted, resulting in an admission percentage that was 4.6 %. Overall applications were up 8.2 percent over the last calendar year (2021 through 2024) between 39,506 and 42,749.

About Cambridge City

harvard university admissions

  • Cambridge is a city located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and is part of the Boston metropolitan area. It is one of the major suburbs of Boston.
  • The city is situated directly to the north of Boston and across from the Charles River, it was named after its predecessor, the University of Cambridge in England which was once a major location for the Puritan theology that was embraced by its founders.
  • Based to the United States Census Bureau, Cambridge is home to a total surface in the range of 7.1 sq miles (18 km2) comprising 6.4 sq miles (17 km2) is land, in addition, to 0.7 sq miles (1.8 km2) (9.82 percent) comprises water.
  • Cambridge is an extremely hot and humid continental climate that is characterized by warm winters and cold summers that may appear in the southern part of New England inner.

SAT Subject Test Requirements

  • Schools vary with respect to their SAT subjects and test requirements. Most schools that are selective usually require them, but the majority of schools don’t.
  • Harvard University Admissions 2024 has confirmed that subjects on the SAT are required to be taken. Learn more to find out how many subjects they require and which they need.
  • In general, your SAT/ACT scores and GPA are significantly weighted over those of your SAT Subject Tests. If you’re faced with the decision between increasing your SAT/ACT score as well as the SAT Subject Test results, definitely choose to improve your SAT/ACT scores.

Which are the odds of being accepted into Harvard University?

Your Harvard University Admissions 2024 decision is not just upon your GPA and SAT/ACT scores as well as your coursework difficulties and extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and letters of. This tool only gives a basic estimation of your likelihood of acceptance. Instead of using it as an absolute crystal ball, we suggest you think about the bigger picture of what your probability will be:

  • 80-100 Percentage: Safety School High chance of being into
  • 50-80 Percentage: More likely to not be able to get into
  • 20-50%: lower, but still a decent chance of getting into
  • 5-10%: Get to school: Not likely to be accepted however, there is a chance
  • 0-5: Hard to get to school extremely difficult to be into

We suggest that you apply to schools with different possibilities. By applying to certain safe schools, it can guarantee you an option to attend college, and applying to reach schools can provide you with a chance of being accepted to the best school on your list.


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